Mercedes Benz A-Class 2018

Mercedes Benz A-Class 2018

German automakers always sought to give the world market exactly what was most needed and at the same time accessible to the wide contingent of consumers. On my account, they completely succeeded and continue to succeed in this matter - which proves to us the next expected novelty from the world-famous brand - the updated five-door Hatchback of the fourth-generation.

I have a hurry to add that this model has not yet officially debuted and the display of new items is planned to approximately at the end of this year. At the moment, the tested tests of the hatchback in Europe are under time, and how often it happens, we were able to capture the outlines of the new car

The car, as relies, in camouflage, so that the more or less specific description of the exterior will have to forget. However, some details of the exterior and interior did not escape from the eyes and, relying on the imagination and the traditional style of Mercedes designers, whom they adhere to decades, and on which the company's design philosophy itself is based, and we will try to draw up an approximate picture.

Most likely, it should be expected fully LED optics, a new form of air intakes and bumpers, as well as new rearview mirrors. But with the dimensions it is better (I said that something I managed to notice something): The car has become a little more bigger and longer, and of course, spacious from the inside. Plus, it is worth adding the modernization of the overall lights and the trunk, and on this about the design of Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2018, perhaps you have to finish.

In general, we can hardly see significant transformations with you and on the roads the new hatchback can be distinguished without any special difficulties.


The official presentation of the new car was held on 02.02.2018, and the world premiere was March 6 as part of an international car dealership held in Geneva.

The exterior of the model received significant changes, which should attract the attention of the youth audience to the novelty. The fourth generation of Mercedes Benz A-Class attracts a bright sports design and daming. The car looks really great, both in classic white color and in a saturated alone with a slight orange tint.

First of all, the new design of the W176 model is determined by the following solutions:

  • modified radiator grille with an enlarged grid;
  • elongated hood with powerful stamped ribs;
  • narrow combined head optics;
  • stepped construction of the front bumper;
  • increased form of additional air intake with smooth transitions;
  • swift side afterwards;
  • Pretty steep roof line transition to sedan feed;
  • Wide arches of the wheels;
  • Combined rear bumper;
  • squeezed diffusers of the exhaust system;
  • The trunk lid with the protrusion sent under the spoiler;
  • LED trapezoid rear lamps.


Inside, the new Mercedes A-Class of 2018 is characterized by high ergonomics, unusual structural solutions and luxury trim. Initially, a multifunctional three-spoke steering wheel is allocated, on which the main systems control units are located, as well as the stepwise the front console, which the dashboard is mounted.

In the middle of the console, large climatic complex deflectors are placed. On the upper office, the monitor of the information and entertainment complex is mounted, and at the bottom there is a lockable glove box. Above the instrument panel performed a protective visor. The devices themselves have a traditional round scale and mounted in elongated wells, between which the color display of the on-board computer is located.

The front seats and head restraints received an anatomical form, strong lateral support and a large number of adjustments. The rear armchairs have the ability to change the tilt of the back.

When finishing the cabin, high-quality leather and fabric materials were used, a large number of polished aluminum elements, a chrome edging was applied to a number of internal parts, as well as wooden or carbon inserts. The interior handles of the cabin obtained the backlight, and for the formation of coziness inside there is a noise-absorbing soft floor covering and LED lighting with several variants of color design.

The sizes of the sedan W177 compared with the third generation hatchbeck:

  • Length - 4.57 m (+27.0 cm);
  • Width - 1.87 (+9.0 cm);
  • Height - 1.46 m (+3 cm).

Technical features of auto

The new A-Class will receive 3 and 4-cylinder turbocharged power plants. There is also a hybrid option, although it is not yet necessary to assert about it. Also in this line of engines will add a new engine, developed specifically for the strongest variation - AMG A45, which is planned to be released at the end of 2018 - early 2019.

It can easily accelerate to 100km / h in 4 seconds with a capacity of 400 horsepower, which means the appearance of a very serious opponent in BMW M2 and Audids RS3, the main opponents of the above-mentioned brands in the automotive market in this segment. By the way, I forgot to say, just below will be located A40, but already with a reduced power for as much as 100 horses.

In the face there are specific numbers about technical equipment:

  • Standard A - 1.6 l / 156 hp and 2.0 / 211 hp
  • A40 - 2.0 l. / 300 hp
  • A45 - 2.0 l. / 400 hp

Fourth Generation A-Class in Sedan Body

Recently, rumors were actively about the company's intention to release a new sedan with the prefix "A" and they were really confirmed. Despite the fact that in stock and there is a coupe-shaped CLA sedan, the company considered it necessary to create a new four-door model, which differs from the current CLA.

Concept-car was already shown in Shanghai, and it can be said that it turned out quite attractive and peculiar. Stylish bending of lines and a wide radiator lattice is very much to face a new A-class representative.

