Toyota TJ Cruiser 2018

Toyota TJ Cruiser 2018

The emergence of official information from Toyota on the development and preparation for the production of a new model of the TJ Cruiser of 2018, which was confirmed by the project photo of the car, caused a lot of attention and discussion in almost all car publications. The main reason for such interest was the unusual design of a new vehicle, which has no analogues and therefore, different editions called a car in different ways. Imagine only some:

  • CrossVen;
  • off-road van;
  • Mikst Ven;
  • Crossover compacttvany;
  • cross-van;
  • Crossminivan.

At the same time, Toyota announced that the type of a new car is presented in its designation TJ, which indicates the following:

  • T - case (drawer) for the working tool (Toolbox);
  • J - Pleasure, well-being, joy (joy).

That is why the name of the novelty received an unusual translation - "Box for instruments that delight."

Given the subtleties of the Japanese language, most likely this translation is not entirely accurate, Toyota probably implied the following car: "Box with a working tool for well-being." This formulation is confirmed by the possibility of a variety of car use due to its road quality and interior multifunctionality and are emphasized in the commercial.


The external image of the new Toyota TJ Cruiser 2018 resembles the first armored vehicles of the beginning of the 20th century, the same massiveness, rectangle and the uncomplication of the design. In addition, this image is supported:

  • mounted on the wings of the car round headlights;
  • right windshield installation angle;
  • Radiator grille in the form of a rectangular trapezium;
  • The angular design of the front bumper, conjugate with the radiator grille.

The use of simple elements in the body device, as well as the use of only rectangular compounds is due to the solution of designers and designers of the company, create an individual expressive view of the new car.

In addition, the innovative constituent appearance of the new car should include the use of special paint. The new composition of paint allows you to avoid small scratches and chips during auto machine.

The basis for the manifestation of interest in CrossVane is a combination of an unusual image of TJ Cruiser using high-tech solutions in the design and equipment of a new model.


The interior of the new car presents a perfect unique design. In the passenger version of the cabin, Toyota is calculated on five people. The special shape and device of the seats make it easy to transform the salon into the cargo van.

The body sizes are quite compact, but the distance between the front and rear axles is impressive, only 40 mm is less than that of Toyota's major models. The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SUV with a dimensional body length of 4780 mm has the size of a wheelbase of 2790 mm, and the Toyota Highlander crossover with a 4855 mm dimensional length distance between the axes is identical - 2790 mm.

The impressive sizes of the wheelbase of 2750 mm, as for cars with a general overall body length of 4.3 meters, allow you to organize a very convenient, multifunctional and roomy interior, more similar, to be honest, on the cargo compartment of the van. The floor of the luggage compartment and the rear surfaces of the backs of separate chairs are made of special solid plastic resistant to scratches.

To ensure the maximum volume of the luggage compartment, not only the backs of the back chairs are folded, but also the back of the front passenger's chair. Thus, it is possible to upload objects with a length of 3 meters into the cabin. For fasteners of cargo, a variety of hooks, loops and faces.

The design of the front of the cabin and the driver's workplace is very simple and concise, but intens with the mass of advanced modern equipment. The entire width of the interior on the front panel is located a color multifunctional display, on the center console, the color touch screen of the multimedia system, which is responsible for both multimedia and for the climate settings. In stock Stylish multifunctional steering wheel, electric parking brake drive, original shape and design chairs, minimum number of physically controlled buttons and switches.

It should be noted the following features

  • receiving an even gender;
  • Different seats can be folded, which allows you to select the desired option for the transportation of baggage;
  • Due to the folding of the front passenger seat, it is formed to transport long cargo (up to 3.0 m);
  • The surface of all the backs of the armchairs, as well as the floor of the luggage compartment is made of solid plastic resistant to the occurrence of scratches;
  • The use of plastic in conjunction with a special finishing material allows you to carry out wet cleaning of the inner space;
  • For reliable cargo mounting, a large number of loops, face and hooks are provided.

Technical parameters and equipment

Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept 2017-2018. At the basis of the Toyota concept, the latest modular TNGA Platform, providing the opportunity to equip a novelty with a hybrid power plant, which includes a gasoline 2.0-liter gasoline engine and an electric motor. According to preliminary information, in the serial version of the car will be available to the order as with the front wheels (Front-Wheel-Drive) and with a full drive (Four-Wheel-Drive System).

  • Type - gasoline;
  • volume - 2.0 l;
  • Power - 258.0 liters. from.

In a pair with him, the transmission provides for the installation of a five-band automatic box or a six-speed mechanical. Such a combination of allowing TJ Cruiser accelerate to 100 km / h in 7.8 seconds.

At the moment, it is known that the car will be equipped with the following systems and equipment:

  • multifunctional steering wheel;
  • multimedia complex;
  • electric parking brake;
  • cruise control;
  • Anatomical chairs with electrically regulators;
  • climatic complex;
  • on an on-board computer;
  • retractable electrical steps for the convenience of landing and disembarking;
  • LED optics with automatic adjustment;
  • ABS;
  • EBD;
  • Circular review cameras.

A complete list of equipment, as well as the options for the configuration of CrossVan, Toyota company will present before the start of collecting applications for the purchase of a car.

Start of production

To start the release of Toyota TJ Cruiser, the company planned to the end of 2018, while the estimated prices will be:

  • front-wheel exercise - from 23 thousand dollars;
  • All-wheel drive option - from 25 thousand dollars.

Initially, the new model will go on sale at home in Japan, and the possibility of the emergence of cars in Russia and the cost will be announced later.

Also, see the video with Tokyo Motor Show, on which the new Toyota TJ Cruiser was presented:


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