Honda Accord 10 generation 2018

Honda Accord 10 generation 2018

New Honda Accord 2018 is gaining popularity every day.

Japanese automaker Honda is famous for many. However, one of the most popular models combining the elegance of the business class and the high speed of sports cars is Honda Accord. At the moment, it is not sold in Russia and Europe, the new model of the 10th generation of Honda chord will be focused more on America, but the chances of seeing it on Russian roads grow more and more. Every day, many motorists enter the World Wide Web to see the photo of the new Honda Accord 2018 in the updated body.

The Honda Accord X generation is ready for production and sells sales! This is responsible for this after the recent presentation in Detroit. The eyes of sophisticated experts appeared highly elegant "toy" with a respectable interior, modern modular platform, turbovision and (attention!) 10-speed super- "automatic".

Thanks to the auto show that recently passed in the United States, the implementation of the new Hondovsky "Accord" will earlier will begin in the Western Hemisphere. It will happen this event in the fall of this year. Europe will get acquainted with the new model somewhat later, and it will only happen next, 2018. It can be confidently to say that the cost of the novelty compared to its predecessor grew slightly: the price of the tenth generation starts with $ 22.7 thousand.

But not only therefore America is allocated so tempting preferences on sale cars. The fact is that the entire set of technological blocks, mechanisms and devices for New Honda will be manufactured here, and the Accord itself is decided to collect in the new light. Gearboxes will come off with conveyors in Georgia; Variators, 4-cylinder benzoaggers 1.5 and 2.0 turbo - in Ohio. Sedans will be born there - on car mooring in MarySville.

Inseparable perfection

Alas, the Sales Service of the Japanese Concern did not include Russia into the list of importing states. We are invited to be content with only created on a similar platform versions of CR-V and Civic. In comparison with the IX generation, the weight of the equipped body decreased by half antenna with unchanged dimensions. As for the external dimensions of the Sedan Honda Accord 2018 of the Model Year, then in length it reaches 4880 mm, in width - 1860 mm, the stated height is 1450 mm, and the magnitude of the wheelbase is 2830 mm.

Thus, the developers of the new "chord" expanded the wheelbase by as much as 55 mm compared to his senior fellow. The body width was added to 10 mm, but the novelty became below 15 mm and in short by 10 mm. And one more overall nuance, which will delight extreme ride lovers: Honda Accord Fallet 2018 has expanded on 5 mm, and rear - already on 20 mm!

As a result, the "dozen" acquired an adjacent view with pronounced racing motifs. The frontal part of the sedan with the Lychim sports bumper and the breathtaking lining of the radiator of the panel form in which it is impossible not to fall in love, has LED lamps and fog lights.

In the profile, the car looks into the classic Hündai coupe on 5 doors, as if he was drawn from Korean. Only the result turned out much more enriched. It seems that Japanese designers had to be very tried to "surf" their colleagues from Seoul. In general, the Body of New Honda is so holistic super-behable unity, which is absolutely impossible to understand where the car ends with the hood and the wings begin, or where, for example, the roof and compact trunk are connected.

Exterior car

Updated Honda Accord, the release of which is scheduled for 2018 successfully passed the test, during which the exterior of the car carefully hid from a curious eye. The first presentation of the new sedan took place in June, but passed in closed on the basis of the Japanese Center for the Development of Honda. Car lubers have received the opportunity to evaluate the innovations of the exterior and exterior of the novelty on July 14 in Detroit.

The sedan received a number of significant changes, due to which the elegance and chic acquired, inherent in business class cars. Honda Accord 10 generation, which will appear in car dealerships in 2018, will delight owners with such innovations as:

  1. A radically new body shape, which is now 54% consists of high-quality styles.
  2. The trapezoidal grille with the original chrome edging.
  3. Modern optics - halogen for basic configuration and LED for more expensive versions.
  4. Powerful racks, slightly changed overview angle, but made a car body by 30% stronger.
  5. Low-rise roof, which is attached to laser welding technology.
  6. Increased trunk lid, on which the traditional spoiler for chord will look even more effectively.
  7. The ability to select optimal from the point of view of the owner of the disk size, from 17 to 19 inches.

Interior and Equipment

As for the interior of the car, here the Japanese also tried, the quality is clearly improved. The simplest equipment will have a fabric interior, but even here everything will be done on the highest level. All buttons are within reach, that is, it will not be necessary to turn or reach something as it was in the past.

