Audi A6 2018

Audi A6 2018

The Audi Concern at the Motor Show in Paris presented a new appearance of the serial model Audi A6 2018, which is already on sale in Russia. Despite the fact that there were no official announcements on basic options for complete sets, in September 2016 the concern has already begun to take advantage of purchase. Thus, you can already pre-make the reservation on one of the packages that are published in the table below.

Modern appearance attracts the views of the stylistics and the overall appearance of Audi A9 2018 has changed. How strong? You can look at the photo or evaluate the video gallery. This is a new, more aggressive and sporty sedan with a saturated set of options. The greatest changes touched the frontal part. This is a big, compared with the previous generation, the radiator grille, which gives the appearance of respectability. At the same time, headlights narrowed slightly.

A6 automodel is a representative of the business class of cars and produced from 1994 by AUDI AG a part of the German automaker Volkswagen Konzern. Audi A6 has become a continuation of the legendary version of A100. The last fourth generation of the model was delivered to the production conveyor in 2011, and 2014 restyling was performed.

Audi cars, including the A6 model, is characterized by the following advantages:

  1. Modern design.
  2. High ergonomics.
  3. Dynamic indicators.
  4. Comfortable interior.
  5. Good overview.
  6. A variety of equipment.
  7. Qualitative operation of transmission and suspension.

The release of the next fifth generation Audi A6 The German concern was scheduled for 2018.


In the original, experts and motorists can get acquainted with a novelty on one of the nearest car dealerships. But the technical data and photos of the new AUDI A6 model of the release of 2018 has already provided.

Based on the submitted data, specialists immediately identified the following main changes in the appearance:

  1. Increased wheelbase
  2. Changed terrain.
  3. New design of all optical equipment.
  4. New design of the grille of the radiator and the front bumper.

These key changes made it possible to make the design of the car individual and exclusive. In addition, the design of the new A6 is the MLB modular platform, which is widely used by carbon fiber, durable steel and aluminum. It is due to their use that the weight of the new car will be almost 100 kg less than its predecessor.

Very interesting looks new optical equipment A6. Headlights acquired a narrower form, and the presence of the LED line emphasizes their expressive structure, and perform the function of daylight lights. As light elements will be offered either LEDs of any xenon. In accordance with the headlights, the rear block headlights, which will also be equipped with only LED light sources, were narrowed out. The branded lattice has large crossbars with chromium finish.

On the side of the dynamic view of the new Audi A6 model of 2018, the thresholds are emphasized, which clearly characterize the circuit of the machine, as well as installed 18-inch wheels on alloy discs with an interesting sports pattern.


Executive data available to identify the range of basic changes in the appearance of the new Audi A6. The 2008 model year offer is characterized by the following features:

  • An increased wheelbase, revised by the body relief and overall indicators;
  • The use of advanced technologies in the design of a completely new head optics - LEDs and xenon;
  • Application of a new concept in the structure of the radiator lattice and the bumper;
  • The exterior is significantly upgraded and the technical characteristics are completely revised.
  • The basis of the structure is the updated type of MLB modular platform from high-strength carbon fiber, alloyed steel and aluminum, the strength of which showed a test drive.

Changes made a car completely exclusive, more maneuverable and easy.

Hydraulic power steering, manual brake, cruise control, AUDI DRIVE SELECT automation operation can choose parameters in accordance with road conditions or driver preferences. It concerns the engine, suspension, steering, as well as transmission characteristics. In addition to a sufficiently rich basic configuration of Audi A6, a variety of options can be ordered, which can be ordered separately: Mirror folding electric drive.

Autonomous climate control system for each of four places in the cabin. Stove for each passenger and driver. Electronic alarm. Heated seats. Armchairs with intellectual adjustment capable of memorizing positions and make a massage. There are options for a special ventilation system. Those who wish can replace the information block by replacing it more functional, with a color monitor of 7 inches. In all basic equipment, the salon has a tissue upholstery.

Luxury lovers are offered various options using: genuine leather; carpet; aluminum; Tree expensive varieties.

