Mercedes AMG GT 2018

Mercedes AMG GT 2018

The German company's double sports car was born in 2015 and is made by the special division of AMG, which is engaged in the production of sports versions of Mercedes with powerful engines. At the moment, buyers are offered two body options: Roger and coupe.

The main advantages of the car, who celebrated its buyers:

  • incredibly high power;
  • Original sport design;
  • high security;
  • prestige;
  • Rich equipment.

At the end of last year, in the Motor Show of the capital of France, the German concern presented two new Mercedes Mercedes version of the AMG GT of the Sample 2018, which will be produced in the body of the Rostcher:

  • Mercedes AMG GT Roadster.
  • GT C Roadster.

The updated version of this rhodster should be due to the fact that the car of the previous model is in constant greater demand, which means it needs to be supported and, if possible, even increase the new products at the expense of two presented in Paris. Thanks to the emergence of new products, the concern will increase the number of sales, and the sports car family will increase to 4 cars.

Features of the model

The most important features of the cars of this series are considered:

  1. Bright sport design;
  2. highest power;
  3. prestige;
  4. high safety;
  5. Rich equipment.

At the end of 2016, at the Paris Motor Show, the company introduced at once two new modifications of Mercedes AMG GT 2018 in the Kostster Body:

  1. GT Roadster.
  2. GT C Roadster.

The emergence of these cars is associated with the presence of permanent demand for the previous version of the model, as well as the possibility of increasing this demand by the output of two more modifications. This will bring the overall family of Mercedes sports cars up to four cars.

Overview of the model in the body coupe

New GT and GT C received the same appearance, the difference consists in various technical equipment of cars.

Sports design

The main efforts designers and designers put to creating a sports rapid image of the model. In the official photos of Mercedes GT 2018, it is clear that for this purpose a new front aerodynamic bumper applies, in which 15 chrome vertical separation strips and large air intake holes are used. Also the sporty is emphasized:

  • elongated hood;
  • shortened bodies;
  • volumetric front wings made of carbon fiber;
  • Expressive decoration of the head and rear lighting equipment made in a powerful LED version;
  • Special linings on thresholds with aerodynamic elements;
  • increased windshield inclination angle;
  • retractable anti-cycle;
  • Side rearview mirrors in aerodynamic form;
  • Forged aluminum wheels of large sizes in wide arches;
  • chromed, made in proper geometric shape and mounted in the rear bumper, exhaust exhaust pipes;
  • Dynamic Dark Rear Bumper with Built-in Diffuser.

The features of the novelty should include the presence of three individual colors of soft top painting: black, white, red. An additional exclusive color is added to the color gamut of the body - Green Hell.

Exterior of the sports rhodster of 2018

Both new items received the same design, the main difference will be in technical equipment, which will differ significantly from each other.

First of all, the developers and designers of the company engaged in the development and creation of an original sports model with a rapid way. In photographs, you can immediately see that the car received an updated front bumper with improved aerodynamics, which received 15 vertical lines of chrome-type. Air intakes integrated into the bumper received large holes.

In addition, there are a number of distinctive nuances who betray the sports image car:

  • short skes of the body;
  • Carbon fiber large-sized front wings;
  • elongated hood;
  • Designer execution of LED optics;
  • large windshield tilt angle;
  • thresholds with aerodynamic elements;
  • spoiler extending at high speed;
  • Rear view mirrors of the aerodynamic form;
  • large aluminum discs;
  • wide wheeled arches;
  • chrome edging of the diffusers of the exhaust pipe;
  • Dark rear bumper with integrated exhaust system nozzles.

It also needs to be noted that the soft roof of the car offers versions of light versions: white, red and black. The body itself also received a special color, which is exclusive and is aimed at emphasizing the sports style of the car - Green Hell.


Inside the Mercedes salon, the AMG GT sample of 2018 has special sports chairs with enhanced lateral support and special safety belts. Special safety arcs are located behind the seats needed for cars in the Rostter body. The multifunctional steering wheel is equipped with a specially perforation, which ensures reliability of its clamp with his hands and, as a result, guarantees confident control over the car while driving.

In the finishing, the skin is used together with microfiber, inserts from carbon and polished aluminum are also applied. The folding top of the car is made in the three-layer vectors, which provides a comfortable level of temperature mode. Complement in the inner comfort The possibility of ventilation and heating seats, as well as a system for heating the space in the head and neck area.

The sports character of the car emphasizes a special combination of devices, where two large windows for a speedometer and tachometer are distinguished. Between them there is a screen of a multifunctional internal computer. On the right of the instrument panel is a display, a size of 8.4 inches, an information and entertainment multimedia system with sensory control. There is an opportunity and voice management of this system. It is also very interesting to look a wide lower tunnel with controls and aluminum finish elements.

In general, the interior of the novelty can be compared with the cockpit of the pilot of a small aircraft.

The overall characteristics of Rostvents Mercedes AMG GT 2018 coincide, but have a greater width than the predecessor.

The dimensions have the following indicators:

  • width - 1.94 m (+46 mm);
  • Length - 4.55 m;
  • Height - 1.29 m;
  • Wheel base - 2.63 m.

Two engine variants are provided as power units, one for each modification (see Table No. 1).

Table number 1.

Model A type Location Cylinders Number of cylinders Volume (l) Power (l.) Notes
GT Roadster. Petrol V-shaped eight 4.0 476.
GT C Roadster. 557. forced

A paired with both motors in the transmission will be used 7-range Speed ​​SHIFT DC automatic transmission and the possibility of using the mechanical locking of the rear axle differential is used.

