Toyota RAV4 2018

Toyota RAV4 2018

In 2017, for the 2018 model range, the popular RAV4 crossover received a small restyling. Together with the redesign in the model line, the hybrid version of RAV4 appeared. In 2018 or in 2019, Toyota plans to enter the market a new generation of crossover based on the base of the new modular platform "Toyota New Global Architecture" (TNGA). It is expected that the new SUV will be equipped with only a classic 6-step automatic transmission.

Updated Toyota RAV 4 2018 has already departed in Frankfurt, and now it is preparing to conquer the Russian market. The car turned out to be very stylish, beautiful, fine. For this time, designers decided to give him more ferocity, arrogance. Also updated Toyota Haylyux 2017. Inspection of the front part will begin with a strongly littered windshield. Such angle of inclination was not chosen by chance. A similar innovation made it possible to improve the aerodynamic qualities of Toyota RAV 4 of 2018 several times. The rounded hood was decided to shorten. The released part of the space was given under massive, duty bumper and the luxurious optics of the projectory type.

At the Toyota held in New York, Toyota has demonstrated an updated version of its RAV4 2018 crossover. Since the output of the predecessor, a little less than 3 years have passed. On the one hand, this car is a budget crossover, but nevertheless the company itself positions it as one with the best representatives of the line. The update touched quite a lot of technical and design decisions, which we will tell below.

Brief information about the model

By the way, let's plunge into history. The development of the model comes from 1994. Initially, it was a mini-crossover, which was then retrained in compact since 2005. The first generation was positioned as a vehicle intended for young people and its active recreation. In principle, nothing has changed since this plan. Well, practically.

By and large, and now the car youth. True, he became a little more executive, or.

Do you know what RAV is? A car designed for outdoor activities. Ask, why is there a number 4, in the title? We answer: both for beauty, and as a pointer constant full drive. All sorted out? All, figured out. Go to specifics regarding the updated Rava.


The new Toyota RAV4 2018 is represented by a luxurious vehicle. This model was always. The renewed Ravo did not lose its recognizable features, but began to move away from youth style. More smooth outlines, the wide arches of the wheels give a more respectable image.

Lighting equipment is also striking at the first review. What's wrong with her? In general, everything is like it so, do not think anything wrong, on the contrary, its elements now seem luxurious, what, in fact, should be. Now it is represented by three diagonal triangles.

The front bumper attracts its massiveness. At its edges, you can see highly in-depth round "fog". The air intake has increased. Even on spy shots it is noticeable. A very large space, in contrast to the predecessor, he was provided. And the falseradiator lattice decided to significantly reduce, now it is represented in the idea of ​​a narrow rectangle. The radiator darkened, at least in the photo, because it is so easy and not to see.

To maintain sports style and improving aerodynamics, windshield and the roof are strongly roasted, which slightly reduced the visibility for the driver.

The hood became shorter. According to experts, new crossover dimensions will be equal to 460.5 cm in length, 167 cm in height, 184.5 cm in width and 19.7 cm will be clearance.

The news of the novelty will also change in a smaller side, and will be a maximum of 1700 kg. This will occur due to the use of composite materials in the manufacture of the body.

Rearly the car is characterized by the door of the trunk. In the new version it opens up, and not to the side. A small spoiler, Fatas and "Dry" rear wings add to crossover awareness.

In the rest, the accuracy of appearance is clearly traced. The perceived well-groomed appearance is very much to face the new Rava.


Perhaps the exterior sorted out. Highlights indicated. Go to the analysis of the interior. It makes modernity here. As, however, and when considering the extensions of the predecessor's salon. A simple mass of positive emotions is created.

If specifically, first of all, the dashboard is thrown into the eye. On the protruding bending there is a renewed central console with a display of 6.1 inches with a wide selection of functions. The steering wheel is also multifunctional. As earlier. Only a little changed the diameter in a smaller side. For maximum adaptation under the driver, it is supplemented with all sorts of adjustments: both in height and on extension. Upholstery Rule leather, like seats. But about the chairs more.

Both seats are made with the condition that the driver and passengers will receive the highest possible comfort while moving to distances. Anatomical backs are very and quite by the way. You will complement their all kinds of regulators, thanks to the opposite, you can choose the most comfortable position.

The trunk, it seems, will increase, but slightly, it will accommodate about 570 liters. To increase its volume up to 1700 liters, you just need to fold the second row of seats. Journalists are divided with public information.

In the basic configuration, the happy owner of the novelties will receive heating side mirrors, windshield, seats, full electric car, air conditioning, armrest and a lot more. Even in the basic version, the crossover meets all the requirements of the business class.

It is rumored that in the RAV4 2018 will implement autopilot. Unfortunately, such cars will be represented only in the United States, in Russia the laws prohibit completely electronic control of the ground vehicle.

Specifications Toyota RAV4 2018

Toyota Technical Specifications RAF 4 2018 are determined by three types of force settings used: two gasoline and one diesel. "Younger" is a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with a return of 146 hp and the maximum torque of 187 nm. It can work in anterior and all-wheel drive configurations in conjunction with a 6-speed "mechanical" or variator. Depending on the modification, the crossover with such a motor spends on reaching a speed of 100 km / h from 10.2 to 11.1 seconds.

The second gasoline unit is listed 2.5-liter engine with a capacity of 180 hp with an indicator of peak torque 233 nm. It is established exclusively for all-wheel drive versions of Rashib 4, forming a tandem with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The only diesel motor of the updated Parketnik has a volume of 2.2 liters and power 150 hp The maximum torque of the unit is 340 nm, which are supported in the range of 2000-2800 rpm. Diesel is also intended for modifications equipped with a plug-in system. A 6-speed "automatic" is installed in a pair of motor.

Beginning of sales in Russia and the price

The proposed configuration of Toyota RAV4 2018, which in the photo is good, and we seem to have figured out this, you will definitely come up with the fans, as well as prices installed on the car. The car will be released on the Russian market tentatively in the first half of 2018.

Basic equipment will be released in 1.5 million rubles, the cost of more prestigious versions will be 2.2 million rubles and higher. The options of the configuration will be several, starting with the classic set of functions and features, continuing to standard and ending with prestigious.

Installed security systems must be additionally lit in the text. We know that over this moment the Japanese Toyota engineers work separately. For the benefit of people. Why thank you for them. We are waiting for officially statements by representatives of the company.

See also video with a new car:


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Egor e*o*k*w*r*6*

Cool car. I bought the model until the last restyling. I am glad about the reliability and dynamics. A big expense for such a small engine, but that's okay. For 5 years of operation, there were no serious breakdowns. Toyota makes cars!

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