Toyota Camry 2018-2019

Toyota Camry 2018-2019

Toyota Camry in Russia is a car legend, steadily occupying the top positions in sales ratings and taking advantage of not only private, but also corporate clients. For 15 years of official presence on the Russian market through the salons, more than 300 thousand Camry was sold and in recent years the volume is only growing

Since the model of the Toyota Camry 2018-2019 model year has already been officially represented by the auto show in Detroit, almost everything is known about it.

The start date of the sale of New Tyota Camry in Russia is not yet announced, but most likely it will take place in the coming months or even the weeks - confirmation of this is the active advertising campaign, which the brand has launched on TV, on the Internet and print media

Toyota concern in the face of a long known, good-quality, favorite numerous specialists and lovers of Japanese quality presented conceptually new Camry. What is distinguished by a novelty from the preceding generations?

  • Expressive, memorable appearance.
  • Perspective equipment and prices are flexible, democratic, acceptable for average consumer.
  • Cardinal changes in the design in the direction of brightness, aggressiveness, with the predominance of trends of European automotive fashion, which confirm spy photos.
  • For the construction of the carrier part of the sedan, the elongated TNGA platform was used, which is successfully used in the new Toyota Prius hybrid.
  • Toyota Camry Sample 2018-2019 in the new body is equipped with a set of innovative electronic navigation and autopiloting systems.
  • It is quite interesting to offer a super economical engine that allows you to quietly "squeeze" up to 250 horsepower.

The model acquired the status of an exquisite Japanese business - sedan with noticeable European accents. Today, she has almost mastered the most active market regions of the planet. Despite the fact that the premiere has already taken place, and the official release date into the mass trading network has already taken place, discussions about the fact that they seek to introduce Japanese manufacturers, do not subside today. Market experts are defined by a certain circle of problems that have arisen in connection with the car's output to the light, which still in the presentation process was called accessible to each luxury.

According to the plans of automotive dealers, the start of sales in Russia is timed for the summer of the coming year. It is in this aspect that the following nuances are relevant regarding the car, which will cost about 1,900,000, 00 rubles in the domestic podiums in full:

  1. What's new and really good is presented in the classic sedan.
  2. What segment of buyers may interest such a car.
  3. What novelties offered the Japanese in contrast to previous models.

Fans of model Toyota Camry All items will be known further.

Appearance - on 5 with a plus!

New Toyota Camry 2018-2019 is impressive at first sight. True connoisseurs will immediately pay attention to how the exterior has changed, which, although retained a recognizable appearance, but acquired a much more expressive and dynamic look. Now she is slightly eager, acquired a V-shaped shape, and chrome moldings are decorated.

Impressive and air intake. It looks even aggressively. This was calculated by the developers. They tried to give auto serious, frightening, in a good sense of the word, view. At least in the photo the car looks like this. So, the manufacturer achieved the desired result. Those who have seen the car live say: in the car profile even better. In particular, the front and rear racks became much smaller and thinner. Mirrors on the sides became massive, the review is better.

But what a new Toyota Camry has no, it is frightened and tasteless jewelry on the body. Only microbtampovka on the doors, which is almost unnoticed. Such a car will have to taste those who appreciate the quality, preferring not to stand out.

There is no complaints to the back of the cars. The bumper is outstanding, which only emphasizes the grace of the car, his willingness to reliably serve the owner.

Headlights are elongated, with LED lanterns visually taking on the rear wings.

Such details allowed the machine to become even faster on the road, the aerodynamic properties of the car increased.

Machine dimensions increased slightly, the car was visually wider due to a decrease in height by 3 cm. The length of the new Tyota is 4860 mm (against the 4850 in the previous generation), width - 1839 mm (in the previous body 1825), wheel base - 2825 mm.

Body is represented in two variations. The sports version with a new bumper and grille, dual exhaust and side skirts - the so-called dynamic body kit. And a classic version with a hybrid motor and a calm finish of the radiator lattice. The bumpers also differ and look much more modest.

Official information regarding the color gamma of the Body Novinki was still presented, however, according to rumors, in the near future we will see already familiar colors: white, silver, red, blue, dark blue, dark gray and black.

How everything looks inside

Auto not only impressive with its appearance and amazing spacious bulk salon. Japanese Toyota is getting closer to human intelligence, it practically becomes a thinking parter driver. What confirm the tests and test drive, conducted by "on autopilot". Cozy, comfortable natural skin salon delivers a lot of pleasant impressions, an anatomical chairs with comfortable multifunctional armrests and head restraints. The latest news about the built-in on-board computer and the options of which are valid on the basis of a generated neural network similar to the CNS of a person are surprised.

Technical characteristics

The first to pay attention to the technical characteristics of the new sedan is to replace the six-cylinder engine with a four-cylinder unit. And this is already a significant savings on the fuel!

In the configuration of 2018-2019, there are three variations in the engine:

Motor Type Characteristic
2.5-liter motor Four-cylinder unit with high efficiency
3-liter motor The most powerful V6 gasoline D-4S motor with a complete injector
Hybrid motor with variator and electric motor Allows you to manually select the transmission using submissive petals


The Toyota Camry of the new generation is equipped with a high security system, which includes:

  • Pedestrian detection system;
  • dynamic cruise control;
  • adaptive front optics with the automatic possibility of switching the range light;
  • vehicle stabilization system;
  • Assistant start of movement to the mountain or descent from it;
  • Remote motor control;
  • Ten airbags located all over the perimeter of the car.

Premiere Show in Russia

It is known that the release date of the sedan in the assembly to the US market is planned for the summer of 2017. Russian motorists will have to wait: the beginning of sales in Russia will come not earlier than the mid-autumn of the current year. In the meantime, you have to wait, when, finally, you can pass the test drive to personally evaluate all the possibilities of the novelty.

As for the price, it starts from a million three hundred thousand rubles, and complete equipment will reach almost two million rubles.

Configuration updated Toyota Camry

On the markets, the novelty will go in four configurations: LE, XLE, SE and XSE, while the last 2 are sports versions of Camry. They will appear before buyers with aerodynamic kit, black wheel discs by 19 inches, a sports radiator lattice, enlarged air intakes and an integrated diffuser.

At the same time, the starting equipment of the car looks far from poor:

  1. - halogen optical devices;
  2. - LED lamps in headlights;
  3. - fog lights;
  4. - light sensors;
  5. - airbags (6 pcs.);
  6. - climate control system;
  7. - electronic system of raising and lowering windows;
  8. - mirror heating;
  9. - Central General Lock System.

A little about the security of new items. From standard options on the new Tyota Camry you will find:

  • Monitoring control;
  • Collision warning;
  • Pedestrian detection;
  • Cruise control;
  • Control blind areas.

Prices in Russia

The price of Toyota Camry 2018-2019 model year starts from 1 million 300 thousand rubles. The cost of average packages will not exceed 1,650,000 rubles, and in the maximum car will cost the future owner of 1,900,000 rubles.

What is the difference to dear model from cheap:

  • more powerful motor;
  • leather interior;
  • sports kit;
  • Adjusting the driver's seat using an electrical system;
  • The camcorder installed from the back;
  • Support driver belt;
  • 10-inch monitor on dashboard;
  • Additional electronic assistants.

Judging by the photo, the new car has a solid cabin, a powerful body, a spacious trunk, absolute noise insulation, the possibility of fuel economy, a comfortable dashboard.

Watch the video with New Camry:


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