Infiniti QX70 2018-2019

Infiniti QX70 2018-2019

The new generation of Infiniti QX70 2018-2019 will be unusual. Solid externally, respectable inside, as well as all the models of this line, have already become a legend. After all, the first of them appeared on the market for 15 years ago and quickly became the standard of style, which is accessible to the most successful.

In 2018, changes in the appearance of the "date" will be so significant to see the new generation in all its glory. At the same time, the recognizable features of the model will not go anywhere. And where are they going to, actually? If they are the direct part of the image. But first things first.

The new generation of crossover, of course, can only be restyling, but not in the same terms. By the way, restyling the current one, the 2nd generation was back in 2011, when the crossover was under the brand FX, so it is in any case. It is possible that there will be restyling, but very deep. In this case, what prevents the name of the new generation seen? In essence, nothing.

The updated Infiniti QX70 2018-2019 will still look even better and will have increased comfort and excellent technical characteristics. Definitely this is a bright leader in its car niche.

Brief information about the model

To start, come from afar. Consider the development history of the model. Initially, since 2002 and until 2014, the prestigious middle-sized crossover was produced in the FX series. And the brand itself Infiniti owns Nissan.

In 2008, the second generation of FX appeared, and in 2013 it was decided to renaming it to QX.

In general, in these letters you can get confused, to be honest. Just know that the QX70 is an elite crossover from Nissan. Actually, this is enough. Let's go to the car itself in his new incarnation to see how much he has changed. Go!


The new infinity QX70 2018-2019 on spyware looks confident. The eyes immediately rushed (unless, of course, a person looking through pictures, a coordinated fan of the company's products) to update the appearance, which eliminates the vehicle from Muscov. Yes, with this he was then tight. The Japanese looked at the feedback, and decided that you need to listen to fans. And well done!

No, "Muscles", perhaps, have been preserved, but not such already explicitly, which "Fly Muh". The lines became more smooth and the car began to look prettier. This can be seen from the bodybuilders - few people consider the beautiful body with too highly discovering muscles and swollen veins. And between competitions and "drying", another thing.

The front of the car is worked out in detail. Its appearance became more executive, which is traced in the naked eye. Just as a bold teen turns into a respectable man.

The falseradiator grille is chromed, the elements of lighting of something are represented by xenon lamps, windshield seems to be slightly increased. Here are insiders silent on this. But the photo it seems that the review will be noticeably better.

Even painting is different. In some places, the structural elements of the body, which are painted in an unusual color, are allocated, but at the same time, emphasize the overall stylistics specified by the manufacturer.

The volume that journalists say is created in front of the front. "Nose", he is the hood, slightly elongated. As a result, the change is viewed by an indicative array of appearance. Maybe it will make it possible to make a vehicle more powerful.

Respectable Salon Infinity QX70

Worked designers and salon.

1. Chairs

The latest news is that the skin of higher quality was used for the upholstery of the chairs than the predecessor seat could boast. In addition to the skin, you can notice the original inserts from the natural tree. And the massagers and the heating system of the seats are asked for a test drive to make sure the comfort of travel on their own experience.

2. Front panel

The front panel is represented by the original shape and two levels. The instrument panel is highlighted as a separate item. The steering wheel truncated is not a quarter, multifunctional and skin-sheathed on two sides.

3. Additional features

The climate control system is responsible for the comfort of the trip. Helps her advanced multimedia system. Judging by the reviews, the latter is represented by a large sensor screen. So boring on the trip will not be exactly!

The manufacturer to the smallest detail thought over the comfort of the driver's comfort: its chair is equipped with an additional set of functions that allows the driver to drive a car without being distracted by the road.

Characteristics of the technical part of the car

The technical characteristics of the novelties are not inferior to its predecessor, but even exceed it in power.

The line of the engines is represented by the following motors:

Engine Characteristic
Diesel aggregate VOLUME - 3 LITERS, Power - 240 HorsePower
Petrol motor VOLUME - 5 LITERS, Power - 405 HorsePower

Suitable option will find every car enthusiast: from calm movement within the city, to ride at high speeds.

A pair with engines will work seven-step automatic. It is possible to manually switch transmissions.

A few words about the price and start of sales in Russia

When to wait for the new Infiniti QX70 2018-2019? - The car must enter the Russian market in the second half of 2018. Undoubtedly, he will be the subject for discussions leading later for a long time. All its advantages seem to be discussed by another month or two or more after presentation and selling. And he deserves it - we recall that the past restyling was not outdated for 6 years.

The date of release of the model to the Russian market manufacturer plans for the first half of 2018. Depending on the configuration, the starting price will be about four million rubles. Yes, the amount is rather big. While there is still time to make a final decision, to determine which the following video will help:



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