Mitsubishi Lancer 2018

Mitsubishi Lancer 2018

Lancer is a compact model of a car, which is made by Mitsubishi since 1973. Currently, the tenth generation of the legendary small cave, whose sales began in 2007.

Such a long period of production (almost 35 years) is due to the highly popular model from buyers due to the next set of virtues of the car:

  1. Total reliability.
  2. High-quality suspension.
  3. Spacious salon.
  4. Galvanized body.
  5. Stability of power units to work on low-quality fuel.

The car has not been updated for almost 10 years and a modification that is planned for release in 2018, Mitsubishi has not yet called the new generation. This considers the manufacturer, updated Mitsubishi Lancer 2018. The version is designed for the initial sales in the Taiwan and China markets.

Basic facts about updated Mitsubishi Lancer 2018

  1. The car has changed a lot both outside and inside;
  2. Manufacturers raised the resistance of the car;
  3. The car has a voice control system FUSE;
  4. Manufacturers used the Body System RISE;
  5. The car was not updated for 10 years;
  6. The novelty has achieved a decrease in the center of the mass;
  7. In the updated model, a full electric car.

After all these statements, manufacturers have released an updated Mitsubishi Lancer. A new model can be transferred from golf class to a representative D-class. The design of the design was taken by the most successful design model - Mitsubishi Outlander Phev Concept-S.


Based on the photos submitted by Mitsubishi, it is possible to confidently argue that the design of the appearance, the updated Lancer of the 2018 sample, has received great changes. First of all, the front bumper is distinguished, made in a multi-level version. In its lower part there is a dark trapezoidal array of air intake, in a fine-sized decoration. In the edges in separate niches are fog lights. Separate elements of the bumper have a light chrome edging.

The grill of the radiator is made in a narrowed version with four chrome-plated longitudinal inserts. At the bottom of the grid smoothly integrates with the front bumper. The head optics has a bevered angular shape, which is well combined with the same angular side edges of the radiator cladding. In the most facing attached an enlarged company logo.

The side of the car Lancer has an interesting form of climbing, which smoothly descends from the stern to the wheel arms of the front wheels. The arches themselves have a rounded shape and convex surface. The roof line is rapidly bent from the middle to the rear of the sedan.

The rear side also has a multi-level decor, where the trapezoidal emptying is highlighted from the lid of the trunk to the rear bumper. The bumper itself has a chrome-plated longitudinal insert, over which the rectangular lights of stop signals are located on top, and the additional stop signal is unusually located below. Rear lights have LED performance and S-shaped, which goes from the trunk lid to the rear wings.

Exterior auto

Designers will try to refresh Mitsubishi Lancer 2018 and bring it an exterior to more modern appearance. What will they do for this? Yes, almost nothing. Changes will be purely cosmetic, minor and local. LED running lights will add light headlights. Several form the form of the front and rear bumper. It's all.


By the way, many will not agree that Mitsubishi Lancer X visually looks ancient. Yes, it is not so spectacular as new models. It can not boast of faded optics and abundance of chromium, but he is aggressive, which is becoming fashionable again.

Maybe there really lacks the entire pair of competent strokes so that he reappears the attention of buyers. If you really look at things, in Russia "with a bang" cars are sold cars AvtoVAZ, which oh, how far to Mitsubishi Lancer design of nine years ago.

Interior Mitsubishi Lancer 2018

The interior will not change. No way. It is not even supposed to replace the materials for better, what is the most manufacturers resorted to when they do not have the desire to make some changes. In Mitsubishi Lancer 2018, we will see the same salon with the same hard plastic as a finish, but the functional changes are still expected.

Lancer will receive a voice control system for navigation and audio system. It will be called FUSE and in its flexibility and significantly give way to similar systems of competitors, but this is already some movement forward.

The information and entertainment system will represent a 6.1 inches touch screen. Its distinctive features are a very good speed and image quality completely inappropriate to modern standards.

The seats are comfortable, but high drivers will still be closed. The function of adjusting the position of the steering wheel will appear. On the rear seats are plenty if the passengers are two. The trunk will provide a volume of in 348 liters, but if you order an optional audio system Rockford Fosgate Stereo, then only 334 liters will remain due to the setting of speakers.

All configurations will be present in front and side airbags. It is especially pleasant for the presence of a separate knee pillow. Disk brakes for all wheels. The rear view camera is installed in all configurations, except for the base. Rear parking sensors option for any configuration.

Specifications Lancer 2018

Two gasoline engines are represented in the updated model. The first engine has a power of 148 liters. s., has a manual transmission. Together with such an engine, you can install a CVT variator. The second engine has a power of 168 liters. C., Available only with CVT variator.

The engines are improved to the Euro-5 standard. New power plants with improved characteristics allow high speed on the track to develop much faster.

New models will be with an forward drive, but cars with full drive will also be made.

The car got rid of the lack of thrust during acceleration. The suspension was upgraded. Traveling by car has become more comfortable. Also reduced noise in the cabin.

Manufacturers have provided additional noise insulation under the hood, under the engine, under the wheeled arches and in the central tunnel. Manufacturers told that the updated parts in the car reduce the consumption of fuel, while not losing its power.

Equipment of Lancer 2018

The car includes:

  1. Electric front armchairs;
  2. Climate control;
  3. Dynamic stability system;
  4. Automatic parking system;
  5. Monitoring control;
  6. Circular survey system;
  7. Front collision warning system.

In all configurations of the new model there are airbags (all of their 7 pieces), which are in front and side. A distinctive feature of the updated model is the knee pillow. It also provides for security curtains.

For the wheels of the car presented brakes disc. In addition to the basic configuration, the rear view camera is provided. Rear parking sensors are presented in all configurations. For more expensive packages, it is provided for launching a car with a button and access to the machine without a key.

Видео обзор Мицубиси Лансер

The modern multimedia system, audio system with speakers and high-quality sound will be installed. You can also choose the mode of movement: gravel, standard and snow-dirt.

In the novelty, it is provided: the hatch on the roof with an electric drive, 18 - inch wheels. Manufacturers will present 4 types of configuration. The color gamut of the car will consist of 9 colors.

Продажи в России и цена

The largest plus updated model is an affordable price for buyers from Russia. The date of the new Mitsubishi Lancer in Russia remains unknown.

The approximate price will be a basic complete set of 1,200 rubles. And more expensive equipment will cost from 2 million rubles. It is known that the new model will be available next year for China and Europe.

Видео обзор и тест-драйв Mitsubishi 2017 года


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