Updated Lada Kalina 2018

Updated Lada Kalina 2018

Judging by the efforts of the government of AvtoVAZ, the well-known Russian brand in the near future wants to become one of the most successful car manufacturers in the world. This follows from the simple fact that the next 2018 will be very significant for the enterprise - at this time the entire existing model range will be updated. Among the list of the most anticipated improvements are also the next complete set by the beloved viburnum. It is important to note that the developer updates touched on the entire line of the stated model, therefore I now want to know what an updated Lada Kalina in 2018 will be.

Lada Review Kalina

There are several completion of the car, therefore, it is possible to initially consider the most important of them. For example, the manufacturer decided to construct several vehicle modifications at once: Cross, Sport, Hatchback and Wagon. Each of them is characterized by its peculiarities. What else can new Kalina boast?

1. Improved aerodynamic properties of the body.

2. Modern, fashionable and concise design.

3. Updated frontal part: a dimensional trapezoid air intake with rounded corners appeared, separated by in the middle of the filament beam of the bumper.

4. The nose part of the vehicle is made taking into account the style of "x", therefore an externally car looks really pretty.

5. The form of the bumper radically transformed, starting to match the sports hatchback.

6. There was a place for a different grid of the central air intake with a large cell and rubber facing.

7. Plastic moldings with an embossed logo of the company appeared on the side doors, specifically for the configuration of the cross. You can still count on high clearance, overlays on wheel arches and thresholds, 18 inches wheeled wheels.


Unfortunately, the fans of Lada Kalina, its inner layout remained almost identical to his past assembly. The current interior of the vehicle salon perfectly corresponds to the European level of budget vehicles, which is also very good. How will this part of the model be pleased with the public?

  • First, the new fastening of the ISOFIX brand together with the height-adjustable tensioners of seat belts.
  • Secondly, adjustable in height steering column, which is included in the basic configuration.
  • Thirdly, modern aerobheg for the driver, electric power generators of the front brake.
  • Fourth, daytime running lights and unusual athermal glazing.
  • Fifth, alarm system and a minimum audio preparation package.

  • ABS system with brake force distribution function during emergency braking.
  • Modern set of coursework stability.
  • Media center with an 8-inch touch screen and integrated GLONASS navigation.
  • Full electric circuit.
  • Climate control.
  • Sensors of light and rain.
  • Rear sensory parking system.
  • Airbags intended for front passengers.
  • Headrest rear seats.
  • The onboard audio system that supports the Bluetooth signal and equipped with the Hands FREE option. Plus, such an on-board mechanism is that it is a kind of prompt for the driver about the timeliness of gear shift.


If we talk about the most important, that is, the technical indicators of the car, then here, perhaps, it should be noted the following most significant moments.

  • Dimensions. Length is 3,893 mm Hatchback, 4,084 wagon; Width - 1 700mm, height - 1,504 mm, wheel base - 2,476 mm, Road clearance for Sport - 140 mm, Cross - 205 mm.
  • Disc sizes - R 14, tire size - 175/65.
  • Three modifications of 16 valve atmospheric motors, the volume of which is 1.6 liters.
  • VAZ 111186 - Power 88 hp, Maximum torque is 140 nm.
  • VAZ 21116 - the power of 98 hp, the torque is 146 nm.
  • VAZ 21127 - power 106 hp, rotary moment 150 nm. The overclocking of the car is 190 km.ch, fuel consumption in a mixed cycle of 6.5 liters.
  • All engines are equipped with an electronic control fuel mixture injection system.
  • Three gearboxes - mechanical 5-speed, robotic 5-speed, automatic 4-range.

All this is part of the base layout of the vehicle. To acquire a more powerful sample, you should pay attention to the top version of the vehicle equipped with more outstanding "character traits".

1. System for rear sensory parking. 2. Currency stability system. 3. Headrests on the rear seats. 4. Full electropacket. 5. Multimedia complex with integrated GLONASS navigation and 8 inches touchscreen. 6. ATB system, working together with the possibility of distributing brake efforts in emergency braking. 7. Climate control. 8. Airbag for passengers of the front row. 9. Light and rain sensors. 10. Audio system that supports Hands Free and Bluetooth. The main plus mechanism is the help of the driver in the timely transmission transmission.

It remains only to mention the sports assembly of viburnum, in the composition of which there are also several interesting additions.

1. Two-color upholstery. 2. Chairs with lateral support for the last sample. 3. Covers with company logo.

Cost Lada Kalina 2018

It remains only to discuss the issue of the price of an improved version of Valina, which appeared on sale at the beginning of next year. According to the developer, the price tags on the gathering representatives of the announced line were distributed as follows.

1. Hatchback equipment - 370 thousand rubles. 2. Assembly wagon - 390 thousand rubles. 3. Kalina Cross - 480 thousand rubles. 4. Kalina Sport - 520 thousand rubles.

In conclusion, it remains only to carefully consider the photo of the novelties to determine the main changes in the car.


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