Nissan Almera 2018

Nissan Almera 2018

The Almer model is the most popular Nissan machine in the Russian market. Submitted at the end of last year, the updated Nissan Almera did not change much externally, but received a number of new basic options and an upgraded interior. The previous version lasted on the conveyor of 6 years, so the appearance of a car 2018 model year was expected. From what will be the demand for the car depends on the further development of the Almer model in Russia depends.

5 facts about the model

The restyled version of Almera in Russia offers customers a number of advantages, such as:

  1. Increased to 160 mm road clearance, which is reduced by 22-25 mm due to a crankcase protection sheet.
  2. The possibility of operation on gasoline A92.
  3. Spacious back seat with the possibility of folding (except for basic equipment) and a trunk with a volume of 500 liters.
  4. Fuel supply pipelines and brake tubes are closed with steel protective screens. To protect the engine crankcase, a regular protective cover is applied, settled from a 2-mm steel sheet.
  5. Unpretentious design, unification of a number of nodes with Renault Logan and the possibility of self-repair.

External update

The Body of the new Nissan Almera 2018 has undergone minor changes that touched the plastic parts of the outer decoration. An enlarged radiator grille with the triangular bottom located on the bumper can be noted. The elements of the lattice are made of plastic and coated with decorative coating under chrome. On the front edge of the hood, a chrome band is installed, which gives the lattice of the finished appearance.

Headlight headlamps received small shape changes and equipped with halogen lamps. Linzed optics for Nissan Almera is not offered. Niche for fog headlamps are not equipped with additional channels for supplying air to the radiator and brake mechanisms.

The modified front bumper received a more embossed skirt on the bottom edge. The outer bar of the trunk has a pavement in the form of a small anti-flush, which removes the air flow from the rear lights. Due to this, it was possible to reduce their pollution. Nissan Almera retained the high loading height of the trunk. The rear bumper is equipped with an unpainted plastic skirt, in which the side reflectors and the central fog lantern are located. The exhaust pipe of change has not been underway and is bred under the bumper skirt.

The car is adapted for operation in Russia

  • clearance 160 mm
  • Protection of important elements of the car
  • One of the best indicators of noise insulation in the segment

Capacity: rear seat spaciousness, visibility:

  • Free leg space largest in segment
  • Maximum windshield cleaning area
  • Rear seat comfortable for 3 adults
  • Volumetric and comfortable trunk (500 l)

Modern technology Nissan:

  • Integrated navigation system
  • Audio system with support mp3
  • USB connector for external media
  • Linear audio input
  • Bluetooth®
  • 5-inch color touchscreen display

Accessibility and thoughtful packages:

  • The entrance cost is lower than the level of the main competitors.
  • The line is balanced at the price and equipment
  • D-class size (car length - 4656 mm) at a price of in-class

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nissan Almera 2018 Model Row

To the information of the fans of Nissan Almera 2018, the start of sales in Russia has already started. And most liked the car: a simple, understandable instrument panel; Beautiful stylish exterior; spacious rear seat; high road lumen; efficient brake system; affordable for many price; moderate fuel consumption.

Among explicit minuses can be noted: cheap finishes; modest, boring salon; the impossibility of folding the rear seat; rigid suspension; fuzzy gear shift; just one motor; big reversal radius; Bad resistance on the road.


The almer car is offered with a gasoline 16-valve power unit of the K4M model with a volume of 1.6 liters and 102 liters. from. There are data on the possible expansion of the Gamma of the Motors, but there is no official confirmation of information. The low degree of compression (9.8 units) allows gasoline as fuel with octane number 92. In this case, the engine is equipped with a catalytic non-gas converter and complies with Euro-5 toxicity standards.

The Almera engine is combined with mechanical (5 gears) or automatic (4 speed) gearbox. Both options are designed to drive the front wheels. Due to the limited sizes of the wheel arches, it is possible to use only 15-inch wheels with tires of 185/65.

