Kia Stonic 2018

Kia Stonic 2018

At the end of this year, the South Korean company KIA starts selling a new model of a compact crossover called Stonic. The main reason for the development and release of such a subcompact conductor is considered that in the line of numerous crossovers of the company there is no class in SUV, which are very popular in recent times, especially in Europe.

Kia expects that Stonic will be able to become the most attractive car of this segment. The basis for such advantage should be:

  • a unique guarantee;
  • Company reputation;
  • Quality of KIA cars produced;
  • Modern design produced by the manufacturer of cars.

With the start of production Stonic 2018, Kia will expand its production line of cars, and will also be released on a new, dynamically developing subcompact crossover market.


The development of the appearance of Kia Stunik 2018 was engaged in the company's design center with the involvement of a number of European partners. This is due to the fact that the company KIA believe that Europe will become the main possible consumer of compact small tramp.

The main task, when developing a design, was the creation of a sports rapid external image of a crossover.

For this purpose, the following constructive solutions were applied:

  • multistage front bumper with an elevated powerful lower air intake;
  • Skinny grille with bright edging;
  • Large niches in the front bumper for fog lights;
  • straight lines of sending on the hood, creating a relief view;
  • narrow LED head optics;
  • running lights in LED design, located around the perimeter of the front headlights;
  • The profile highlights large protruding wheeled arches, the front is practically reaching the hood;
  • Roof rails and aerodynamic side mirrors with turn repeaters;
  • Dark body kit around the perimeter of the entire body indicates off-road qualities;
  • big glass tilt angle in trunk doors;
  • wide lower bumper with large additional lines of light signals and bright embossed bottom insert;
  • extended rear spoiler with an advanced stop signal;
  • Narrow compact rear lights, moving from the door of the trunk on the wings.


The inner design of the novelty almost completely repeats as such in the Hyundai Solaris of the second generation, so that the driver is located in German, the laconic dashboard, compact and slightly truncated from the bottom, and the central panel deployed to the driver.

By the way, the dominant role on the center console is reserved under 7 or the 8-inch screen of the multimedia-information block, under which the laconic, but at the same time a stylish block of controlling the salon climate. Continuing the topic of maximum personalization, the buyer can choose one of the several colors of decorative intra-alone inserts that make the interior brighter and memorable.

Salon Kia Stonic Although it has a five-seater layout, but in practice, with maximum comfort, only 4 passengers can be located here. The services of the front passenger and the driver are well-planned armchairs with high-quality upholstery, tangible rollers of lateral support and ideal with a rigidity of filling. There are enough existing adjustments to most saddles.

The rear sofa of the crossover, if necessary, accommodates three adult passengers, but for long distances it is preferable to accommodate two adult saddles. Free space albeit not in excess, but it is more than enough forces of average growth and a set.

The volume of the trunk is small and is 352 liters, which may not be enough to place manual clamp for five passengers traveling on a long journey. If there are only two passengers, you can lower the back of the rear sofa, having received almost 2.5 times more loading space.

In general, the Kia Stonic 2018 crossover pleases the solo materials of the finish, modern architecture and impressive opportunities for the personalization of the interior, which benefits it to the background of most classmates.

Exterior Kia Stonic 2018

Considering the appearance of the novelty, unwittingly caught herself that in front of you rather a raised hatchback than a full-fledged crossover, which is marvelous - frankly passenger body proportions. Nevertheless, the car looks stylish, modern and dynamically.

Perhaps the brightest part of the crossover is its frontal part, where the manufacturer has installed a spectacular head optics, a stylish fiddle radiator grille and a huge bumper, which entered a large trapezoid and a pair of vertical air intakes, as well as neat fog lights. Moreover, the new Kia Stonic got a muscular hood that gives the front of greater aggressiveness.

The crossover is highlighted by large wheel arches, pulling into the stern of the window line and stylish protrusions on the side doors, emphasizing the shot and dynamic car profile.

No less modern and dynamically, the feed "Stunika", where LED rear lights are installed, the compact door of the luggage compartment and a massive bumper, augmented by an off-road pseudo overlay.

The external dimensions of the reserved novelty make up:

  • Length - 4.14 m;
  • Width - 1.8 m;
  • Height - 1.52 m;
  • The distance between the rear and front axle is 2.58 m.

The height of the road lumen is about 170 mm, which will be enough to easily enter the border, almost without slowing the stroke to overcome the railway moving and "lying police".

One of the main "chips" KIA STONIC is spent by exterior personalization opportunities that offer potential buyers two-color colors with more than 20 body colors and 5 options for the roof. Moreover, the buyer will be able to choose one of several designs of the alloy discs, which will certainly be like the youth.

