Best Clay Bars

If you love your car, and we are all doing, then you want to keep paintwork how to blame how you can. Car wash will eliminate surface dirt and dirt, but it cannot protect the paintwork. That's when you leave the wax and Polish to keep this shiny shine, maybe once a month. But if you want to go to this extra courtyard, and you must, you need to use a clay bar. If you take your car to the professional detail and surprise as they make such a better job in the paint conditions of the car, I will allow you in a small secret; This is a clay bar. You could already know about the clay bar, so you don't secret, and it's great, but have you ever bought a clay bread and used it on painting your car? A simple clay bar is an important tool for professional Armory details, and you can get your hands on the clay bar. Even after using wax and polishing there is always dirt and pollutants on painting your car. Using the clay panel takes time and effort. But it is worth it if you want to make paint back to the state of the exhibition hall. But the appearance of your car is not the only reason you have to purchase a clay bar. Those stubborn pollutants who ultimately damage the paint, and you cannot get rid of, well, let's just say that they will not be a problem after you have applied your clay bambath. But there is one thing as in all products for detailing cars, there is such a wide range of options and prices. That is why we collected our guide to the best clay bar for cars. Our purchase guide is going to save you hours, passing information about the clay bars. Why not take the opportunity to read our in-depth reviews about the best clay bars and save your time, headache and disappointment, because we all laid for you.

Best Clay Bars


Chemical Guys Clay Bar & Luber

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Chemical boys have an enviable reputation in the world detailing the world, and its clay bars line is insurmountable. The OG Clay bar is a medium service clay bar that really runs its magic in rough paint, ending up feeling as smooth as a glass sheet. Using your Flex-Clay technology means that the clay is adjusted to any shape or contour. Contaminants will finally ruin the brightness of the painting of your vehicle and, if you leave enough time, it will destroy the paint. Using the clay bar of the chemical guys, it will quickly eliminate pollutants, such as brake dust, pollution and all other cracks and dust that are in their painting. The yellow clay bar extracts any harsh contaminant that cling to the paint of the car, leaving the resulting paint soft and ready to accept its wax and polishing. Boys guys clay bar is not abrasive and perfectly safe to use anywhere outside of your vehicle, such as painting, glass, carbon fiber, plastics, polished metal, etc.

Mothers 17240 Speed Clay 2.0

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Mothers are another company known in the business that details the businesses and produces some excellent products. The mother's Clay Speed ​​2.0 is excellent. It has been well thought out, and the design works exceptionally well. The Clay Speed ​​incorporates a sponge pad design; There is no need to bend and mold the clay when it has a rubber polymer technology, with an ergonomic handle. It may not be as malleable as working with only clay bars, but there are different ways around the edges of the Clay 2.0 that allow you to work on closed corners and curves. Another advantage is that if you release a standard clay bar, you have to throw it away; It is not like that, with the Clay 2.0, only lift it and continue. Remember to use a clay lubricant when using any clay bar. The regular use of a clay bar can take up to two hours, and it is hard work; The Clay 2.0 will cut this time in half and still will do it so good work. The speed clay will be freed from all pollutants and will paint outstanding, effortlessly. The CLAY 2.0 speed is safe to use in paint, glass, plastics and chrome.

Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Detailing Clay

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When you run your hands over the paint of your car, if you feel rough or the paint feels irregular, then you have contaminants that have already been linked to your paint, and need to remove to further protect your paint. The use of Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Detailing Clay will quickly help you remove those stubborn contaminants that you cannot remove polishing or waxing the machine. Instead, before waxing, prepare your vehicle with meguia clay and feel the difference; Your paint will feel like a glass sheet even before waxing the car. Meguia clay is non-abrasive and will not damage the paint, chrome and plastic. Above surface tied contaminants such as tree tree, road tar, overspray paint and environmental pollutants are linked to the surface of the paint. It is not possible to remove them with conventional methods, but a clay bar will remove.

IPELY 4 Pack 100g Car Clay Bar

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If you try the clay bar for the first time, looking for a price-performance ratio, then the Ipely Car Detailation of Clay Bar is the one you choose because you get four bars with this purchase to give you a lot of spare parts too Give to make sure you secure the hanging of them. With some tone beams, you can use them with water, but the iPely Clay bars need lubric, or they will be a challenge to work with work and leave tapes on the paint, which requires much more work to get rid of, so keep She lubricated the ipely, and they will be fine. We recommend this professional lubricant. You will probably find Ippy, is harder to use in cold weather than other brands, but if you warmed the sound, it works great. You will also find this clay very gentle on the painting of your car. Remember to use plenty of lubricant, and the turbar does not remain. It is not advisable to use a clay rod on matt lacquer, rubber seals or vinyl packaging.

Griot's Garage 11153 Paint Cleaning Clay

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If you want your car free from contaminants and that painting feel as slippery as glass, you have to use a clay bar. One of the best comes from the Griot garage. Regardless of the cleanliness of your cleanliness of your car, if you run your hands slowly on the paint, you will undoubtedly feel that the surface is more rough than you wait. It is because of contaminants that stick to the surface. The polishing of your car does not remove contaminants, so many owners believe; Polishing is only for the elimination of defects. Clay bar Your car with the cleaning clay of the griot garage paint before polishing or targeting the difference. You will then decide if you have defects requiring polishing or you can go directly to the wax. The finish you will get will be amazed. The purchase of griot garage cleaning clay includes a bar of eight ounces (226 grams) which will detail up to seven vehicles; Use part of the bar for each own and not the entire bar. You will need to use a lubricant with this clay bar and the griot garage recommends to their speed mark.

