Toyota Hiace 2018

Toyota Hiace 2018

In 2018, the world of vehicles will be replenished with a large number of diverse new products, among which are also one innovation from Japanese engineers. This time, experts from the country of the rising sun decided to please the adherents of their works really unmatched creations. Vehicles of the local developer can easily compete with the most famous global brands.


This time, the yield of the HIACE minibus - a vehicle, which, before the time of the official presentation, managed to acquire the present army of adherents. So what is she, the new Toyota Hiace in 2018? Let's discuss.

This time we are talking about the comfortable minibus of Japanese production, which in its reserve the title of optimal option for passenger or freight traffic. What is noteworthy described by the novelty and why even before the start of its sales such as transport wants every 10th Japanese? To do this, have to look at it under the hood.

Exterior Avto.

As for the external side of the new minibus, as well as the interior of the salon, then the engineers also worked well, since at first glance, you can judge high quality and comfort.

  • First, a spacious and spacious interior with a shortened base. The minibus is easily placed 12 people. No one is experiencing absolutely no discomfort and inconvenience.
  • Secondly, the excellent and modern characteristics of the ergonomics of the indoor space. It is this feature that is considered one of the main and leading features and advantages of this minibus model.
  • Thirdly, chairs with original design, thanks to which the right landing of passengers is largely ensured. Also, such convenience helps to maintain and maintain the tone even when moving on fairly long and tedious distances.
  • Fourth, high reliability and security protection. This main feature is ensured by several levels of passive and active safety.
  • Fifth, the improved model differs from its predecessors with its size and dimensions that have become a little more. In other words, the length is 4,790 mm, the width is 1 800 mm, the height is 1 965 mm. An extended modification of the wheelbase is also possible, although so far there is no official and confirmed information regarding this parameter.
  • Sixth, the model will be deprived of the hood. There is a completely logical question - and where will the engine be located and being located? By the idea of ​​engineers, the engine will be placed under the front seats. As a result, the minibus model will be equipped with modern systems and safety mechanisms, which are largely pleasing.
  • On-seventh, the number of doors is still 3 pieces.

As can be seen, the new HIACE Toyota 2018 minibus model really has a number of essential signs, characteristics and descriptions that distinguish it from their predecessors and make much better. We just have to experience it in practice and in reality it is really that this novelty is really good.

Technical characteristics of minibus

Among the large number of positive qualities of Toyota Hiace, it should be noted the most important of them.

1. In 2018, the minibus will receive a gasoline version of the motor with a 2.7 liter volume, the capacity of which reaches 150 horsepower.

2. From the words of the developer it is clear that the fuel consumption of the marked power unit is on average equal to 8.5 liters for every 100 km traveled path.

3. The maximum vehicle speed can develop up to 155 km / h.

4. There is a diesel engine for a 3.0 liter volume, the threshold of the performance of which is at the level of 135 horsepower.

5. In the steering layout, it is decided to use the hydraulicel.

6. The transmission of the minibus is presented with a mechanical gearbox on 5 steps.

7. According to preliminary data, the volume of the fuel tank does not exceed 70 liters, and it is better to use AI-92 for optimal control of the car.

8. With such parameters to the first 100 km / h, HIACE accelerates in 20.7 seconds.

It is clear that from the exact configuration of the vehicle chosen by the buyer together with the proposed engine options, and will form the final cost of the minibus.

  • 1. The version "Standard-1". Suites from a gasoline motor by 2.7 liters volume, the power of which is 150 horses. Fuel consumption is not more than 8.5 liters per hundred. Rear drive. A distinctive feature of the novelty can be called the presence of 7 places for landing.
  • 2. Version "Standard-2". A diesel engine for 3.0 liters is present in the vehicle complex, with a return of 135 horses, and rear-wheel drive. Fuel consumption with such an assembly will not exceed 8.7 liters per 100 km.

Modifications and prices

  • First, "Standard" 2.7 MT. Gasoline motor, rear drive, developed power 151 hp, fuel consumption of 8.4 liters per 100 km. Moreover, this model will be equipped with 7th places.
  • Secondly, "Standard" 3.0 D MT. Cost from 2,617,000 rubles. Diesel engine version, rear-wheel drive, maximum power 136 hp, fuel consumption is 8.7 liters per 100 km.

It is worth noting that such a price indicator is officially established for Russia, and if no changes occur, it will remain unchanged.


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