New Ford 2018

New Ford 2018


Each year, advanced car companies in the world try to update their model range. New features are added in the interior, pointlessly or completely changes design. The main rule that is prosecuted is the compliance of the company's development of modern general trends in the automotive world.

Does not lag behind the general directions and the American automotive company Ford. Which is going to qualitatively update all its model range in the coming years. In the 2017-2018 season, she submitted such novelties as Ford F-150 Raptor, Ford Expedition and Ford Mustang. More information about them you can learn from our review of the new Ford Models 2018.

Sports Pickup Ford F-150 Raptor 2018

Preparing for serial release The second generation of the popular sports pickup Ford F-150 from the famous American manufacturer. In the US, the novelty will be available at the beginning of the fall of this year. And immediately in two constructive modifications - with a one and a half and double cab.

Officially deliver a novelty to our country, Ford does not plan. But time will show. In any case, domestic "gray" car dealerships have never stopped such restrictions.

Design and appearance

From the previous generation F-150, the new pickup Raptor got a modular platform, which, however, was seriously upgraded and improved. As a result, it turned out really powerful, stylish and aggressively looking car.

The front of the car is highlighted by a huge black grille with a large company logo in the middle. At the same time, the bumper looks neat and laconically. Beautiful head optics are additionally equipped with yellow yellow lights. A solid bumper is installed on the feed, from which the exhaust pipes of a large diameter look slowly.


  • Length - 590 cm;
  • width - 220 cm;
  • Height - 199 cm;

Interior Design

The salon is made stylish and high quality. There is genuine leather, expensive wood, fabric, modern plastic, carbon and aluminum elements. This is a sports pickup, so the chairs in it are appropriate. In addition, they have convenient lateral support and with the help of the electric drive are easily adjusted under the sedom. Functions of massage and ventilation turn riding in pleasure.

The original transparent roof is equipped with a hatch. A double-cab modification has a comfortable sofa. The color solution of the salon can be chosen independently.

Electrical equipment

  • dashboard with an eightyduym monitor;
  • Multimedia complex with sensory control;
  • Multifunctional steering wheel;
  • climate control for two zones;
  • manual electric type brakes;
  • Ceiling console with six options for connectors;
  • Basic package of security systems and assistance to the driver (optionally you can order an extended option).

Technical features

Under the hood, a new generation cargo sports car costs a 3.5-liter gasoline turbocharged motor with a capacity of 450 horsepower, equipped with six cylinders. It works in conjunction with a ten-speed automatic transmission. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h car dials in 6.5 seconds. The average speed is 160 km / h.

In addition, the car has a soft suspension with three-millimeter shock absorbers and a full drive system with a unique distribution box. All modifications are equipped with Terrain Management System technology, allowing the driver to choose the engine operation algorithms, suspension parameters and other car systems.

Giant SUV Ford Expedition 2018

In early February of this year, a new American SUV Ford Expedition was officially presented at the Chicago Auto Show. Serial production of this giant will begin in September, and in November, the new product will already be purchased in the United States at a price of $ 47,500. Thanks to the aluminum body and a new platform, the car has become easier than its predecessor at 130 kilograms.

Design and appearance

The lightweight body is installed on a powerful steel frame that easily maintains the load when towing up to 4175 kilograms. New generation of auto saved recognizable features and proportions. Designers worked well above the exterior, making it more modern and something elegant. The Expedition model has become even more and solid.

The nose decorates a richly trimmed radiator grille, on the sides of which beautiful LED optics look harmoniously. The massive bumper is located below magnificently. The car has wide side doors and a flat roof line. Even 22-inch wheels can be in huge wheel arches. The feed looks easier, but not stylish. The large door of the luggage compartment is equipped with electric and windows. Under the neat bumper is a sensor for contactless opening of the fifth door.


  • Length - 533.4 cm;
  • width - 200.1 cm;
  • Height - 1960 cm;
  • Wheel base - 3099 cm
  • Clearance - 203 cm in all-wheel drive and 223 cm at the rear-wheel drive modification.

Interior Design

In the huge cabin can comfortably accommodate up to eight people. The chairs of the first row using an electric drive can be configured as convenient as possible. They are also heated. The seats of the second row are capable of moving along the cabin, tilt and fold during the landing of passengers on the third row. The manufacturer is positioning a new SUV as the most advanced and high-tech model in the history of the series.

