Chinese crossovers and SUVs 2019 in Russia

Chinese crossovers and SUVs 2019 in Russia

The demand for jeeps and crossovers in recent years has increased steadily. Given this factor, numerous Chinese automakers plan to submit to buyers significantly the number of new SUVs. Descriptions of some such machines are given in this article.

Zotye SR9 - Twin Brother Porsche Macan

The new Zotye SR9 2018 SUV copies its eminent "relative" Porsche Macan in everything, ranging from the appearance and ending with the interior trim. The only difference in technical equipment, since the German analogue is faster, more reliable, better. However, SR9 boasts a 2.0-liter gasoline engine and a capacity of 190 liters. from. The power unit is operating or with a 5-speed mechanic or with a 6-range "robot". The novelty is intended only for the Asian market, and its value will not exceed 1.2 million rubles, which is 7 times cheaper prices of their prototype.

Zotye T300 - Budget Chinese Crossover

Cheap Chinese crossovers 2018-2019 will be headed by Zotye T300. This model will enter the market only in the fall, but now drivers from the Middle Kingdom are built behind it. It should be recognized that the exterior of the car turned out to be really extravagant: an intricate form of headlights, bulk bumper, "soaring" roof. The cabin has a cheap plastic, and we note from technical equipment:

  • the removal key of the electronic parking brake;
  • 8-inch multimedia system screen;
  • 2-zone climates control.

Under the hood, Zotye T300 is located a 1.5-liter gasoline engine (142 liters with.), Which works in a pair with a 5-MCAP or stepless variator. For the Asian Market, the price of the car will be from 500 thousand rubles.

Zotye x7 or Volkswagen Tiguan

The Chinese manufacturer Zotye decided to save on the development of the design of another one of the crossover X7, after which the exterior of Volkswagen Tiguan completely "sketched". Differences from the prototype are only in the emblems, interior design and technical part. The novelty will be equipped with the only gasoline turbo motor with a volume of 1.8 liters and with a capacity of 170 liters. from. The power unit will only work in a pair with a "robot" DCT (mechanics and automaton not provided). The machine is available for residents of the Middle Kingdom, and its estimated price will not exceed 1 million rubles in the richest configuration.

Zotye SR7 - Attempt to "Improve" Audi Q3

The Zotye car plagiarism champion will offer another novelty of SR7 in 2018. The exterior of the machine as two drops of water look like Audi Q3, while the only thing that bothered to make the manufacturer is to change the factory colors of the crossover. In the cabin, a mixture of various devices, the design of which "jams" in Volvo or Tesla, and the quality of the materials is not at the highest level.

In motion, the car leads a 1.5-liter turbocharged motor with a capacity of 150 "horses". The engine is combined with a 5-speed mechanic or a variator. The car will be sold only in China at a price of 900 thousand rubles.

LandWind X2 - Copy Lada Xray

The Chinese and the creations of the domestic producer did not be brought. We are talking about the LandWind X2 model, which is similar from Lada Xray. Starting and minimalism became the main features of the crossover, and the technical equipment left much to be desired. In the cabin you can allocate:

  • informative front panel (two wells and on-board computer in the middle);
  • 7-inch touch screen multimedia system;
  • 2-zone climates control.

LandWind X2 will be equipped with an atmospheric motor atmospheric motor with a capacity of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 125 "horses". In addition, in the future it is planned to install a 1.5-liter power unit equipped with a turbine (power of 136 liters. P.). Motors are scomens with 4 or 5-speed mechanical transmission. The estimated price of new items for China will be 600 thousand rubles.

BAIC BJ80 - Klon "Gelika"

Want to become the owner of an accurate copy of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class or Gelendwagen, then you are in China. Finding the differences in the exterior of Baic BJ80 and the German "fellow" will be far from every car enthusiast. No wonder the concern Daimler opposed the release of the Chinese counterpart, because now its sales can fall significantly.

The BJ80 has the same round front optics, a massive grill of the radiator, a block for a spare wheel on the trunk doors. A 2,3-liter analogue with a turbine and 6-speed mechanics was used as a motor (at the request of the client, a 5-range automaton will be installed on the machine). The price of new items in the Chinese market - from 2.7 million rubles.

BAIC BJ90 - Mercedes-Benz GL Plagiat

The Chinese brand did not "bother" for a long time and after Gelendwagen copied the design of the legendary GL brand. The clone received the BJ90 abbreviation in addition to rectangular optics, a solid radiator grille and impressive dimensions (only the length of the SUV was 5171 mm).

