Subaru Crosstrek 2018.

Subaru Crosstrek 2018.

World Wire Powet This day contains a lot of information about the fact that the Subaru brand, possessing without a small world popularity, the exceptional confidence of the buyer, who is looking forward to the beginning of the mass release of the novelties - Crosstrek. An exceptionally new concept to the approaches in the field of high technologies, improving the level of safety and aerodynamics. The Geneva Country Show of the current year presented many new products from distant Japan, but the second generation of the Cross Track model was the present surprise. What is so attracted in a new concept?

  • The solution and features of the vehicle are truly modern, promising, interesting in many ways;
  • Equipment and prices suggest to judge the presence of one of the most significant factors - accessibility for most motorists of many countries;
  • The novelty was developed on the basis of the SGP platform, which made it possible to increase the coefficients of rigidity. In the new body, the twist rate grew by 65 -70%;

The size of the wheelbase is increased by 3, 0 cm, which made it possible to improve stability on the blesses and reduce the effect of sailing.

Appearance of novelties

The fans of the Japanese car industry are well aware of the commitment of designers of the rising sun country to use the type of predatory, powerful and bloodthirsty beast. The creators of the new cross track remained no less consistent traditions, which is perfectly visible on the spy photo. Features of this crossover deserve special attention:

  1. The compact version of the 2018 model year has become much more dynamic, aesthetically, and does not differ in pronounced dimensions, which has become the most new-fashioned current trend;
  2. In motion, the car is given due to the synchronous operation of all four wheels against the background of a huge road lumen;
  3. The updated crossover has an excellent combination of the most indicative data - exquisite appearance, quality, technical indicators, using the most promising technologies.
  4. The technical characteristics of the safety are significantly improved by applying the new design of the LED front light, the harmony of geometry of the outlines and modern design.


Length car cm 446, 50.
Body width cm 180, 00.
Height cm 161, 50.
Base cm 266, 50.
Clearance cm 22, 00.

Salon and its equipment

Everyone is also classically kept here, simultaneously modestly and exquisitely, which exactly corresponds to the tradition of Japanese masters. The main principle of solving the salon of the model is space and comfort for five inclusive passengers. Test Drive showed the reliability of all nodes and options present in the interior of the cabin:

  • Innovative modern design of the multifunctional steering wheel, which is located a modern and easily readable instrument panel.
  • Multimedia complex with excellent touchscreen display.
  • Inherent for most cars in this category, a set of control systems, navigation, tracking of expensive and gray zones.

The car received a luggage compartment of 310 liters. If necessary, it is upgraded into a cargo platform to 1270 liters. volume.


Power unit volume 1, 6 l. Designed for gasoline consumption with a capacity of 114 liters. with. , Max. Speed ​​187 km / hour, synchronized with Lineartronic variator. Gasoline engine volume 2, 0 liter 150 liters. with. and diesel, volume 2, 0 l. Power 147 liters. with. Excellent option for fans of quality, power and speed.

Interior Subaru Crosstrek.

In the Subaru Crosstrek 2018 cabin, another central console layout is immediately noticeable. In the previous version of Crosstrek the center of the composition served a climate control unit, which was performed in an interesting style.

In the new version on the central console, the screen of the information and entertainment system is dominated. Two twists and buttons moved under it, the duct deflectors, which were located above the screen, found a place on both sides.

The touch screen of the multimedia system has become more. The style of filing the information on the top information display has changed noticeably. Previously, it was a mesh from numbers and blue icons, now the display of the indicators was ordered, and the image was stylized under the engineering drawing. The analog instrument panel has lost its bright blue design and has become more strict.

The driver's help system includes branded Subaru Eyesight - an analogue of an automatic emergency braking system from other manufacturers, but it is not included in the basic configuration as on Impreza or the leaving model Crosstrek.

To get also adaptive cruise control and warning about the outlet of the traffic, it is necessary to make up the Premium package. In a set of airbags included a cushion for drivers' knees.

Technical characteristics of 2018

As the Subaru Crosstrek 2018 power unit, the traditional opposite engine from the new FB series will receive. He is able to issue 154 liters. with. and 196 N · m of torque. Some sources argue that the manual gearbox is not provided. According to other data, a 6-speed manual KP will be available in all versions except topped.

Automatic transmission will be presented by Continuously Variable Transmission, which mimics the traditional automatic, moving along the seven pre-installed coefficients. SUPARU X-MODE will help on the road off-road.

It can imitate the diather to block differentials and work with low gear ratios. Of course, imitation is not a full blocking and "Rhineak" and Subaru Crosstrek 2018 will never compare with a real SUV, but this is one of the best crossovers in terms of passability.

According to information from different sources, the rigidity of the body increased by 50-70%. The road clearance will be 220 mm, while the center of gravity managed to omit another 5 mm. The previous version of the Subaru Crosstrek received the highest safety ball, but engineers did not stop at the achieved. The new SUBARU model increased the amount of energy absorbed when hit by another 40%.

The design of the transverse stability stabilizer has changed, which led to a decrease in rolls by 50%. By changing the transfer ratio of the steering mechanism from 14: 1 to 13: 1, the steering has become sharper. An even greater velocity of maneuvers contributes to the Active Torque vectoring system, which slows down the inner wheel during the rotation.


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