BMW X7 2018

BMW X7 2018

A bright presentation of the new BMW X7 IperforMance model will occur in the spring of next year. Manufacturers of this luxury car are preparing acquaintance of car enthusiasts in 2 stages. The second stage will be held at a special event in Frankfurt. The first stage of the premiere of the BMW X7 Iperformance Concept will occur in online mode through new innovative developments of computer systems, it is planned such an event for the evening on September 8 of this year.

The reason for the release of such a model has become increasing, primarily in North America, the demand for premium models of large SUVs. The company believes that the demand for X7 is based on the following advantages that are inherent in BMW cars:

  1. design;
  2. reliability;
  3. safety;
  4. comfort.

Among the existing similar luxury SUVs with which the X7 will compete, it should be noted:

  • Cadillac Escalade;
  • Mercedes GLS;
  • Lexus LX 570;
  • Range Rover Vogue.

The new crossover will be manufactured at the company's production facilities in South Carolina (USA) to the reconstruction of which more than 1 billion dollars are invested.

Design BMW X7 2018

In the BMW X7 2018 automotive market will resist such monsters as: Mercedes-Benz GLS, Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator. In essence, this means that the X7 will become a seventeal and acquire the third nearby seats.

The latest spy photos are already allowed to evaluate the exterior of the novelty. The front of the car will be solved in the corporate style - the grille of the radiator in the form of the "nostril us familiar to us. The body is characterized by an excellent combination of bends and sharp contours.

The X7 2018 base will be built on a well-known and proven cluster architecture. It is based on a combination of high-strength steel, aluminum alloys and carbon fiber. Despite its dimensions, the X7 will keep a tagged sports look, as well as all the BMW models. The manufacturer plans to offer a car equipped with various types of alloy discs.

The inner space will be enough for 7 adults. It should be understood that despite the impressive dimensions, on the third row of seats, it is still not possible to find it. As in any flagship model BMW, you can expect finishing exclusively with high-quality materials. Real wood, leather and metal - no imitation.

The interior design variations will be quite a lot, everyone will be able to find his palette. You can count on perfect noise insulation for a comfortable driving, regardless of road and weather conditions.

Special attention is paid to small things, such as all sorts of pockets, branches, niches for storing everyday household items. Too big bets are made at the BMW X7 2018 to relate to its creation at least with any small proportion of negligence.

The owner will be available to the most modern new functions of entertainment and security. While there is no refined list, which will be in the basic configuration, and what is offered as options.


When developing the appearance of the new BMW X7 2018, designers tried to form a design in the corporate style of the company, but at the same time betray the classic features of the SUV. This task was made at the expense of the following decisions:

  • long wheelbase;
  • High roof;
  • increased OTE in the rear;
  • traditional radiator grille;
  • narrow head optics with double lenses;
  • Wide lower air intake in chrome edging;
  • Thin line of front fog headlights;
  • Dark kit all over the body;
  • straight lines of side afterwards;
  • increased side window size;
  • extended rear spoiler with an additional stop signal;
  • large chrome nozzles on exhaust pipes;
  • divided into two parts door of the luggage compartment;
  • Narrow rear compact lights, moving from the door of the trunk on the wings.

The solutions used allowed to form an image of a classic SUV with traditional features of the car from the company BMW.


Based on the latest information reviews and photo interior of the new BMW X7 2018, it can be concluded that the salon fully meets the requirements of the luxury car and has a certain similarity with the latest BMW 7-series model.

In the interior decoration, high-quality materials were used, namely, soft leather in several colors, inserts from polished aluminum and expensive trees, chrome edging of a number of elements, noise-absorbing soft mats on the floor.

The front armchairs have a large set of electrically regulating, heating, ventilation and massage systems (eight different programs). For the second and third row of seats, the possibility of massage will be an option, but the chairs themselves have an anatomical design, adjustments by tilting the backs and using an electric drive can be moved through the cabin, creating various configuration options. In addition, they are planned to pick up retractable footrest. The backs of the first and second row seats are equipped with 7-inch monitors from the infotainment complex.

The steering wheel has a multifunctional version, the instrument panel is equipped with classic round indicators of the required parameters, in some embodiments it is possible to install a fully electronic display. On the central console there is a monitor that allows you to track the characteristics of various crossover mechanisms, a road situation and another needed on the trip to information. In addition, with it, you can control the climate system, to move all the seats, include and select the option of the internal LED lighting of the cabin.

The new X7 received the following dimensions:

  1. Length - 5.20 m.
  2. Height - 1.81 m.
  3. Width - 1.97 m.

In the standard design, the size of the luggage separation of the crossover will be 450 liters, in the variant of the selected seats of the second and third row, the volume will increase almost to 3000 liters.

More information about the exterior and the interior of the new BMW X7 look at the video:


According to reports of proven sources for the BMW X7 2018, it is planned to create a hotel line of engines. Motors will be applied, which are already used for other models. Maximum, which can be expected - this is a small adaptation specifically for the needs of X7. The new model is planned to equip both gasoline and diesel power units, the use of a hybrid engine is not excluded.

There was a rumor that a 3-liter row six-liter and 4.4 liter V8 will be applied. It is planned that these motors will be able to provide the X7 2018 300 and 445 horsepower, respectively. The maximum speed will be limited to a 250 km / h mark. Overclocking up to 100 km / h per calculations will be around 7 seconds.

Among the numerous systems and equipment of the SUV, the following innovative devices should be noted:

  • Laser head optics;
  • Possibility of parking using remote control;
  • control by some functions of the crossover with the help of special programmed gestures;
  • Navigation Complex Professional;
  • Interactive key with display:
  • Wireless charging complex;
  • Adaptive mode of movement.

A complete list of possible options for equipping the car BMW will publish before starting receiving orders for a novelty.

Prospects for the new BMW X7

Despite the fact that the start of sales is not far from around the corner, the exact price has not yet been announced. Given the fact that this is a premium car class not only equally compared to sizes with Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator, but also by part of the luxury challenge maybach GLS and the breathtaking Bentley Bentayga, the starting price should be at least $ 100,000.

The start of sales will begin at the end of 2017, but at all the markets immediately BMW will not be able to withdraw a new X7. It is practically no doubt that the BMW X7 2018 in the segment of luxurious full-size SUV falls the solid market share. BMW is a reputable brand with a world name.

Very secured people who can afford such cars as Bentley Bentayga did not buy BMW because there was no such luxurious BMW as Bentley Bentayga or Maybach GLS - now such a BMW will be

Also watch new BMW X7 tests:


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