Kia Sportage 2018

Kia Sportage 2018

Sportage is the very first model of the crossover, which has released KIA.

His premiere took place in 1993, and the first generation release lasted for more than 10 years until 2004. Currently, the fourth generation of this popular SUV is produced. High interest in this model is confirmed by the fact that its assembly is established in 4 different countries of the world, at different times the model was produced in 7 countries

Features of the exterior of the updated model

Externally, the novelty was updated almost one hundred percent, it is well reflected by spy photos:

  1. Transformed in the design of the grille of the radiator, which preserved recognizable features in the form of tigrine grazing.
  2. Appears in the new body pointed angles give the car a brutal character.
  3. We have modified foglights with LEDs - they found the shape of an ice cube.
  4. Changed the hood cover, which received raised angles.
  5. Unusual recesses received doors.
  6. The embossed lines have changed in the sidewalls of the body.
  7. Rear bumper got holes for the exhaust system.
  8. "Succession in the view" acquired rear lights, the design of which was decorated with chrome details.
  9. The stylish of Kia Sportage 2018 model year gives a massive luggage compartment door, which can be discovered using remote control.
  10. The rear body kit is so low that it creates a comfortable landing for passengers.


On those represented by KIA photos, it can be seen that the changes in the Sportage 2018 interior were carried out minimal, you can say point. He still possesses the following advantages:

  • good ergonomics;
  • high-quality finish materials;
  • High accuracy fitting the elements of the cabin.

From complement made, you can note:

  • modified form of front seats with lateral support;
  • Increased width of light edging on a number of element (diffusers, monitor of the multifunction system);
  • The central console received a small turn to the driver;
  • The floor covering of the cabin got a new material with the best noise insulating properties.

When performing restyling, the size of the car has changed. Now they make up (Table 1, in brackets indicated an increase compared to the previous generation):

Table 1

Wheelbase. (m) Clearance (CM) Length. (m) Height (m) Width (m) VOLUME OF TRUNK. (L)
2.67 18.5. (+1,5) 4.48. (+0.04) 1.63. 1.85 M. 465. (+36)

Despite the relatively small magnitude of the increase in body length, but in conjunction with the changed form of the front seats, it made it possible to expand the space for the rear passengers.

Technical parameters and equipment

The use of proven and reliable motors is planned as power plants for the updated Sportage. Their specifications are shown in Table 2.

Table number 2.

No. P / P. A Type Engine VOLUME. (L) Power (l. p.) Notes.
One. Petrol 1,6 177. Turbated
2. 2.0 150.
3. Diesel 2.0 185. Turbated

The transmission provides for the use of a six-speed manual transmission, a six-band automaton, and with a diesel engine in the all-wheel drive version there will be an automatic seven-dimensional DCT box with double grip.

The basic version of the car will have a front-wheel drive, the all-wheel drive will be offered as an option.

The updated Kia Sportage still has a rich standard package, which includes:

  • six airbags;
  • ABS;
  • ESP;
  • Assistant at the descent;
  • Assistant on the rise;
  • Pressure controller in wheels;
  • immobilizer;
  • curtain in the luggage compartment;
  • remote control key;
  • air conditioner;
  • Power windows;
  • multifunctional steering wheel;
  • 17-inch discs;
  • LED optics.

Installation is possible as additional equipment:

  • 19-inch wheels;
  • Panoramic hatch with electric drive;
  • leather finish;
  • LED internal lighting;
  • emergency braking devices;
  • controller to recognize road signs;
  • Systems stay in the movement strip;
  • monitoring blind zones;
  • climate control;
  • front seat ventilation;
  • satellite navigation;
  • rear chambers;
  • Sensors of light and rain;
  • cruise control;
  • Parking sensors.

Start Sales

KIA has planned the supply of the first instances of the updated crossover to the end of this year. For domestic buyers, the crossover will be available at the beginning of next year. The estimated price of the new Kia Sportage 2018 will begin with 1 million 200 thousand rubles.

Also see the review of the new Kia Sportage on the video:


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