The car will be equipped with two options for gasoline engines: the first - 3.0-liter analog V6 (power is 333 liters. P.), The second - 4.0-liter V8 unit, capable of issuing up to 400 "horses". Starting from the summer of 2018, the model will sell only in China. The price of new items starts from 7 million rubles.

Lifan X80: He is a recycled version of Toyota Highlander

The new Chinese SUV 2018-2019 model range of Lifan X80 is not just a copy of the inhibitory model Toyota Highlander, and its interpreted version. The 7-seater "giant" received the original sections of the LED DRL, xenon optics and protective plastic body kit. Amazes high-quality interior decoration, where there is enough space even for passengers of the third row. The following elements are also installed in the Lifan X80 salon:

  • 8-inch touch screen multimedia system;
  • Functional steering wheel heated;
  • 3-zone climate control;
  • Engine start button.

Under the hood of Lifan X80 is a 2.0-liter turbobenzine engine with a capacity of 192 liters. from. Unlike other models, this SUV will be shipped to the Russian market. The start of sales is scheduled for the summer of 2018, and the approximate price of new items from the Middle Kingdom will be from 1.1 million rubles.

Leopaard Q6 - Chinese Miracle

The LEOPAARD Q6 brand (with two letters "A" is not a very successful attempt to refresh the second-generation design of Mitsubishi Pajero. The Japanese analogue was removed from production back in 1999, but it did not interfere with Chinese developers. Under the slogan "All new is good forgotten old" they put modern optics and sports kit on the front of the SUV, and the wheel arches were made so wide that even 20-inch discs look miniature.

Under the hood of Leopaard Q6 is a simple gasoline motor atmospheric type with a volume of 2.4 liters and with a capacity of 147 liters. from. The power unit is combined only with 5-speed mechanics. The novelty is intended for the Chinese market, and the future owner will have to fork out 1.1 million rubles for the basic configuration.

Foton Sauvana - Chinese Original


Not all SUV 2018-2019, manufactured in China, are plagiarism. Fully authentic creation was the Foton Sauvana model, designed on the Tunland platform. The car has a frame frame that gives it strength and increases load capacity. The exterior is quite typical for the car of this class: the radiator grille is divided by the manufacturer's emblem, rectangular optics, wheel arches are maximally expanded. The following elements are present in the cabin:

  • air conditioning;
  • climate control;
  • Multimedia system;
  • Steering wheel with numerous adjustments.

On Foton Sauvana will set two types of motors - 2.0 atmospheric gasoline and 2.8 diesel. In Russia, a novelty will appear in May of this year, and its approximate cost will amount to 1.5 million rubles.

Changan CS95 - Flagship Chinese SUV

Smooth body lines, wide rectangular optics, bulk bumper - all this was embodied in an SUV from the Middle Besign Changan CS95. The designers have worked on the machine to fame, evidenced by the interior equipment. Here are:

  • 8-inch touch screen multimedia system;
  • Decorative inserts of wood and aluminum;
  • 3-zone climate control;
  • Loud audio system.

Under the hood, a gasoline 2.0-liter turbocrine power is 180 liters. from. It works in a pair with a 5-speed automaton. In China, the SUV has already enrolled on sale at a price of 1.5 million rubles. Whether he will appear in Russia, so far is unknown.

GAG GS7 - Interesting Chinese SUV

The Chinese Vehicle Manufacturer "Guangzhou Automobile Group" tried to surprise the public with his development. The SUV called GS7, modern appearance and rich technical equipment. A 2.0 liter gasoline power unit is installed on the car, equipped with a turbine. Power in 201 l. from. Enough to dispersed the car up to 100 km / h in less than 6.5 seconds. The engine is combined with a 6-speed automaton.

Unfortunately, in the basic configuration, the GAG ​​GS7 provides front-wheel drive, and the option 4x4 is available in richer modifications. The brutal SUV will go into implementation only in China, while its approximate cost will amount to 1.3 million rubles.

GAG TRUMPCHI GS8 - Practicality and Majesty

The overall Chinese GS8 GAG TRUMPCHI SUV is not lost in a dense transport stream. The exterior of the car turned out to be extremely extravagant - the huge grill of the radiator with chrome-plated crossbars is mounted in front, the LED optics, a bulk bumper with a plastic body kit. The interior design is thought out to the smallest details:

  • 10.1-inch multimedia monitor;
  • Many boxes, recesses, gloves;
  • Comfortable leather chairs;
  • 3-zone climates control.