Technical specifications

Stonic will receive only front-wheel drive, as in Kia's company, they believe that the cost-effectiveness and cost of the car for the European market is more important than the four-wheel drive and engine power. At the initial stage of the station, STONIC will be equipped with a diesel turbocharged power unit with the following characteristics:

  • Power - 128.0 liters. with.;
  • volume - 1.60 l;
  • Fuel consumption - 5.90 l / 100 km

In the future, the company plans to use three gasoline engines (volume - power - fuel consumption in liters per 100 km):

  1. 1.00 l - 12.0 liters. with. - 5.00 (turbocharged);
  2. 1.20 l - 84.0 liters. with. - 5.20;
  3. 1.40 l - 99.0 liters. with. - 5.50.

The crossover transmissions provide a seven-band robotic box, five and six-speed manual transmission.

In the manufacture of body elements, high-strength steel is used. The number of such parts exceeds 50% and they create reinforced rigidity. For coloring, six different options are provided.

The following equipment is available for the configuration:

  • four airbags;
  • ABS;
  • ESP;
  • 17-inch alloy wheels;
  • LED running lights;
  • Side mirrors with electrically regulating and powering;
  • Rear parking machine;
  • Pressure controller in wheels;
  • emergency braking signal;
  • Help on rises;
  • color display of 3.5 inches;
  • Cruise control;
  • The timing complex of tire allows you to drive up to 100 km in case of puncture wheels;
  • Power windows;
  • audio system with six speakers;
  • start button;
  • Heating steering;
  • navigation system.

Start Sales

Subcompact crossover has already been on sale at home in South Korea, in the following configurations:

  1. Deluxe.
  2. Trendy
  3. Prestige

The supply of Kia Stonic for Europe is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2018, while the price of the minimum version of Deluxe will amount to 16.5 thousand dollars, the cost of the Prestige option starts from 19.6 thousand dollars.

The company KIA has not yet declared the possible supply of mini-crossover to Russia.

Also watch the video review of the new Kia Stonic:

Security System Kia Stunik 2018

Like all the last KIA, the Stonic model is already equipped with a minimum gentleman's basic equipment set, and in the top equipment is supplemented with systems that were previously installed on cars at least the class above. The list of available security systems is presented:

  • Frontal Eirbegers;
  • Electronic brake force distribution system and ABS;
  • Immobilizer;
  • Automatic system warning other participants in emergency slowing;
  • TCS system designed to fight slipping;
  • Stabilization system and era-GLONASS;
  • Lane Keeping Assist and Driver Attention Warning systems;
  • Three-point straps and fasteners of children's chairs isofix;
  • Cruise control;
  • Overview cameras back and other equipment.

The manufacturer notes that the body of a new KIA STONIC consists of high-strength steel grades, and also equipped with special zones of the programmed deformation, designed to clean the strength of the strike in collisions.

Complete set Kia Stonic 2018

The official sales of the crossover in the Old World countries were launched back in September 2017, where its minimum price is 16 thousand euros or 1.085 million rubles. But domestic motorists waiting for disappointment, since Kia Stonic in Russia will not be sold. Such a solution looks somewhat amazing, because the car has everything you need to become a real bestseller in the domestic market. So, already as standard, the car is ready to offer its future owner the following filling:

  • Rear LED optics;
  • Alloy wheels of 17-radius;
  • Multimedia system with 7 "sensory monitor;
  • Anti-locking system and emergency braking warning system;
  • Full electric circuit;
  • Rear parking sensors;
  • Frontal Airbegi;
  • Immobilizer;
  • Central locking;
  • Fabric seats finish;
  • Electric power;
  • Multiculine;
  • ISOFIX fastening system and three-point seat belts.

In more expensive versions, the car will additionally offer the following options:

  • LED-head optics;
  • Advanced multimedia system with 8 "touch monitor and support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay;
  • Cruise control;
  • Climate control;
  • 6 EIRBEGS (front and side curtains);
  • Trim salon skin;
  • Decorative inserts under the color of the roof;
  • Blind zone tracking system;
  • Function of warning about a possible front collision and emergency slowdown technology with pedestrian recognition feature;
  • Monitoring system for the traffic strip and much more.

Moreover, the manufacturer has prepared a rather extensive list of optional equipment, which will be able to take advantage of those for one or another, the amount of standard filling will seem insufficient.


Kia Stonic pleased with a stylish and modern exterior, ergonomic and well-equipped interior, as well as productive and economical engines. Several upset the absence of a full drive, but if we remember that we have a representative of the subcompact urban crossover, then everything will fall into place. Whatever it was, in KIA created one of the brightest and stylish subcompact crossovers from all the now presented in the market.


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