Kia Mohave 2018

Kia Mohave 2018

2018 can be safely considered the update period for the automotive industry. Manufacturers plan to release many new and restyled models on Russian roads. In the overwhelming majority it will be crossovers and SUVs of different sizes. South Korean autoconecern Kia Motors will present the updated models of Sportage and Mohave SUVs. The latter model is considered the most "weighty" in the line of SUVs Kia. She received new elements of the exterior, pleasant changes in the interior, as well as improvements in technical equipment.

Advantages of the model

For the first time, the model of the classical frame SUV Mojave (another name - Borrego) appeared in 2008. The novelty distinguished the presence of a powerful diesel engine with a volume of 3.0 liters, a dispensing box with a lower transmission, rear self-locking differential. In Russian expanses, an SUV chains from 2009

The updated SUV Kia Mojave 2018 will delight, of course, all of their connoisseurs. In addition to our country, the car is popular in Kazakhstan, where they also collect, Korea, the countries of the Middle East.

  • Full-size South Korean Mohave SUV was developed under the requirements of the American consumer. But the model did not gain popularity in the United States, its sales closed in 2011.
  • Especially for domestic climate, a package "Warm options" was created with heating of wipers and windshield, electric and heated external mirrors, front seats.
  • The company's engineers in 2008 developed a vehicle prototype with an electric motor. However, the model does not run the model.
  • At the Kaliningrad Plant "Avtotor" 11 models of crossovers, passenger cars and SUVs of KIA, including Mojave, are collected.
  • The flagship model in the Kia - Sorento Prime crossover line. Produced on the "Avtotor" serially by the method of large assembly.

New in Kia Mohave 2018 Body Design

The body design did not receive fundamental changes. However, in the exterior of the updated Kia Mohave, the release of the 2018 model year, significant additions appeared. So, the radiator grille now sparkles chrome, harmonizing with door handles, and daytime running lights work on LED elements. The outlines of the bumper changed, lining appeared in its lower part. New elements emphasize the off-road nature of the car, the model looks more powerful and modern.

Updated pattern of wheel drives with a size of 18 ˝. The backlight from the LEDs duplicates the signal signals in the side of the side mirror, and the central stop signal appeared on the back on the body. The trunk door is decorated with chrome molding. In addition, on the roof of the car were added:

  • Spoiler in the rear,
  • Reheling for fixing a ski or luggage compartment.

Blue and brown colors were added to the gamut of body paints.


The cabin is immediately noticeable that the manufacturer has completed a lot of changes. First of all, this is a completely new instrument panel. It highlights a large screen of on-board computer and increased circumference of tachometer and speedometer devices. The new multifunctional steering wheel is equipped with four enhanced knitting needles and has a combined finish of genuine leather and wood. The SUV equipped the multimedia system with a touch screen. A block for adjusting climate control has become more convenient, a tunnel between the front seats is also very comfortable.

For the interior decoration of the new Kia Mohave 2018, the company used materials only a premium class to which include: high-quality leather (for the buyer there is a choice of colors and textures), inserts from noble wood, polished aluminum, high-quality plastic, even sunny protective visor at the vehicle Separated leather.

In general, such a car's salon will be pleasant to motorists who love and appreciate comfort and luxury.

Specifications and equipment KIA MOHAVE 2018

The updated SUV has the following overall dimensions:

  • Length - 4.93 m;
  • Height - 1.81 m;
  • width - 1.91 m;
  • Wheel base - 2.98 m;
  • Road clearance (clearance) - 21.7 cm.

Mohave 2018, for Russian buyers, will have only four-wheel drive and a turbocharged diesel three-liter power unit with a capacity of 260 liters. from. In a pair, 8-speed automatic transmissions will be used with it in the transmission. The presence in the design of an electric coupling will allow to distribute the traction load on the bridges of the SUV to the ratio of 10/90 to 50/50.

In the basic configuration, the SUV will be equipped with the following functions:

  • Electric front seats,
  • electrically regulating steering wheel,
  • Electric and electro-heating mirrors.
  • Rearview chamber,
  • Parking sensors (rear and front),
  • Audio system of premium class,
  • blind zone tracking system
  • The door of the trunk with an electric drive,
  • Collision Warning System
  • active head restraints
  • ten airbags
  • invincible access
  • two-zone climate control
  • Navigation system.

It will be possible to finish or equip the car:

  • Sensor to track pressure in wheels,
  • Parking assistant
  • circular review
  • Cooling seats,
  • Panoramic hatch,
  • Electronic setting of pedals.

In addition, for the buyers of the new generation Kia Mohave 2018, there is a choice of color and, unlike the previous family, the number of column column options is increased from 4 to 7.

Start of sales in Russia and the possible value

For Russian buyers at the initial stage of sales, Kia Motors planned only two options for configuration: Comfort and Premium. The Comfort version practically coincides with the base bundle of an SUV, and in the premium version headlamps with bi-xenon, seat ventilation, circular review, three-zone climate control are added.

The preliminary price of the car will be 2 million 400 thousand rubles for the Comfort configuration, and for the premium option 2 million 700 thousand rubles.

The start of sales of an SUV in Russia is scheduled for the summer of 2017.

Look also video with a new car:

Kia Mohave 2018: types of complete sets and prices

It should be noted that for a long time in our country, pricing policy for the SUV was unchanged. He enjoys low, but stable demand. But since 2016, the interest of motorists to this model significantly grown even though it was assessed by only 2 configurations. Taking into account this feature, now the updated Kia Mojave production of 2018 in Russia can be purchased in a new, as improved Premium package.

As noted above, the updated SUV received not only modern decoration elements, but also advanced auto equipment, and electronically filling. Buyers now the choice is offered three configurations.


Comfort configuration provides filling. In addition to the already listed improvements and innovations, which is equipped with Mojave in this configuration, car enthusiasts will receive:

  • Anti-block brake system (ABS),
  • Stabilization of term stability (ESC),
  • Assistant movement on the rise (us),
  • Front and rear parking sensors,
  • Rain sensor.

Interestingly, since 2018, the recommended retail price for a new model of Kia Mojave in a standard body and minimum configuration increased by 50 thousand rubles. Now in the filling of "Comfort" SUV can be bought in 2.490 million rubles.


Good familiar equipment that received modern additions. In addition to the aforementioned innovations, in 2018 it includes:

  • Finishing seats of black leather;
  • Front-line windows with the "Auto" function;
  • Deep tinting of the rear door, the doors of the trunk and the rear side;
  • Automatic blackout on the rear view mirror in the cabin.

The purchase of a car with such a supplement will also cost 50 thousand rubles. More expensive compared to last year. Today's price of Mojave in the suite of the suite starts from 2.690 million rubles.


New for the domestic market equipment. Of the technical improvements, a 2-speed handouts and a differential of increased friction are provided here, which provides the best passability of the machine in off-road conditions.

Also, the car is equipped with a pneumatic rear suspension with manually adjustable and automatically high. 3 height modes are provided:

  • N is standard;
  • Hi - for crossed terrain;
  • Lo - Loading mode.

In addition, the premium filling of Mojave provides for the equipment of the SUV:

  • front xenon headlights and rear LEDs;
  • electric folding of side mirrors;
  • cabin hatch with electric drive;
  • 4 video cameras for a complete review;
  • Incinual access to the cabin;
  • driver's seat with the settings memory, as well as the steering column settings and external mirrors;
  • button to activate the engine.

Salon seats are draped to the skin of the nap. In addition, you can choose a black or brown interior trim. The cost of the SUV is maximally filling - 2.920 million rubles.


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