The car will have only the rear-wheel drive, both versions of the suspension, front and rear, are made in independent performance and in a double-dimensional version, disk ventilation mechanisms are applied as brakes. The option is available for brakes in carbon design.

On the backs there will be 19-inch wheels, and 20-inch are applied behind.

Technical specifications

The dimensions of the car of both versions remained unchanged, the only parameter that has been increased is the width of the rhodster. In general, the dimensions of the novelties are as follows:

  • Length - 4550 mm;
  • Width - 1940 mm (46 mm more than the predecessor)
  • Height - 1290 mm;
  • Wheel base - 2630 mm.

For technical equipment of a sports car, two power units are provided, one for each modification of the Sample 2018:

  • gasoline V8, 4 liter volume, power - 476 horses;
  • 4-Oh a liter V8 of the forced type with a capacity of 557 horsepower.

The only transmission option is 7-IT a range automatic transmission with the possibility of mechanical blocking of the rear axle differential.

The German 2018 sports car received a rear-wheel drive, independent suspension and disc ventilated brakes. For an additional fee, the driver will be able to get the option - carbon brakes. The car will be equipped with 19 and 20 inch discs, smaller are installed in front, and more widely behind the creation of a stripped look.

Start of sales

Mercedes planned the beginning of the sales of roadster in North America in the summer of this year. The approximate initial price of the minimum configuration of Mercedes AMG GT 2018 will be $ 132,000.

In Europe, the sale of new products will begin in the fall of 2017. The price of the minimum version starts from 123,000 euros, in the maximum option, the cost approaches 180,000 euros.

In Russia, an indicative start of sales is scheduled at the beginning of 2018. At the same time, the cost of the basic configuration GT Roadster will start from 8.6 million rubles, GT C Roadster - from 9.0 million RUB. The price of a rich configuration with additional options may amount to 12.4 million rubles.

See also video with a new car:

Model Overview in 4-Double Version

Mercedes AMG GT in the new body will be presented on March 6, 2018 within the framework of the Geneva Motor Show. Presented in Geneva Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe promises to become a serious competitor to the Porsche Panamera sports car, because in addition to the spectacular exterior, the model has received really impressive dynamism and technical equipment.

Exterior model

Externally new GT muscular and stylish. Smooth lines of the body combined with the innovative ideas of Mercedes designers give the car a sporty style, underlining the purpose and capabilities of the model. Unlike its 2-km-old fellow, this model received a platform used in the design of CLS models and E-CLASS, which led to the essential differences in the interior and exterior.

From the external elements forming the exterior of the car, it is worth noting:

  • aggressive radiator grille, made in branded stylistics of the company;
  • The complex design of the front bumper with large air intakes and an elegant chrome insert;
  • Innovative optics with L-Obazno location of LED elements;
  • Large wheels with exclusive design;
  • Spoiler at the same time participating in style formation and providing the vehicle necessary aerodynamics;
  • Effect rear bumper with vertical ducts and paired exhaust system nozzles;
  • Narrow horizontal rear light modules.

Interior of the novelty

In the AMG GT 2019 salon, high quality materials and futuristic design emphasizes the fact that you are in front of you Mercedes elite class. In the finish used:

  • Genuine Leather;
  • Alcantara;
  • carbon;
  • Chrome elements.

The new 4-Hdvere Mercedes will receive two versions of the cabin:

  • 5-ways with a spacious second number of seats for 3 passengers;
  • 4-terrain with a comfortable second next for 2 passengers and additional options providing maximum comfort.

The interior will be set aside in brand stylistics, and its forming elements will be:

  • A large touchscreen display, divided into two zones (dashboard and multimedia complex) 12.3 inches each;
  • Sport steering wheel with a large set of control buttons;
  • Stylish air ducts decorated in mini-turbines;
  • a wide central tunnel with two rows of buttons and a touch-pad of a multimedia system;
  • Sports chairs and a beautiful delay.

By the idea of ​​the manufacturer, the car must become truly versatile, combining the comfort of movement around the city, the irrepressible power for the moments when it wanted to enjoy the speed and capacity for long-distance trips. To all listed benefits, add the luggage compartment of 395 liters, which are not able to boast of all modern sports cars and the possibility of its transformation to 1325 liters. When the rear seats are folded and you will get the car of your dreams.


No matter how luxurious is a new AMG GT, its main advantages are hidden under the hood. The four-door version of the sports car will receive:

  • Four-wheel drive 4Matic + (possibly with time the company will release the rear-wheel drive version);
  • AMG Speedshift AMG SPEEDSHIFT machine gun in the basic version and an innovative "wet" clutch in more expensive equipment;
  • package of active aerodynamics;
  • sweater mechanism on the rear axle;
  • pneumatic suspension;
  • reliable brake system;
  • Modern DRIVE PILOT autopilot;
  • A set of the most advanced passive and active security systems.

The company's management announced the production of three versions of this model, for which such power units were prepared accordingly:

Engine's Type VOLUME. Power Acceleration to Hundreds. Maximum Speed
Hybrid Installation EQ BoostBenzine Engine with Turbocharger and Eletter Checker 3.0 l. 435 HP. (22 l. WITH. ADDS Electrical Installation) 4.5 p. 285 KM / H
Gasoline burbed V8. 4.0 l. 585 HP. 3.4. 310 KM / H
Gasoline burbed V8. 4.0 l. 640 HP. 3.2 p. 315 KM / H

Start Sales

In Europe's car dealerships, the new Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe is expected in mid-2018. When the car can be purchased in Russia's salons while there is no information, as well as about the possible cost of a sports car.

Erase on the video review of the model presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2018:


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