BMW X5 2018

BMW X5 2018

The new model of the car BMW X5 2018 release in the photo made by spies, looks beautiful. And after all, this impression is created in the head in a person, only he will look at it, wrapped by a camouflage grid. And imagine what will happen if you remove it? The loss of the gift of speech seems to be inevitable. Nevertheless, too much is a revolutionary - one should not expect from the car. The photos show that the car has become aggressive and kinder at the same time, but at the same time retained its former qualities. Bot. That's how.

Brief information about model x5

In general, our "five", about which we began to talk here, quite mature. Her first generation came back in 1999. After him, there were two more - and all with a different factory index. Last - the third - generation is produced from 2013. Should I perceive the information available as the basis for the suggestion of the fourth version of the popular crossover version? Between the releases of the three previous generations, a period of 7 years remained. From 2013 to 2018, it will take 5 years. Surely the Germans decided to change the traditions? It is certainly unknown, but there is enough reason to answer this question positively.


The new model BMW X5, the one that 2018 will take something from the last version of X6. However, the "six" itself is something to take from the "five". And yes, by the 5 Series - 5 Series - this does not apply, because it is generally sedans (and universals) of the business class. Not about them now.

In the appearance of the new "five", the one that with the prefix X in the title (we have already agreed that we are talking about it, yes?), It is traced to see the hardness, decorated in the glossy case. Yes, we said that the camouflage grid closed everything, but this does not mean that it is possible to last 100% from insiders. They just got the necessary information to share it with the public.

According to all the same insiders, in the latest version of the "five", which will appear in 2018, it will be possible to see a number of developers involved in the creation of X7, the Luxury BMW crossover. The exit "Sevenki", by the way, scheduled for 2019.

Distinctive features of the crossover will remain the same. The main changes can be seen in the anterior bumper, a longer relief hood, in changing the distance between the exhaust pipes in the large side, and increasing the radiator lattice, which will give the car a more sporty image.

The crossover itself will also add to the creation of a greater comfort of passengers of the second row, but at the same time the mass of the car will decrease. It will be possible not least due to the Clar platform, when creating easier, but, despite this, high-strength materials, such as carbon and aluminum. By the way, the similar platform will be used in the seventh series. If you consider the wings of the new BMW, it will become clear that the increase in the size of the car will occur not only in length, but also in width. Changes also touch the optics of the new BMW. The place of round "fog" will take strips of LEDs, located an order of magnitude below the current car model.

As a result, we will be able to observe a little more sporty and well-groomed appearance of the familiar "Handsman", which will give odds to a large number of competitors through the widespread use of the latest achievements of the Germans themselves and autodel.

Recognizable salon model

Judging by the latest news, the Bavarian manufacturers will not retreat from the usual design solutions. Whatever generation model, it is possible to determine the brand on the salon at first glance.

  • high-quality leather;
  • high-quality multimedia system with a large touch screen;
  • Comfortable space for driver and passengers;
  • heated steering wheels, chairs and windshield;
  • LED backlighting throughout the perimeter of the cabin;
  • Automatic darkening of the rearview mirror.

All this is inherent to all generations of the model and only once again improves:

  1. New non-traditional solutions to the use of free space of the cabin appear.
  2. The line of color design of the cabin is expanding.
  3. Improve as materials used for the upholstery of the chairs.
  4. Dashboard and steering wheel are functionally finalized.
  5. Improved security system.

Test Drive will make it possible to feel the comfort level offered by the manufacturer:

  • equipped with a massage function of the chair;
  • air conditioning around the perimeter of the cabin;
  • Sufficient distance between armchairs distance for a comfortable trip.

The new crossover BMW, whatever it is good externally, within no less outstanding. Several constructive changes made allowed Bavarian engineers to dispose of free space around the perimeter of the cabin with much greater efficiency. Seats, and without the most beautiful, what they seemed in the interior of the predecessor, his successor even in the basic version will summarize the skin of the premium class. In addition, the number of color design options of the cabin will increase - from sophisticated bright to classic saturated dark shades. And this is despite the fact that the cost of the finished product will not change. Class?

The dashboard and steering wheel will turn into essential driver helpers, without which the ride process would not have such an impressive. The functions of these controls will be largely expanded and finalized. The safety of the crossover will increase due to the installation of advanced systems responsible for maintaining the comfort of passengers in the cabin in proper condition, even at the moment of quite high speed as a given driver.

Thanks to the introduction of a new platform, which resulted in an increase in the size of the car's interior, the level of comfort for passengers of the second row will increase significantly. In addition, in the new BMW X5 there will be several USB ports, to synchronize gadgets with a multimedia car system and charging electronic devices.

Well, we also want to highlight the function of massage. Her in all its glory will take each of the chairs. A well-thought-out air conditioning system along the perimeter of the cabin will provide a proper degree of relaxation upon arrival at long distances.

Motor line and model specifications

In the line of motors are presented both gasoline and diesel units that differ in fuel economy.

Engine Characteristic
Petrol six-cylinder Volume - 3 liters, power - 306 horsepower
Gasoline eight-cylinder 4.4 liters, power - 450 horsepower
Diesel four-cylinder Volume - 2 liters, power - 231 horsepower
Diesel six-cylinder volume 3 liters, power - 258 horsepower
Diesel six-cylinder volume 3 liters, power -313 horsepower

Select from what! The transmission will perform eight speed automatic transmission. The choice is available poster and four-wheel drive.

Beginning of sales in Russia and the price of new

Believe and wait for his appearance in Russia. The vehicle named as the BMW X5, which at the end of 2017 reincarnates to something better, believe me, will be in demand in the market, because its price, if you conduct analogies with the predecessor, will continue. Only 3 million rubles - and your life will be ready to take at your disposal to obtain new sensations previously unknown. This is called the achievement of a peak point of happiness. But there is something more behind it.


Watch video with new x5:


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