It will receive turbocharged motors with a capacity of 1.6 liters. Power 122/156 hp and 2.0 liters. from 211 hp

  • Its length will be 4640 mm,
  • width - 1777 mm,
  • Height - 1432 mm,
  • Wheel base - 2699 mm.

It is designed, primarily on the markets of China and the countries of the new world, and, accordingly, will be carried out in the Middle Kingdom.

Today's version

Well, now I would like to refresh your memory and tell a little about today, the third generation of the car of this segment. The current predecessor is closed in a rather bold and causing, sports design. Absolutely new front bumper, the beast grille grille and wide air intakes totally change our idea of ​​previous versions of the car.

The third generation of these cars began to go from the conveyor in 2012 and has several modifications available for the buyer at the moment:


  • A 180 MT, basic, front-wheel drive with a capacity capacity of 1.6 liters., Power 122 hp and manual transmission.
  • A 180 DCT, base, front-wheel drive with a capacity of 1.6 l., Power 122 hp and automatic transmission.
  • A 200 DCT, front-wheel drive with a capacity of 1.6 liters., Power 156 hp and 7-speed automatic transmission.
  • A 220 DCT 4 Matic, all-wheel drive with a capacity of the engine 2.0 l., Power 184 hp and automatic transmission.
  • A 250 DCT, all-wheel drive with a capacity of 2.0 l., Power 211 hp and automatic checkpoint.
  • A 45 AMG DCT 4Matic, special, all-wheel drive with a capacity of 2.0 l., Power 360 hp and automatic transmission.


  • A 180 D DCT, base, front-wheel drive with a capacity capacity of 1.5 liters., Power 109 hp and automatic transmission.
  • A 180 D MT, Basic, front-wheel drive with a capacity capacity of 1.5 liters, 109 hp. and manual gearbox.

In length, this hatchback is 4292 mm, in width - 1780 mm, and in height - 1433 mm. The parameters of the wheels are equal - 2699 mm, and the height of the road clearance is 100 mm.

The inner decoration of this handsome varies depending on the vehicle version, which are three - Urban, Style and AMG Sport. You can choose to taste various technical equipment and three types of cabin upholstery: from tissue, from synthetic leather and genuine.

And the key thing that, probably, is worth noting, is an innovative security system. It is called PRESAFE and is installed on all configurations. If you are traveling at speeds above 30km / h and the possibility of a collision with a car, which is in front of you, is high, the system will automatically notify you about this blinking of the red indicator on the instrument panel and not very pleasant on the rumor, and will also prepare brakes for stopping Auto.

Complete set of new Mercedes Benz A-Class

Currently, Mercedes announced the following engines that are planned to equip a new sedan. Technical characteristics of these engines are shown in the table.

No. P / P. A Type VOLUME. (L) Power (l. p.) Fuel Consumption (L) The Highest Speed ​​(KM / H)
One. Petrol 1.80 122.0. 5.75 202.0.
2. 2.00 156.0. 5.75 224.0.
3. 2.50 211.0. 6.30 240.0.
Four. Diesel 1.80 109.0. 3.90. 190.0.
Five. 2.00 136.0. 4.50 210.0.
6. 2.20 170.0. 5.75 225.0.

With all the power units, the front-wheel drive version of the sedan will be equipped with the following gearboxes:

  • 6-speed mechanical;
  • 7-speed robotic 7G-DCT (double grip).

Like all cars from the German manufacturer, the new W177 will receive a premium configuration, while the emphasis is scheduled for security and comfort. Among the most important should be allocated:

1. Comfort;

  • Individual bend settings of the backrest of front armchairs with a device to memorize settings;
  • LED lighting of the cabin with changing brightness and twelve color variants;
  • two-zone climate control with separate settings for the driver and front passenger;
  • autonomous parking heating (cooling) with the possibility of remote tuning;
  • audio complex with surround sound;
  • damping suspension of increased comfort;
  • External temperature controller;
  • ventilation on the front seats;
  • A large number of worn branches of the cabin.

2. Security systems:

  • ESP;
  • ASR;
  • ABS;
  • nine airbags;
  • maintenance of brake mechanisms in a dry state;
  • Collision warning sensor;
  • adaptive front optics;
  • recognition of road signs;
  • Pressure indicator in wheels;
  • parking chamber;
  • Control of traffic stripes.

Start Sales

The first will be the new model of Mercedes North American dealers at the beginning of next year. At the same time, in order to increase the demand for the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2018 model, the price is sufficiently low for the car of this class. It is estimated for us for the United States about 30 thousand dollars.

On the start of European, including Russian sales of the car, the German company did not voiced official information. According to experts, they will begin in the spring of 2018.

Also watch the video of the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2018 presented in Geneva:


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