Mothers 07240 California Gold Clay Bar System

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If you are looking for a complete kit for the clay bar to be your vehicle, then Moters California gold clay bar system should be the only choice. This kit is highly affordable and includes two 100 gram clay bars, an instantaneous detail of the 16oz mothers (to lubricate the car before applying the clay bar), and a 16-inch microfiber towel at 16 inches. By pure value for money, it is a challenge to find a better deal. The clay bar of mothers will not damage their painting; It is not aggressive; However, it is firm enough to pick up pollutants. To use the clay bar along with the detail spray, try working on a body panel of a car at a time. Press a good amount in the first panel, make sure that the entire area is well lubricated and then apply the clay bar. Before moving on to the next location of the vehicle, use the microfiber fabric to clean any excess lubricant. Move the clay bar over the area that has been lubricated. It is better to continue kneading the bar so that you are using continuously fresh clay. Remember, when you use a clay bar, you are also eliminating the old wax. So you never wax or polish before using clay in the paint.

Meguiar's Smooth Surface Clay Kit

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Meguiats Smooth Surface Clay Kit is another all-in-one package, but slightly more on the expensive side. Maguiar, however, has an excellent reputation in the car barrel, and you get what you pay for. This kit is more for experienced details that are well versed when using tone beams and lubricants. Because it's more expensive, you can not afford to drop these clay baffles and throw them away. Including two 80-grams tone beams is a 16-fl. Oz. Quik detail spray and a top glossy microfiber cloth. There are also full instructions about Best Practices. To use meguiars turbar, take one of the two bars and share it in two. Manipulate the piece in a flat circular disc. Lubricate the area thoroughly lubricating you do with Quik detailer spray sound. Try it very much not to drop the sound on the ground, or you have to replace it. It can be very fast expensive if you can not hang on the turbar. You can use one of the painted, glass or chrome surfaces of your vehicle tone tone.

Adam's Fine Grade Clay Bar Combo

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Adam's high-quality bar combo is an excellent quality-price ratio that includes two 100 gram clay bars that fit into the accompanying jar and a spray bottle of Adam Detail. Adam clay bars are an ultra-fine, non-aggressive, malleable and soft grade to make life a little easier for you. However, clay will be even more than flexible enough to enter tight points where contaminants can meet, but generally they are difficult to reach. Consider all the contaminants that your vehicle takes through its daily life, such as brake powder, tree sap, bird droppings, dirt, oil, hard water stains and more. There is a small marvel that your painting takes a pounding, and no matter how much you try to polish, waxing and washing will not stop your old-looking, faded and tired paint. Your vehicle needs a clay finger that ran perhaps once a month. Otherwise, you will be too late to retrieve the paint. Adam clay bars are suitable for other areas of vehicles that contaminants will damage, like shiny metal, chrome, glass and clear plastic. The use of a clay bar will also improve the look and benefits of your wax and polishing.

Senrokes Clay Bar Car Detailing Clay

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Senrokes Detailing Glay Pack includes four 100-gram clay bars, a sealed storage box and a free restroom microfiber towel. For the price you can purchase them on them an excellent value for money. Before using the Senrokes clay bars, make sure you wash the car, and it is perfectly dry. Do not use clay on a dry car, though. Select the area by car that you want to start and spray high-quality clay lubricant in place. The lubricant we would like to recommend is the Adam distribution spray. If you accidentally throw clay in the process of cleaning the car, find a part that touched the earth and cut it out or discard and throw it away. When you finished using clay, place it in a plastic storage package; You can spray a little lubricant in the back to make sure that the clay remains fresh and militant. Senrokes Clay is ideal for glass, paintwork and chromium, but do not use on transparent plastics. Clay will take pollutants from your car, even if you do not see them. Check the clay for dust and Grime, which he was going. Cut polluted areas and throw them away, do not use these areas on your car. When you need to throw away some of the clay at this price, it does not feel as if you throw money.

Chemical Guys CLY_402 Medium Clay Bar

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If you have the clay lubricant and microfiber fabrics and everything you need is a clay bar, you should consider the medium clay bars of the boys. It is not the cheapest in the market for a single bar of 100 grams clay, but it is exceptional quality. Chemical boys have an excellent reputation in the automobile detail environment, so it can not go further. Choosing a medium clay bar makes sense because it will eliminate contaminants that most vehicles probably pick up on their daily routines. Of course, you will only choose a single clay bar purchase if you already have all cleaning materials. Chemical guys use what they plan as Flex-Clay technology, and the median bar can eliminate moderate amounts of contamination, brake dust, oil, grime and more. The clay will even clean the cars with years of accumulation of contamination. Boys Boys The clay bar is not aggressive or abrasive, and can use it safely in aluminum, fiberglass, chromium and all the painted surfaces of your vehicle. Restore your car to the crystal feeling, as if the car was out of the showroom. Because the clay bar is medium-grade clay, it is easy to mold in the way you need; We suggest a flat circular album. The color is not too dark, so it is obvious to see dirt and dirt that leaves the surface of the car.


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