Bentley Continental GT 2018-2019

Bentley Continental GT 2018-2019

Continental GT Premium car, which belongs to the Cup-Suite class and is manufactured by Bentley since 2002. Currently, the company has begun production of Bentley Continental GT 2018.

Cars of this class or how else is called Gran Turismo, possess the following important advantages:

  • power;
  • design;
  • dynamic;
  • safety.

Bentley has been counting since 1919, when the first car was released, and in the current period, this British company, which is part of the Volkswagen concern is a recognized world leader in the production of luxury cars.

In the process of creating such a car, a lot of handmade and therefore the release process ranges from 5 to 6 months.

The Bentley Continental GT model was the most popular and sold car company in Russia, but recently GT lost to the Bentayga Mulliner crossover. Therefore, with the advent of the new modification of Bentley Continental GT 2018, the company plans to increase sales of the legendary model, despite a higher price.


The new Continental GT has received a traditional for this class a rapid and dynamic appearance, the power of which is emphasized by the front with large lattices of the radiator, air intakes, round optics and ribs of the hood stamping. Also this image enhances extended wheeled arches with new wheelbarrow design, front line stamping door, embossed rear wings.


The dynamics of the stern part form the rear window with an increased inclination, the stepped construction of the trunk cover with the protrusion is stylized under the spoiler, narrow oval LED optics and almost the same dimensions and shape of the exhaust diffusers located at the corners of the rear bumper.

To create additional dynamic parameters, the car constructors applied a new wheelbase, enlarged in length together with a short front of the vehicle. Such a solution has improved autosacle raising indicators and, as a result, increased rapidness and handling.

The dimensions of the new luxury car make up:

Length. 4.85 M.
Width 2.19 M.
Height 1.41 M.
Wheelbase. 2.85 M.

Thanks to the updated design with increased dimensions, the updated Bentley Continental GT received a bright dynamic and beautiful appearance of the traditional car of the Gran Turismo class.


At the presented photo of the interior of the new Bentley Continental GT 2018, the unusual design of the central console immediately stands out, which smoothly flows into the instrument panel and a wide tunnel. Such a tunnel with the elements of the transmission control and climate system deflectors forms spacious individual zones for the driver and front passenger. On the console itself there is a wide turntable monitor of the multifunctional complex.

The instrument panel is made in the form of a screen with virtual dial and base appliances. The steering wheel has a large number of keys to control automatic systems, also a significant number of control switches is located at the driver on the door internal armrest.

The car is a quadruple, which made it possible to form significant comfort on the rear seats. All car chairs has 20 positions of electrically regulators, memory, ventilation and massage.

The following materials are used in the interior decoration:

  • inserts from veneer of valuable trees;
  • polished aluminum with notches;
  • Especially engraving on the surfaces of a number of elements;
  • embossed skin;
  • Chrome inserts and edging.

The thoughtful interior design in conjunction with finishing materials, the highest quality of manual assembly form for Bentley Continental GT 2018 premium, comfortable interior with elements of luxury, which causes the sublime price of the car.

Bentley novelty configuration

The wheelbase of the coupe is completed with discs with a rubber brand 265/40 R21 of 21 inches for the axis of the front and series 275/35 R22 on the rear axle. We will try to list the main components of the Bentley Continental GT 3 compound variations:

-Inlectual dashboard; -Video, providing panoramic overview; - Types of zone climate of control; -Electric equipment of all seats of the car; -Adaptive control with the recognition of the structure of the road surface; -Regulation of mirrors with special sensors with electrical drives; - Salon of natural high-quality skin; Navigator and cruise control.

Technical characteristics of Bentley Continental

The basis of the third variation is the platform from the Panamera model D1. The car is ahead of the two-way, and behind the multi-dimensional suspension. The eight-step gearbox double disk clutch.

The W12 TSI series car engine has a capacity of 6 liters with a capacity of 635 horsepower. Under the hood, the motor with a turbocharged twin scroll compressor, which provides fuel supply and regulation of cylinders. In general, the car has excellent indicators of modernization and assembly, and also features excellent speed characteristics. So, Bentley quietly gains a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.7 seconds, the maximum speed is determined by an indicator of 333 kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption 100 kilometers is 12.2 liters, when driving in high-speed mode, consumption increases to 17.7 liters.

In Russia, Bentley Continental will be offered in variations with the following technological indicators:

  • Gasoline motor;
  • Volume of 6 liters;
  • Eight-stage gearbox with automatic switching speed mode;
  • Maximum speed mode - 330 kilometers per hour;
  • Consumption of 17 liters per 100 kilometers.

Price Bentley Continental 2018

In Britain, Bentley costs 155 thousand pounds, the variation with a powerful brand W12 brand is estimated at 200 thousand pounds. Sales in Russia and Europe will start early in the spring of following 2018.

Bentley video Continental 2018-2019:


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Jack Neff s*i*o*i*k*2*

To select a sports car, we decided to first make such a test two, normal for it. Not that in the salon, but in the salons of Moscow and there is no normal test drive for Bentley. We rented in Berlin for 3 days, in order to feel how the car behaves on the move. The overall impression is positive. But harsh, something like a behi in behavior and drive on the road. He needs a perfect autobahn, then he takes off and rushes like a beast. And of course the tachilla pontovaya and the chicks stick to it the only way))))

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