Hyundai i40 2018-2019

Hyundai i40 2018-2019

Hyundai I40 is the front-wheel drive model of the business class car, which the South Korean company has been producing since 2011. The i40 is intended only for the European market, has an adjustable arrangement, it has a front-wheel drive and produced in two types of bodies:

  1. five-seater four-door sedan;
  2. Five hundred five-door wagon.

The car is allocated by the following advantages:

  1. Comfortable salon.
  2. Dynamic indicators.
  3. A large number of power units offered (8 engines).
  4. High security.
  5. Wide selection of options for picking.

Restyling model I40 was performed at the end of 2014. Therefore, it is quite expected that Hyundai has developed and prepared for sales a new modification of the Sedan I40 2018-2019, which will go to dealers until the end of this year.

About the novelty and its features

In the recent past on the past summer and autumn automotive fairs, the world community and official dealers in all details of the year of the year Hyundai I40 season 2018-2019. Manufacturers of the most common luxury cars and Hyundai Motors junior supers are literally shocked by the line of a line of fundamentally new, promising appearance. In the new body used all applied capabilities of streamlined geometry. What is the difference between a novelty from their predecessors:

  • In appearance, the sedan looks like a cast, the details are elegantly moving from one to another, a photo is confirmed;
  • For the manufacture of a body with increased rigidity and reliability used high-quality alloy steel;
  • The novelty received a complete set of LED lighting elements;
  • Judging by the spyware, the height of the body is significantly increased, which made it possible to make a more spacious interior, create convenience when driving for high growth passengers;
  • Control devices and control panel are highlighted by blue matte lights, which creates additional comfort for the driver;
  • The driver's seat is made with a change in conceptual design;
  • On the international market, the car is presented in three species of power units operating exclusively on high-quality gasoline that meets international standards of harmful emissions. In addition, they operate in mode that allows you to minimize the allocation of CO2 into the environment;
  • Hyundai Motors produces five options for picking sedan.

Against the background of such significant priorities, a number of not solved technical problems remain. Expert reviews confirm that the main problems are in a small comparative power, a rigid suspension, lacquer coating of the case, not very stable during operation. Preliminary data on the start of sales is the release date on the Salon Podiums The first quarter of next year. The official start of sales in Russia is scheduled for the second half of 2018.


Model I40 does not apply to the segment of widespread passenger cars due to its sufficiently high cost. The car is valued for the foundation, comfort and versatility. Given such expectations of buyers, designers and designers of Hyundai performed a point correction of the external image of the new modification I40 2018-2019.

To such additional strokes in the front of the sedan include:

  • Large windshield with an increased tilt angle to improve the review;
  • LED strips of foglights in the lower niches of the side air intakes are established that according to the manufacturer's plan should improve visibility due to the design and low location;
  • Two additional longitudinal logging lines on the hood for creating an increased relief;

Profile cars have not changed. It is still characterized by two rapid lines directed up from the front wings to the rear, smooth switching of the roof to the stern and chrome-plated edging side windows.

In the rear, the shape of the trunk cover was changed, it became more smooth, extended combined lights were supplied, and the chrome-plated exhaust system deflectors obtained an increased oval version.

The main thing is what the company draws attention to, in the manufacture of the frame and the elements of the body of the new Hyundai i40, a large number of particularly durable and superproof steel was applied, which significantly increased the rigidity of the body.

Salon Overview

Based on the official photos of the internal decoration of the car I40 2018-2019 presented by Hyundai, and thanks to numerous information reviews of various automotive publications, it is safe to talk about the cabin of a new i40.

The indisputable advantage of the updated version will be such characteristics of the cabin:

  1. a four-spin multifunctional steering wheel with a large number of control keys, which allows the driver to fully focus on driving a car;
  2. classic instrument panel with traditional round jackals and a pretty compact display from the onboard computer;
  3. Interesting design of the center console with smooth lower lines of transition, an inserted screen of the navigation system and the climate control unit installed by the control unit, as well as the withdrawal deflector lattices;
  4. Comfortable front seats with electrically regulating in 10 directions and good lateral support;
  5. several mode of heating front armchairs;
  6. Air ducts of climatic equipment for rear passengers;
  7. Central armrest designed by rear passengers with coad and a special niche for things;
  8. Heated rear seats with an individual control unit.

For the basic equipment of the Sedan I40, high-quality fabric materials were used, at the request of the customer it is possible to finish from an embossed skin, while it can be performed in two colors.

Technical parameters and equipment

As force aggregates of Hyundai I40, the company offers engines with the following technical specifications (Table 1):

Table number 1.

No. P / P. A Type Engine VOLUME. (L) Power (l. p.) Maximum Speed ​​(KM / H) Fuel Consumption (Urban Cycle, L)
One. Petrol 1,60 135.0. 197.0. 8.3.
2. 2.00 149.0. 200.0. 10.4.
4 Diesel 1,70 141.0. 203.0. 10.8.

For the recruitment of the front-wheel drive transmission, six-speed automatic transmission, manual transmission, and for a diesel engine, a sevendia band robot DCT with a double clutch function. To create comfortable conditions in the device of both suspension in the car, an independent spring version is used and stability stabilizers are installed.

The updated Hyundai I40 has a traditional rich equipment, which is typical of all cars in this brand, but among key equipment should be allocated:

  • 17-inch wheels;
  • Adaptive head optics;
  • Rear spoiler with LED stop signal;
  • Panoramic roof (option);
  • Driving seat memory;
  • Full-size spare wheel;
  • ABS;
  • ESC;
  • 9 airbags;
  • Brake Distributor;
  • Help on the rise;
  • audio system with seven speakers;
  • Automatic parking;
  • over a clear image of readings on the instrument panel;
  • Rearview chamber.

Start Sales

Traditionally, sales of an updated sedan will begin in Europe at the very beginning of 2018. Hyundai for i40 2018-2019 offers seven-stop settings at once:

  1. Comfort;
  2. Comfort +;
  3. Active;
  4. Active +;
  5. Lifestyle +;
  6. Business;
  7. HIGH-TEC,

At the same time, the price of the minimum configuration (Comfort) will begin from 18.5 thousand dollars.

In Russia, the appearance of I40 is planned at the beginning of the spring of 2018. Prices and possible options for the configuration Company Hyundai will be announced later. This is due to the fact that our country car is not very popular and currently dealers sell only some option Comfort.

Also see the review of the new i40 from Hyundai on video:


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