Electrotechnical Equipment Complex Multimedia "Sync 3" with an eight-fashioned sensory monitor and navigation system

  • Remote control, status control and car search;
  • Elite B & O Play audio system, equipped with twelve speakers, competently placed on the cabin;
  • circular video surveillance;
  • a roof with a panoramic view;
  • Two color screens mounted in head restraints front rowers;
  • Wireless charging for mobile devices;
  • Wi-Fi router with a fifteen meter radius, designed for ten simultaneous connections;
  • USB connectors in each row;
  • Several sockets at 12 and 110 volts;
  • Package of ultra-modern security systems and assistance to the driver.

Technical features

The new generation of Ford Expedition was equipped with a six-cylinder upgraded 3.5-liter turbo engine "ECOBOOST" with a capacity of 375 hp and 630 nm of torque. For the transmission of such impressive power, the wheels will be answered by a ten-speed automatic transmission.

Each wheel has an independent suspension. The choice is offered all-wheel drive and rear-wheeling modification. Also there is an electronic power steering, disc brakes and the latest version of Terrain Management System technology, allowing the driver to choose the optimal modes of movement on roads of different complexity.

Legendary sports car Ford Mustang

At the January automotive exhibition in Detroit, Ford showed the restyled version of his legendary sports car Mustang. In America, official sales of new products are scheduled for autumn 2017. The estimated value of the basic configuration is $ 30,000.


The 2018 sports car exterior is changed virtually unrecognizable. The nasal part decorates a new hood, the front edge of which was lowered for two centimeters lower than that of the predecessor. The radiator grille, bumper and wings completely changed. Head optics switched to LED elements. Optionally available LED fog lights. Modern overall lights installed on the stern. Rear bumper has also changed. Equipment with a four-cylinder turbo motor has a spectacular dual exhaust system. Two pairs of dual exhaust pipes demonstrate modification with the V8 motor.

Interior Design

The interior of the novelty has become much more modern and comfortable. The basic option is equipped with an analog dashboard. But it is better to be optionally acquired the newest "digit" with a twelve-chimney color monitor and a huge number of all kinds of options and settings. All modifications of the sports car are equipped with a multimedia complex "Sync Connect" with an eight-fashioned touch screen, a remote control function of the car and Wi-Fi router. Complete includes all popular security and assistance systems to the driver.

Technical features

The Restyling version of the Ford Mustang received an improved suspension with new front shock absorbers and transverse stability stabilizers from behind.

As a power unit, two gasoline engines - 2.3 liter "EcoBoost" with an increased torque, as well as an economical five-liter V8 with an increased to 12: 1 degree of compression (it was 11: 1) and a combined type injection system. Both engines will work in a tandem with a six-speed manual box. Optionally proposed ten-speed automatic transmission.

Ford Focus 2018

The compact passenger car Focus appeared in Russia in 1999 and became one of the best-selling models of Ford brand. Currently, the third generation of the car is produced, Reystayling was passed in 2014. Given the fall in demand, the company has decided in 2018 to release the updated Focus of the 4th generation.

The car received an updated design, which became more aggressive and sports at the expense of the following solutions:

  • new streamlined front bumper design;
  • reduced radiator lattice;
  • Skinny head optics;
  • elongated hood;
  • dynamic lines of side climbing;
  • The oversized contour of the side windows.

The interior of the car has acquired a new better finish, a modified design of the central console and the steering wheel.

The existing power units will add a new turbocharged single-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 130.0 liters. from. For installation in the transmission, two new six-speed gearboxes will appear: automatic and mechanical.

The emergence of new items in Russia is expected in the fall of 2018. The estimated price of the model in the body of the hatchback will begin from 750 thousand rubles.

We also offer to watch a review of a new model on video:

Ford Explorer 2018

Explorer Full-size crossover is manufactured since 1990. The last fifth generation is made since 2010. In the Restyled version of 2018, the company held minimal external changes that are a small point.

These include a reduced radiator grille, the front bumper received the updated compact fog lights and narrow holes of additional air intakes, which are terrible rear bumper acquired the latest diffusers of the exhaust system. Now these are dual round nozzles, instead of wide trapezoids.

The interior also did not happen revolutionary changes, the designers changed the device of the multimedia complex and added better-quality materials for finishing.

The following equipment was introduced into the equipment of the crossover:

  • 4 G-modem with the ability to simultaneously connect to the network of ten devices;
  • Cruise control with a confession warning function and emergency automatic stop;
  • controllers of blind zones and road markings;
  • rain sensors, light;
  • Parking assistant.

