Lexus NX 2018-2019

Lexus NX 2018-2019

Updated Lexus NX 2018-2019 was presented at the Shanghai Auto Show. Most of the changes that occurred with the Visual model. This should help support interest in the model for several years until the new generation is ready.

Nor a pity, but the power and performance of NXs remained unchanged, but the manufacturer claims that the compact crossover has become more sophisticated and comfortable due to some changes under the skin.

In 2016, Lexus NX became the third on the number of brand cars sold after, of course, an excellent crossover RX and sedan ES. Moreover, such graduation is characteristic of all the largest automotive markets without exception. What do you say? Lexus really knows how to make cars, and its authority in the luxury car segment is growing every year.

It is no secret that in the address of cars of German luxury brands there is a large number of complaints about reliance and durability, you will not hear this about Lexus.

Exterior Lexus NX.

The new car has even more aggressive, dynamic and sharp appearance than the previous model:

  1. The grill of the radiator, drawn by the raffled lines in the form of the letter x occupies the space from the top level of headlights to the bottom of the bumper. Such a design element, the characteristic of the brand-style brand rushes even in the photo, and the real car looks completely futuristic. Sports version of the crossover has a black radiator color.
  2. All body parts are formed by broken lines and are covered with a complex plastic pattern from the depression, the edges of longitudinal rigids, chrome edging. View of the viewer, gliding along the relief, inevitably returns to the logo of the concern in the center of the radiator.
  3. Sports equipment and a hybrid version of the car have a new fit of the air intake of the bumper, as well as LED fog lights.
  4. The main front headlights contain three powerful LEDs, and their form has changed almost unrecognizable. Neon backlight is made in the form of the LEXUS logo.
  5. The design of the rear headlamp supports the overall predatory style. Their regiments, visually separated by the trunk lid, are made demonstratively protruding and visible from everywhere.
  6. Increased arches of the wheels allow, if desired, use 18 inch discs. In this case, the crossover looks even more dynamic and aggressive.
  7. Equipment F Sport has a slightly different form of the rear bumper, the modification of the NX 300H is distinguished by an uphill chrome decor elements in the form of a brand logo.
  8. Chrome-plated increased exhaust pipes are also part of branded design.
  9. The luggage compartment has become more, respectively, the fifth door increased and acquired a spoiler at the top.
 Словом, можно сказать, что 2018 год оказался для Lexus NX щедрым на количество дизайнерских находок. Однако, он по-прежнему имеет одну платформу с моделью младшего ряда RAV 4.


In the interior of Lexus NX, on the basis of existing photos of the new car, it should be noted that the changes in the cabin are less significant than the changes made in appearance. At the same time, all distinctive characteristics are observed, which are famous for the finish made by the Japanese manufacturer, namely the use of high-quality finishing materials excellent ergonomics, high-quality fitting of elements and parts of the cabin.

The first thing that stands out in the interior is a replacement on the dashboard of an old 7-inch display to a new 10-inch size, which is now conveniently mounted at the level of the driver's eye. To give additional premium, the cabin made a light metal edging of almost all controls.

The front seats were electrically regulated in eight directions, the seats of the second row is the ability of a folding using an electric drive in a 60/40 ratio. Also added an additional unit for the possibility of managing the climate with rear passengers. Among other changes, you can note the change of the design of the analog clock and the shift of some elements.

In general, all advanced improvements are aimed at leasing additional comfort and coziness to the crossover salon.


The engine ruler remained unchanged. At the base, we will see the same 2 liter engines. The basic model will be driven by a 150 liter power unit. with. This is a relatively new WTI atmospheric engine from the new generation of Valvematic.

The motors data feature is the engine valve synchronization system with specific movement conditions, which greatly helps reduce fuel consumption. So in the mixed cycle of Lexus NX 2018-2019 of the model year consumes 7.2 liters of gasoline.

The following equipment Lexus NX received the 200T index. In this case, the hood is also installed 2 liters of engine, but already with turbocharging. Double "snail" helps this motor to issue 238 liters. with. and 350 N · m torque.

This engine implements an innovative valve synchronization algorithm. Switching between OTO and Atkinson cycles depending on the specific conditions contributes to saving fuel, and saves the engine resource.

The hybrid version of Lexus NX received the 300H index. The power plant consists of a gasoline engine with a volume of 2.5 liters and with a capacity of 155 liters. with. The total power of the hybrid installation is 197 liters. with. Consumption in the mixed cycle is declared at the level of 5.4 liters per 100 km of way. With a sufficient charge of the NX 300H battery, it moves at the expense of electricity up to a speed of 50 km / h. For recharging, braking recovery is used.

As a transmission, a 6-speed gearbox is offered. Manual switching of submissive petals is available only in the configuration F Sport.

Despite the lack of changes in the power plants, Lexus engineers found something to do - the car suspension was significantly revised. Springs, stabilizers and sleeves were completely reconfigured for greater stability in turns.

Start Sales

The first sales of the updated crossover are scheduled for autumn 2018. According to preliminary information, the cost of the car in the minimum configuration will increase and approximately 35.5 thousand dollars.

In Russia, the emergence of the first instances of the parkelon is assumed in November of this year. The price will start from 2 million 350 thousand rubles for the initial version of the Lexus NX Sample of 2018-2019.

Look also video with a new car:


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