The brake system with hydraulic drive and the anti-lock system is equipped with disk ventilated mechanisms in front and drum - rear. The front suspension is built according to the MacPherson scheme, a torsion beam and springs are applied behind. In the car's steering, a gear-rail type gearbox is used, equipped with a hydraulic amplifier. The use of the amplifier of such a scheme is a rarity for cars of this class.

Depending on the type of transmission, the plant declares the following dynamic parameters for an almer.

Parameter Manual box Automatic box
Maximum speed, km / h 185. 175.
Dynamics of overclocking 0-100 km / h, sec 10, I. 12.7
Fuel consumption in the city, l / 100 km I, 5. 11, I.
Fuel consumption in rustic mode, l / 100 km 5,8. 6.5
Middle fuel consumption, l / 100 km 7,2 8.5

For an almera, there are 7 body color options (all types of metallic, except base white) and 2 options for finishing seats (depending on the configuration).

Overall dimensions of the car:

  • Length - 4656 mm;
  • width - 1695 mm (on the side surfaces of the body);
  • Height - 1522 mm;
  • The base is 2700 mm.

Engine Nissan Almera 2018 model range

Under the hood, Nissan Almera hides a time-tested 1,6-liter gasoline engine issuing 102 liters. from. Power and 145 nm of torque. It can work in a pair of both with a 5-step mechanical and with a 4-speed automatic transmission. At the same time, in winter, with the operation of the engine, like the entire car as a whole, theoretically, there should be no problems. The Japanese worked over the optimization of the launch of the power unit and installed the rechargeable battery of high capacity.

Nissan Almera 2018: Prices and types of complete sets

In the Russian market, Almera 2018 competition will be budgetary cars with Sedan or Liftbek bodies:

  • Updated Hyundai Solaris;
  • New Kia Rio;
  • Lada Vesta;
  • Renault Logan-2;
  • Volkswagen Polo Sedan;
  • Skoda Rapid.

All competitors are collected in Russia and have a wide range of options, as well as 2-3 engine variants. Because of this, Almer gradually loses popularity, and according to the production program of the AvtoVAZ plant, the release of the machine is planned to stop by the middle of the autumn of 2018. Production plans are only 16.2 thousand cars. The release of the new model for 2019 is not provided.


The model is the minimum option of equipping Almera 2018, the cost of the configuration starts from 645 thousand rubles. You can order only a mechanical transmission. A distinctive external feature is the outer handles of the doors and the casing of mirrors from black plastic.

Equipment includes:

  • Two front pillows;
  • ABS system, working together with EBD brake force distribution system;
  • electronic immobilizer;
  • seat belts for all passengers (three-point);
  • Fabric seats;
  • electric drive front windows;
  • hydraulic steering amplifier and angle adjustable column;
  • steel discs with a dimension of 15 inches;
  • heating rear window;
  • preparation for the installation of an audio system (without full-time speakers), antenna;
  • increased tank for washing fluid (up to 5 l);
  • Headlight headlights with the possibility of adjustment depending on the download.

The list of options includes the color of enamels only with metallic colors, which will cost 9 thousand rubles. This option is offered for all Nissan Almer options supplied in 2018.

Comfort Ace

The equipment is different from the basic additional equipment set by the standard from the factory, this is:

  • Improved tissue seats;
  • heated seat seats and passenger;
  • Central locking with control at a distance of a regular key;
  • trip computer;
  • Audio preparation that includes 2 speakers in the front doors;
  • Manual adjustment of the driver seat cushion in height;
  • air conditioning with manual control;
  • Painted in the color of the body of the mirror housing and chrome handles;
  • fog lights.

The option of equipping Comfort AC is offered with two types of gearboxes - manual five-speed and four-speed automatic. The client can order a simplified version with the comfort designation that does not have an air conditioner and is equipped with a mechanical transmission. The price of the Almera Release Model 2018 in Comfort and Comfort AC are in the range of 671 thousand to 756 thousand rubles.


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