Lexus LS 2018

Lexus LS 2018

By 2018, it is planned to release two new products at once from Lexus! The new LEXUS LS 2018 sedan (fifth generation) and the SUV LX 570. They will subcate the hearts of millions of fans of the Japanese automotive concern. Both models deserve great attention, let's stop at the "all-terrain", the impressive appearance of which does not leave indifferent.

New appearance

All the details of the new SUV became a little more, while the general appearance became modern. The front part of Lexus was perfect detail. A sharp slope of the windshield with narrow racks that are moving into a very wide and impressive hood with a large number of raised ribs - all this immediately rushes into the eyes in the novelty.

Front headlights made in the form of "L", repeat the silhouette of the boomeranga and resemble the look of a predatory beast. They include several LED lights. With the edge of the bumper are placed fontaminates. A new radiator grille occupied almost the entire surface of the transfer of the machine, made in a X-shaped style. All this and impressive body kit gives the Major's car.

Moving further on the body, you can see smooth sidewalls, a wide roof and a large area covered with a stack inserted into a chrome edge. Elegance appearance give mirrors repeating turn signals. For the convenience of passengers and the driver there are extensive thresholds, which also complement the entire appearance of the car.

Designers left the shape of the doors unchanged, but the wheels on the wheels were slightly changed. Also added LED optics, giving the car a clear aggressive view.

As for the dimensions, they really became a little more:

  • Length - 5965 mm;
  • Width - 1981 mm;
  • Height - 1864 mm;
  • Road clearance - 226 mm.

Luxury LEXUS LS 2018 Salon

The interior of the novelty is made according to the latest technology. Spy photo indicate a modern business class car that boasts:

  1. Comfortable chairs Front seats have more than 28 position management modes. All chairs are heated, cooling and massage functions. What else is needed for a comfortable trip! I would like to quickly participate in the test drive to experience all these benefits for yourself!
  2. Spectacular feed front panel It is decorated with a horizontal insert stylized under guitar strings. Supplements the composition of the electronic instrument panel with "filmed" on the sides of the horns.
  3. Presentable Central Console The console is represented by a 12.3-inch screen of the multimedia system, stylish clock and an ergonomic unit of two-zone climate control. Manufacturers have thought out everything to the smallest detail: the ability to control functions during bright lighting gives the fact of the "dive" of the screen in the panel and the equipment of the visor.
  4. Quality materials The cabin suggests high-end leather, laser cutting tree and aluminum.

The gear shift panel looks very modern, it is wider than the predecessors. The designers added to it the holders of glasses and cells for storing trivia, so that the driver is as comfortable for a long time to spend time driving.

A small armrest is located between the front seats. And to achieve maximum convenience for passengers of the rear rows, a transmission tunnel has been shortened.

All finishing is made of high-quality materials. Painting of genuine leather with elegant inserts from wood, aluminum - meet the highest requirements.

Embedded removable seats of the third row, removing which the size of the trunk increases to 1274 liters.

The developers included all options in the basic configuration that were previously provided for expensive models:

  • The number of airbags increased to 10;
  • Optics from LEDs attracts attention;
  • Built-in rear sensors (frontal) parking;
  • Climate control applies to four zones;
  • A complete set of driver safety system and passengers;
  • Added driver assistant in electronic form.

Get acquainted with the interior and exterior of new items in the video:


Technical components of the sedan Lexus

The LEXUS LS 500 model is equipped with a pneumatic suspension, with a significantly lower position. Available spy photos show, when opening a car, an automatic lifting of the suspension and alignment of the side rollers occurs.

The updated sedan is equipped with an engine on a gasoline of the formula series - 1 V6, volume 3, 50 liters. Here are two turbocharger, direct fuel injection and variable gas distribution phases generating 415 liters. from. And the limit of 600 nm.

The technical characteristics of the sedan allow it to work in several modes: the driver will be able to feel himself both in the auto business class and in the sports car.

The safety system was also at the height: airbags are located in the cabin around the perimeter. The system of predicting and preventing collisions has been improved. There are also systems of automatic parking, control of blind zones and pedestrian detection.

Cost of car and start sales in Russia

Exit to the mass production of the new Lexus LX 570 is scheduled for the beginning of 2018. The price for the simplest basic package will be 5 million rubles. At the same time, the car in the maximum configuration will cost 6.2 million rubles.

For such immodest amounts, the following functions will be available:

  • The third row of seats;
  • Folding the front using an electric drive;
  • For passengers of the rear rows 10-inch monitors in the head restraints;
  • Camera with a circular review;
  • The total number of airbags - 12 pieces.

We will follow the news of the car's release and its configurations.

Look also video with a new car:


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