The model will install a 2.0-liter gasoline turbo engine with a capacity of 197 liters. from. The power unit is designed with a 6-range automaton. The cost of this SUV does not exceed 2.2 million rubles.

Fifth Generation of Chery Tiggo Crossover

The updated model Chery Tiggo acquired a stylish design and upgraded motor. The exterior is highlighted in a powerful front bumper, neat trapezing of the radiator grid, large wheel arches that allow you to install 18-inch discs. The interior has everything you need, including:

  • digital instrument panel;
  • 8-inch touch screen multimedia system;
  • Comfortable chairs with electronic adjustments.

Under the hood of Chery Tiggo is a 1.5-liter gasoline turbo engine, compounded either with 5-transmissions or with a 7-range variator. The crossover will go to the China 2018 market, and in Russia, a novelty is expected to fall. The estimated cost of the car will be 750 thousand rubles.

Great Wall WEY VV7 is simple, but tasteful

The Chinese Great Wall WEY VV7 crossover has two modifications. The sports version will receive the LTERA "S" to the abbreviation and will be equipped with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with a turbine (power of 237 liters p.). A similar power unit will be put on the standard version "C", which is distinguished by the extravagant design of the cabin and bright red body. In the interior, everything is simple, but at the same time functionally. In the elephant you can find:

  • 12.3-inch multimedia screen screen;
  • background LED backlight;
  • Electrically regulating seats;
  • Infinity audio system.

The car is intended only for the Asian market, so in Russian dealerships it will not appear. The estimated price of the car in terms of domestic currency will be from 1.5 million rubles.

SAIC MAXUS D90 - Chinese Business Class

In the SAIC Maxus D90 crossover, many have seen an Infinity QX60 outline. The similarity is traced in the trapezoid grille of the radiator, massive hood, as well as LED narrow optics. In the salon, the model is spacious, and the eye is pleased with high-quality finish, informative instrument panel and numerous adjustments.

SAIC Maxus D90 will be equipped with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine capacity of 224 "Horses". It will work in a pair only with a 6-speed automaton. The car is intended for the market of China and Australia, where it will be available at a price of 1.3 million rubles.

Haima S5 Young - Crossover for Youth

The non-standard exterior of the Chinese crossover Haima S5 Young immediately suggests that his target audience will be young drivers in the way. In the car, everything is unusually - from the curved lattice of the radiator to the tilted rectangles of the rear headlights. The interior is made in Spartan style, but on the background of the mediocre finish, there is an 8-inch touch screen of the multimedia system.

As a power unit, a 1,6-liter gasoline engine capacity of 122 liters was used. p., which works in a pair with 5-mkp. The novelty suspension is McPherson Racks Front and torsion beam from behind. The price for those who want to acquire this miracle starts from 635 thousand rubles.

Thus, many Chinese SUVs 2018-2019 are nothing more than cheap copies of eminent European and Japanese competitors. However, and this product will definitely have its own buyer, as evidenced by the ever-growing sales of automakers from the Middle Kingdom.

Baojun 530.

The crossover with the designation 530 was developed by Baojun in conjunction with the American concern Generalmotors.

Thanks to this collaboration, it was possible to form a brutal powerful view of the car, while especially stand out:

  • straight hood;
  • Unusual shape of the head optics;
  • massive radiator grille;
  • Large front side air intakes in a chrome framed;
  • Square wide wheeled arches;
  • Lower body kit;
  • significant lateral glazing;
  • straight roof line;
  • Multistage device of the feed part with sharp transition angles between the details.

In the interior it is interesting to the central console with a large monitor of the multifunctional complex, wide seats, unusually a central tunnel device.

Baojun 530 produced in 2019 will be equipped with two motors in 139 and 150 forces in a pair of 6-speed automatic transpass or manual transmission. The cost of the basic option will be 90.0 thousand yuan (805 thousand rubles). Initial sales of a powerful car will begin at the end of this year.

Traum Meet 3.

The new Chinese crossover Traum MEET 3 is characterized by high similarity in appearance with Mercedes-Benz Gla. The car is intended exclusively for the local market, where copies of famous brands are very popular.

In addition to the stubborn appearance "Troika" received a salon with good ergonomics and high safety, as well as with a large number of systems for comfort. For equipment, only one gasoline engine in 157 forces with a five-speed manual transmission is intended. The price of MEET 3 will start from 80.0 thousand yuan.

Haval F5.