Equipment and configuration Audi A6 2018

As a force aggregates, the manufacturer offers the following options:

  1. Gasoline engines. V-1.80 l., Power 190 l. with. V-2.00 l., Power 252 liters. with. V-2.20 l., Power 221 liters. with. V-3.00 l., Power 335 liters. with.
  2. Diesel engines. V-2.00 l., Power 150 liters. with. V-2.00 l., Power 190 l. with. V-3.00 l., Power 218 liters. with. V-3.00 l., Power is 272 liters. with. V-3.00 l., Power 325 liters. with. To Work in Transmissions with Gasoline Engines Are Provided: six speed MCPP; six range automatic transmission; seven stepped robot; eight step robot with two clutches (for the combat power of 335 liters. p.). For Installation with Diesel Engines Are Intended: six speed MCPP; seven stepped robot; eight-step robot with two clutches (for the combat power of 325 liters.). IN THE STANDARD CONFIGURATION AUDI A6 RECEIVED: multifunctional steering wheel; heated side mirrors with LED turn signals; climate control for each passenger; Pressure sensors for wheels; Parktronic; Running the engine with button. ON THE PRESENCE OF CERTIAIN OPTIONS IN THE VEHICLES, AS WELL AS THE POSSIBILITY OF SUPPORY INTENDS TO DECLARE Before Selling a New Generation. COST AND START SALES AUDI A6 The Gasoline Engine Has Learned 6 - Stepped Manual Transmission, 6 - Range Automatic Transmission, Robot 7 and 8 Steps with Pated Clutch. Diesel Audi A6 2018 IS Equipped With 6 - Stepped Manual Transmission, 7 - Step Robot, 8 - Art. , Robot with Synchronous Clutch. Representatives of Audi In The Near Future Promise to Surprise Motorists with a new Modernized Sedorists, Which Will Become A Wilhy Competitor to Such Caram As Mercedes Benz E-Class, BMW 5th Series and Volvo S90. Unfortunately, The Exact Date of the Start of Sales Audi A6 Is Not Yet Declared, But According to Preliminary Data, The Car Will Be Officially Present in The Second Half of 2018. Consequently, Potential Buyers Will Be Able to Purchase The Car Next Year or Early 2019. At the Moment, The Price Of The Premiere Is Unknown, But It Can Be Assumed That It Will Noticeably Differ from the Price Of the Predcessor. Most Likely, Its Value Will Not Exceed 3 Million Rubles. The Design of New Audi Including A6 Will Be Implemented in the Prologue Style. Rate How to Change the Design of Future Cars. In The Design Again Back Sharp Features, And The Silhouette Itself Will Become Slightly Elongated and Shiny. Multimedia Changes in Audi A6 2018 German Manufacturers Made New Lighting Innovations of The Latest Production Technology of This Model. Also, The Car Was Equipped with NEW Products That Attached Audi A6 New Characteristics. You can Note New Multimedia, Qualitatively modified. For example, Navigation Has Become Possible Thanks to the Google Scheme, Which Leads The Machine Using the Desired Direction. IT WAS CREATED, THE SO-CALLED NAVIGATOR. Conventional Cards - Car Movement Schemes from One Object to Another. Multimedia Features Began to Advance with New Appearance, Graphics. This Became Possible Due To the Fact That The Electronics of Audi A6 - AS The Processor Tem 3 from Nvidia. Such A System That Entertains, And Also Informs, Has The Opportunity to Play Music, Show Video, Send Data to the Satellite or Receive Them from the Satellite. True, There Is One Disadvantage: The Device Cannot Be Used With A Finger or Wand, Because The SCREEN Does Not Support The Touchscreen. For This Reason, The Driver Is Distracted by The Buttons That Control The Installation. And this is not only Boring, Buttons, Since Clicking On The Device Switches The Display of The Device Switches The Display of the Chauffeur to the Display of the Ceffeur to the Display Screen. Theraefore, IT IS INCONVENIENT, BECAUSE THE EYES NEED TO GO DOWN TO THE DEVICE ALE THE TIME, ITS Buttons. THEY ARE WHERE THE GEARBOX LEVER. Video Overview Audi A6 2018 Among Other Things, There Are Two Digital Panels on the Display. The Navigation Installation Is Displayed On Top, And Below - Information about the Radio Station That Plays Now. IT Turns Out That You Need to Control Air Conditioning and Navigation TWO Different Panels, And This Is Not Very Convenient, But The Developers Have Provided An Operation Using A New Panel for All Functions. As The Updated Audi A6, The Design Will Be Absolutely Familiar. Only Finishing Materials Used for the Cabin Have Changed. Designers Took Veneer of The Main Loaf - IT Looks Great Inside The Cabin. The Novelty With The Wind Acoustics Remained, So Foreign Sounds Do Not Fall Inside. This Means That Driver, The Passenger Will Appear The Area of ​​Silence, Because No Noises from the Street Penetrate. The Price Of Audi A6 2018 Will Be Somewhat More Expensive than Its Fellow, But It Guarantees a More Comfortable Ride.


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