Proven power units are provided for the crossover:

  • V-2.3 l; 280 l. from.;
  • V-3.5 l; 290 l. from.;
  • V-3.5 l; 365 liters from..

The new Explorer 2018 has only a complete drive, and the transmission is equipped with a sixdiaband automatic transmission.

The first vehicles of 2018 will come to American dealers at the end of the autumn of the current year, the price begins from 30 thousand dollars.

For domestic buyers, the new Explorer will be available in the spring of 2018, while the cost and options for the configuration will be announced before receiving applications.

See also the presentation of the new Ford Explorer on the video:

Ford EcoSport 2018

EcoSport is a mini-crossover company that has been produced since 2003, the second generation of the model is made from 2012 to the present. The popularity of the car is high enough, which is confirmed by the simultaneous assembly in the six production platforms of the company in different countries.

Restaling crossover EcoSport 2018 received a fully updated front part, which formed for the car more solid, even the majestic image resembling the design of new cars concern Edge and Kuga.

EcoSport acquired a new form of head optics with an inserted line of running lights, a combined front bumper with large niches for fog lamps, alloy discs with a new pattern. The largest changes are carried out in the rear. Now the trunk door opens on the left side (earlier up), the reserve is moved to the luggage compartment, and additional lighting devices are installed in the dark plastic body kit.

The cabin has changed the central console, the climate control unit, ventilation deflectors, and a better soft plastic is applied to the decoration.

The updated crossover will be equipped with proven power units that were installed on the previous version with a capacity of 90 to 162 liters. with., But in the transmission only 6-speed automatic transmission is applied.

Restalling EcoSport sales will begin in the United States at the beginning of 2018, while he will receive four versions of the configuration, and the price will start from 10, 5 thousand dollars.

In Russia, the car will also appear in 2018. According to preliminary data from the company, production will begin at the Ford assembly enterprise in Naberezhnye Chelny, and the cost of the Russian version of the mini-crossover will be announced later.

Ford Ranger.

The first auto show of 2018 presented the Ford vengers another new product - the Ranger pickup, which was united in incredible power, stylish design and most advanced technology.

The company's management decided to revive the once popular model, paying attention to the fact that sales of Pickups in the United States in recent years has increased significantly.

The new Ranger will be based on the updated and somewhat improved Rider platform. It also became known that the model will be produced in two versions:

  1. with an extended cabin SuperCab;
  2. In the total 4-Double version of SuperCre

The salon will delight with high-quality materials and functional details. Several finishing options will be available:

  • XL - basic version;
  • MIDLVEL XLT - improved;
  • LARIAT - PREMIUM class salon.

In the basic version, the car will be equipped with rear-wheel drive, but optionally it will be possible to order the Off-Road package, which will include such supplements as:

  • adaptive suspension;
  • off-road rubber;
  • anti-slip plates;
  • Trail Control system with a number of useful fuchs;
  • four-wheel drive with the possibility of choosing the optimal mode of operation;
  • A complete set of active security systems.

Also, Ford Ranger 2018 will receive a powerful turbocharged 2,3-liter power unit and 10-tidiapace automatic transmission.

Mustang Bullitt.

The legendary Mustang, who once raised the name of Ford's company to a new stage in the ranking of the most famous automakers, will receive a new style and the original Bulltt console.

The new model combines retro design and the most modern technologies. 2018 sports car exterior attracts attention to such elements as:

  • recognizable classic body shape;
  • Large grille;
  • Stylish 19-inch discs;
  • Spectacular bumper with narrow strips of LED running lights;
  • Elegant chrome inserts.

Auto will be released in two colors:

  • Dark Highland Green;
  • Shadow Black.

No less luxurious will be the salon of the new sports car. Comfortable chairs will get high-quality and practical leather coating, and the sports steering wheel - stylish inscription Bullitt instead of the usual image of Mustang.

Even at first glance, no one will have a doubt - this is a premium class car! And the functionality of the novelties fully confirms this fact. The future owners of Mustang will receive a complete package of the most modern systems and options, allowing to fully enjoy the speed, as well as the power and handling of the car. And it will enjoy what, because under the hood of Bullitt, a powerful 5-tilt strength unit, developing power in 475 hp And with ease of the distant car up to 262 km / h.

The company's update scheduled for 2018 and the release of new models corresponds to the desire of the Ford concern to implement the systematic and planned work to maintain and expand the demand for its products.


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