Infiniti QX80 2018

Infiniti QX80 2018

Infiniti SUVs use very popular with European and Russian motorists, because they have such indisputable advantages as:

  • stylish design;
  • High reliability;
  • Excellent running quality;
  • readiness for the realities of our roads;
  • the most advanced equipment;
  • Affordable price in comparison with similar models of European brands.

One of the most striking representatives of the luxury SUVs Infiniti in 2018 can be a full-size seven-seater QX80, which will be discussed in this review.

History of the model

Although the car is positioned in the international market, as a new model, in fact it is the third generation of the INFINITI QX56 SUV, which the company has been released from 2000 to 2013.

The first restyling model was carried out already in 2014, almost immediately after the start of mass production, and in April 2017, the company introduced the prototype of the updated QX80 on the auto show in New York, which received a stylish name

The official presentation of the new serial infiniti QX80 2018 presented later on the main photo was held in Dubai on November 14, 2017. It is this model that, according to the executive director of Alfonso Albais, will go into mass production and will appear in the dealers of the world already at the beginning of this year.

Exterior ninks

For fans of the brand, it will be very interesting that the release date to the international market has already been established, this is spring of the upcoming year. First of all, a new SUV can be found on the roads of the United States and Canada, where, as the way, it is impossible to be glorified Japanese reliability and goodness. The start of sales in Russia today is not planned by the manufacturer, most likely the SUV will come from the American conveyors.

Price level for the Russian Federation:

Basic kit rub. 4, 40 million
High-tech high-tech - // - 4, 55 million

That is why domestic motorists will be useful to learn about the appearance, interior and power units of new items. Reviews about the car are formed, starting with the exterior.

  1. Impressive dimensions shining by chrome elements grille radiator and bumper, exquisite measurable lights of the LED type;
  2. QX 80 is equipped with powerful dark front racks. Instead of the outerview mirrors, focal video cameras are mounted, the image from which is transmitted to the monitor in the cabin.

The appearance and geometry of the body fully meet the principles of the Japanese car fashion. The updated infinity became the final expression of futurism in the design of a luxury suite - an SUV.

This is all the same pretty large seven-seater SUV class Premium with impressive dimensions:

Length. 5290 mm
Width. 2047 mm
Height 1940 mm
Wheelbase. 3075 mm
Clearance 257 mm

From the innovations designed to make the exterior model more bright and muscular, it is worth noting:

  • Large radiator grille in recognizable nifiniti style;
  • updated shape of the head optics;
  • New postmarkets of wings;
  • narrow strips of LED running lights in front bumper niches;
  • a large number of stylish chrome details;
  • 22-inch wheels;
  • Excellent bridgestone tires.

Changes on the side of the rear bumper are also insignificant. Blocks of optics have become a little already and visually combined into one whole wide chrome-plated handle of the trunk door. Unfortunately, in the serial version of Infiniti QX80, the idea of ​​large elements of the exhaust system integrated into the rear bumper is not implemented, so the first photos of the 2018 model appeared on the network. There are also no air ducts that attached a prototype dynamic sporty character.

Interior QX80

In the cabin of the updated Infiniti QX80, which can be purchased in Russia's car dealers in 2018, everything says that in front of you by the premium class, the price of which eloquently emphasizes the consistency and success of the owner. The atmosphere of comfort and luxury is created by: elite leather upholstery, chrome decorative elements and inserts from a natural tree.

Of course, the serial QX80 salon is significantly different from the interior solution designed specifically for the Monograph prototype presented in New York. It is largely reminiscent of the design of the internal space of the former version of the model, which received only minor design improvements.

For the comfort of the driver in the cabin are provided:

  • comfortable chair with the possibility of individual setting;
  • Ergonomic servorule and heating system;
  • Analog dashboard, which also contains the digital screen of the bot computer;
  • Touch screen for working with a navigation system, convenient parking and control of multimedia functions.

The convenience of passengers on long journeys is designed to provide:

  • multizone climatic system with air ionization function;
  • 7-Midumen monitors built into head restraints;
  • BOSE media system;
  • big hatch;
  • Comfortable armrest for second-row passengers.

It is worth noting that even those who have to travel, sitting in the third row, will be quite spacious and comfortable. If the additional seats are not involved, they can be easily folded with one press of the button. At the same time, the luggage separation of the car will increase to 2690 liters.

What in the windscreen

In short, the car is distinguished by the inherent Japanese brand luxury and convenience, functionality and comfort, all sorts of electronic devices and assistants. On the modern Russian market, the model will cost at least 4 - 4.5 million rubles. The novelty will be equipped with an engine, the volume of which is 5, 6 liters, with a capacity of up to 400 liters. with. issuing 570 NM torque. The acceleration of this engine is 8 seconds. These environmental indicators comply with international standards. Gas release complies with the requirements of Euro 5000, which in turn allows you to talk about environmentally friendly technologies and engine as the concept of the future.

Specifications of the updated model

As well as external dimensions, to evaluate which in the photo, the technical equipment of restyled infiniti QX80, expected on the market already in mid-2018, is really impressive. As before, the model will be produced with a frame structure, which is an indisputable advantage in comparison with the models of a number of European brands, designed on the bearing body.

The heart of the new SUV will be a well-proven gasoline atmospheric atmospheric V-8, a volume of 5.6 liters., Developing power up to 405 hp and providing the car such indicators:

Acceleration up to 100 km / h 6.5 s.
Maximum speed 210 km / h
Torque 560 Nm
Fuel consumption in a mixed cycle 14.5 L.

Some sources have information that the Burbed V-6 also plan to be planned for the updated QX80, but the manufacturer does not officially confirm it yet.

The basic components of the model will be equipped with a 2WD rear-wheel drive, and a four-wheel drive 4WD will be available in the top version. New infinity will also receive a modern 7-sighted automatic transmission.

Special attention to the company's engineers paid security issues, so the SUV received a complete set of the most modern functions, including:

  • collision prevention system;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • Circular review cameras;
  • blind zone control system;
  • Automatic adjustment of headlight mode.

Price and date of the model

It is expected that the new QX80 will appear in Europe's car dealerships closer to mid-2018. Expect that the price for an Infiniti SUV will not be attractively available, since already at the stage of the presentation of the prototype, quite secured representatives of some Asian countries are interested in the model.

According to the latest data, for Europe and America, the model price can be:

  • 64 750 USD - 2WD basic configuration auto;
  • 67 850 USD - the top version of 4WD without special optional refinement.

What will be the cost of the flagship SUV infinity in 2018 and 2019 in Russia to predict it difficult, since the price may depend on a number of significant factors, among which the fundamental currency and the conditions for importing Japanese cars can be maintained.

We also offer to learn more about how the novelty will look like, appreciating the first video from the Infiniti QX80 presentation:


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