At the previous year, the Beijing Avtovstavka presented the new Haval F5 crossover. Model 2019 is preparing for serial production and will be sold not only in his homeland, but also in Russia. Manufacturers have created a powerful external image F5 with:

  • large radiator lattice;
  • massive bumpers;
  • 19-inch wheels;
  • rapid front fire;
  • Bottom insert with light insert.

The interior will be engaged in economically, but the digital dashboard is distinguished and the 8-inch multifunctional complex monitor is distinguished.

The SUV received two engines in 169 liters. from. (6-st. MCPP) and 198 forces (7-diap. Robot). Cost on F5 in Russia will begin with 1.20 million rubles, and the model will arrive at the auto show at the beginning of 2019.

Geely Atlas.

Atlas 2018 model year is a sign car for Geely, as it is designed for sales on the European car market. Therefore, the design of the SUV is made in a modern dynamic style and has bright structural features that emphasize the improved modeling of the model.

Designers managed to achieve such parameters at the expense of the following solutions:

  • Relief hood;
  • Compact radiator lattice with a wide light filling edge;
  • complex design of head optics;
  • chrome edging of fog headlights and additional air intake;
  • narrow side windows with a rapid lower line;
  • Dark body kit around the perimeter of the body and protective inserts in the wheeled arches;
  • LED rear combined lamps connected by a longitudinal metal insert;
  • massive reverse protection panel;
  • step device door trunk;
  • Upper spoiler with built-in stop signal.

The salon is characterized by high ergonomics, high-quality finishes and the presence of a significant number of systems for the formation of safety and creating comfort.

The basic version of the Atlas is equipped with front-wheel drive (four-wheel drive - option). For equipment are intended for gasoline motor with a capacity of 140 and 148 forces, as well as six per-band automatic transmission and manual transmission. On sale in our country a car will be received in the middle of this year with an elementary price of 1.40 million rubles.

Geely Vision X6.

For a compact crossover Vision X6, Geely plans to hold another restyling. The main updates will affect the appearance of X6. The car will receive a branded radiator lattice, LED optics, enlarged front fire, massive rear lights.

The key changes in the interior are associated with the use of improved finishing materials and the use of special noise insulation inserts.

Equipment of the model will remain modern and rich, but the options for configuration will change. There will be a replacement of a power unit, the basic will be a gasoline engine with a capacity of 135 liters. from. With the specified engine, the variator and five-speed MCPP will be applied. Traditionally, the X6 car is sold only in China, where he is highly popular. GEELY plans to start selling the Vision 2019 model year in Russia.

Dongfeng AX7

DFM AH7 will be held in the current year planned restyling. The crossover will retain its athletic appearance, but at the same time due to changes in size (length +0.6 cm, height -1.5 cm) will receive more dynamic features. The spacious five-seater salon is still characterized by high-quality ergonomics, high comfort and rich equipment.

For the recruitment of AX7 2019, new turbocharged motors with a capacity of 140, 150 and 168 liters will be used. from. The novelty will be in his homeland at the end of this year at the initial cost of 110.0 thousand yuan (970.0 thousand rubles).

Dongfeng AX4.

Another new company will be the compact crossover AX4, which was presented at the recent presentation in Beijing. According to official information of the manufacturer, this car is scheduled for supply to our country in early 2019.

The model is focused on young motorists and therefore stands out by a bold appearance with the following solutions:

  • stepped head optics;
  • large fog lamps in a massive chrome framed;
  • enlarged lower body kit;
  • painted in a dark color of body racks;
  • Unusual two-color versions of the stern.

The salon is characterized by high-quality architecture and fitting elements, as well as the use of good finishing materials. In the configuration of the crossover, it should be noted the presence of an intelligent system and security curtains. Two gasoline engines are intended for equipment in 125 and 140 forces together with a five-speed manual transmission and a robot. The cost of AX4 in the initial execution will be 650 thousand rubles.


Dongfeng, together with Nissan, will restore the VENUCIA T70 model. Chinese crossover 2019, which is an analogue of the Qashqai model will receive an updated modern appearance, an upgraded interior and a stronger engine at 140 liters. from.

The sizes of T70 will be:

  • Wheel base - 2.63 m;
  • Length - 4.61 m;
  • width - 1.79 m;
  • Height - 1.63 m;
  • Trunk - 530 liters.

T70 is sold only in China and is considered to be a budget car of improved passability, so the initial price of the novelty will be less than 90.0 thousand yuan.

Haima S5.