Now passengers from behind can independently manage climate control in the car. The machine will be equipped:

  1. a large dashboard with two touch screens;
  2. Comfortable chairs of the first row with side support and ventilation system;
  3. The multimedia system based on Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which will allow integration with devices running Android and iOS;
  4. functional climate control;
  5. Manufacture of display display on windshield;
  6. parking electric motors;
  7. adaptive shock absorbers;
  8. Modern motion strip retention system.

Materials, ISoplizable in the interior decoration will depend on the price of the car. Thus, the most inexpensive models of Honda Accord will receive a stylish fabric interior with high-quality plastic inserts, and elite - soft skin of excellent dressing, natural wood and an abundance of chrome elements.

The new Honda of the 10th generation of 2018, in addition to the above described, will contain many useful features and options. Already in the basic configuration you can see:

  • Special rain and light sensor;
  • Seat heaters, as well as side mirrors;
  • two-zone climate control with the possibility of control on passenger places from behind;
  • Full multimedia system, including six columns, subwoofer and so on.

In more expensive equipment will appear:

  • leather interior and sport seats;
  • electric hatch;
  • navigator;
  • LED optics.

The top version of the vehicle boasts a cruise control, which was not on previous versions, as well as mirrors with autocorrecting at the rear course. An intelligent parking sensor will be a pleasant addition to the owner. Also all cars will be equipped with six airbags.

Total promise four configurations:

  1. Elegance.
  2. Sport
  3. Executive.
  4. Premium.

Also watch the video premiere Honda Accord 10 generation in Detroit:

Specifications Honda Accord 2018

Specifications also can not but rejoice. Engines on Honda Accord 2018 in Russia will be presented two species, while they are planned by gasoline. The majority of complete sets will establish the five-speed 2,4-liter gasoline internal combustion engines by 185 horses, quite well for the city car. Included will be able to choose a six-speed MCPP or a CVT variator. Speed ​​100 km per hour The new chord will reach in 6 seconds. Fuel consumption of such engines, according to the manufacturer, will not exceed nine liters per hundred kilometers.

The most expensive equipment will be equipped with a six-speed engine of 3.5 liters per 280 horses, the consumption in the city will be about 11 liters, but outside the settlement it will be possible to reach a consumption of up to 8 liters. Cars of such a configuration will be sold only with an automatic transmission. Acceleration to hundreds is about 4-5 seconds.

New Honda Accord Premium will now become the main competitor to the Japanese legend of Subaru and Mitsubishi, because 280 horses under the hood and a six-speed box can show very good results.

Also was already an announcement of the hybrid version of the chord, which will enter the market of America already in 2018. The engine of this version of the car will consist of two engines: two-liter i-VTEK, supplemented with two electric motors, with a total power of a power unit in 212 hp

In China since 2018, Honda will sell chord with a tough semi-liter engine. The question of the supply of this model to the market of America remains open.

Beginning of sales in Russia and the price

The start of sales of the car is scheduled at the end of 2017 - the beginning of 2018, in February it will be possible to purchase a new chord. The price will begin with 1 150,000 rubles for the simplest package, the second will cost 1,260,000, the third, Executive - 1 360,000, and the most topical - 1,600,000. For this money, everyone will receive comfort and power in one instance.

The car is very waiting in Russia, predict a high start of sales, dealers hope that he can compete with German manufacturers.

See also video with review:

Latest strokes

What else can be said about the new model? The Control Panel of the ACPP is some kind of charm; The overall review - above all praise; Finishing is an order of magnitude better than in former modifications. In addition, it is worth praise sound insulation, the backrest of the front seats with electric drives and ventilation. There are also heated overhead armchairs, airbags in an amount of 8 pcs., 6-inch monitor and branched acoustics. Safety system Honda Sensing machine is equipped with default.

Sedan exclusively front-wheel drive; It is equipped with two 4-cylinder benzoturbo units, as well as a gasoline-based hybrid motor with two electric motors. Read more about engines:

  1. 2000 cm3, 252 hp With a 10-speed automatic transmission.
  2. 1500 cm3, 192 hp With an improved CVT-variator.
  3. 2000 cm3 Hybrid i-MMD.

The first two in the sports car will go with a 6-speed MCPP, and a two-door coupe "Accord" from now on with production due to insufficient demand.


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