HAIMA will present the coming time to the second generation of the S5 2018-2019 crossover.

The release of the full number of generation of the model indicates:

  • new enlarged dimensions;
  • Fully updated appearance, which created an image of a dynamic car;
  • reissued interior;
  • stronger engines at 145 and 169 liters. from

Traditionally, for crossovers sold in the local market, S5 will receive only front-wheel drive. The second generation of "fives", as well as the previous one, will not be shipped to Russia, and in China the cost of the novelty will be 80.0 thousand yuan.


The most unusual Chinese jeep 2018-2019 model year is designed to be the development of the company REZVANI MOTORS called Tank. The extreme car is capable not only to move on off-road, but also provide comfortable conditions for passengers, as well as to protect against firearms.

Tank appearance is very unusual and resemble a monster. This image is created using:

  • high wheels;
  • direct body lines with deep upset;
  • narrow side windows;
  • huge wheel arches;
  • Massive stern.

The interior of the SUV is highlighted by leather trim, a large monitor of the multimedia system, a large number of modern equipment (navigation, Wi-Fi, a circular review, full electrobact, climate control, multifunctional steering wheel, etc.).

To equip the all-wheel drive jeep, engines with a capacity of 297 liters. from. (6 / Art. MCPP) and in 500 forces (8 / Art. Automatic transmission). REZVANI Tank will be sold only according to pre-orders, with a prepayment of 1.0 thousand dollars and at the initial price of 178.0 thousand dollars.

Changan CS75

For a CS75 compact crossover, Changan has planned a scheduled restyling. According to his results, the 2019 model will receive a stylish and more modern body design, an upgraded interior with additional equipment for comfort and safety, as well as with improved finishing materials.

A turbocharged 180-strong engine with 6-speed automatic transparents or manual transmission will be installed on the machine. Changan CS75, like his predecessor, will not be sold in Russia, and for the local market its price starts from 85.0 thousand yuan.

Chery Tiggo 8.

The new Tiggo 8 seventeent model will go on sale at the beginning of summer in China with the initial cost of 115.0 thousand yuan.

The SUV has an appearance of a stylish and powerful car with pronounced parameters for improved patency, which should be attributed to:

  • powerful bumpers;
  • high clearance;
  • Large wheeled arches.

Salon due to high-quality layout together with a large number of equipment and systems will provide comfort and safety for 7 people.

Two gasoline engines in 125 and 155 forces are intended as power units, a 7-range robot or 6-speed manual transaction will be installed in a pair. The company did not provide on the possibility of selling a crossover in our country of official information.

LandWind X7.

Restyling for the LandWind X7 scandalous model though reduced the similarity with the Range Rover Evoque car, but still allows the "seven" to be called a clone of the British model. The updated SUV in the 2019 version received a changed feed and rear parts of the body, an enlarged roof slope and reduced side windows.

Changes in the interior are associated with the use of softer plastic, setting the increased screen of the digital dashboard and the new comfortable design of all chairs. On the X7 will be installed a turbocharged motor in 165 liters. from. In a pair with an 8-speed automaton. The price of the Chinese clone of the British premium model will be 130.0 thousand yuan, which is almost 3 times less than the original.


Compact crossover RX3, the release of which will begin in the current year, has a design more suitable European models. Such an external image turned out to be due to the balanced body parameters, a dynamic front part with an unusual radiator grille and an increased tilt of the hood, and the stepped design of the car's feed.

The salon meets modern requirements for comfort and safety, and a large number of modern systems and equipment used for the configuration. Gasoline units are intended as motors at 125 and 163 liters. from. Roewe is considering the possibility of selling RX3 in Russia, and at home the initial price of the car will be 75.0 thousand yuan.

Changhe Q7.

Q7 Made in the design of the Range Rover model is intended solely for its own market.

The car has a brutal way of a powerful SUV at the expense:

  • very large radiator lattice;
  • straight hood and roof;
  • wide wheeled arches;
  • massive optics;
  • High clearance.

The salon has high comfort and rich finishing materials. The configuration used a significant number of modern systems: a multifunctional steering wheel, a 12-inch screen of an infotective complex, full electric car, etc.

As a single engine, a 150-strong turbocharged motor with two gearboxes (variator, 6-st. MCPP) is provided. The cost of the initial version will be only 90.0 thousand yuan.


The Chinese car industry plans in the coming years of production a large number of various cars of improved passability. At the same time, among the new products, its own developments appear and the number of "clones" of well-known brands is reduced.


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