Nissan Terrano 2018

Nissan Terrano 2018

In 2013, Nissan has developed a new compact crossover based on the DUSTER model, which was called Terrano. In the same year, its production began at the factory in India. In our country, the model was commercially available in 2014. TERRANO Sample 2013 is a new car and is not connected by another crossover, which was produced by Nissan from 1986 to 2004.

Nissan Terrano has the following advantages:

  1. The ability to pick up the full drive.
  2. Great choice of complete sets.
  3. Moderate fuel consumption.
  4. Spacious interior.
  5. Affordable price.
  6. A spacious luggage compartment.

In the conditions of increasing demand for the Terrano crossover (the company, except India and Russia, established its production in Romania, as well as in Brazil) The Nissan Concern decided to restore this model and proceed to the production of Nissan Terrano sample 2018.

External update

The changes implemented by Nissan changes in the external image of Terrano are not a revolutionary nature and are primarily aimed at underlining the already formed muscular courageous appearance of the crossover. First of all, the restyling body of Nissan Terrano 2018 is associated with the enlarged lines of climbing the hood and the increased dark grid of the radiator grille in the chrome-plated frame. The company's corporate identity emphasizes a bright V-shaped pad, turning in the hood line, as well as an enlarged emblem.

Changed the shape of the head optics. Now it has become more pointed, and the LED line of the running lights of the running lights obtained over it. Massive front bumper with climbing under the fog lights changes practically did not receive. It will still be painted only in the color of the crossover body, however, it should be noted that for the rich equipment TERRANO there is a framing of fog laminate chrome-plated overhead elements.

Side of the belonging to the class of crossovers emphasizes the extended wheeled arches mounted on the roof of the arc for fastening and transporting cargo. The only addition is that new 16-inch wheels received a darker color. This change is designed to emphasize the off-road quality of the car.

Not the largest changes made in the external change additionally give the Nissan Terrano style and persuasiveness.

Changes in the interior

The photos that appeared on the network clearly show the changes in the interior. The new model of the Crossover Nissan Terrano in 2018 was more spacious - now there are five adult passengers in the cabin without any problems. Priority in equipping the indoor space is given to security and comfort. The car is equipped with:

  • hydraulic power steering;
  • anti-lock system;
  • two airbags;
  • Modern air conditioning and other equipment.

The owners of the new crossover, which comes out in 2018 is offered the upholstery of seats from better fabric, a friendly multifunctional steering wheel with audio control keys and cruise control. In addition, the design of door cards was updated, and chrome plated lining and rails complement the style of uniformity. For finishing, expensive materials and high-quality plastic are used.

For informational support in the last version of the parcktails corresponds to a multimedia setup with a 7-inch touchscreen display and navigation system. Thanks to the updated driver's seat architecture and the capabilities of the four-band adjustment, driving the car will be comfortable for a long time.

Exterior features

Despite the fact that the manufacturer has maintained the main concept of geometric outlines, in the new exterior of the SUV, significant aggression was manifested, the fashionable blowing elements indicating the power and strength, the irrepressive nature of the novelties. Expert reviews allow you to form an opinion on the exterior of the new terrano:

  • The luxurious design of the front with the predatory squares of the front optics, the massive radiator grille, decorated with a pair of wide chrome rays, pointed faces of the hood and bumpers.
  • The available photos demonstrate the presence of new optic type optics mounted in quadrangular headlights with a sharp, elongated angle.
  • SUV 2018 of the model year is distinguished by an attractive body geometry, where, against the background of the filmed forms, the harmony of transitions was manifested, a combination of massive doors with large glasses, a wide threshold, embossed arches of the wheels.

Cost of new products and configuration

The Japanese concern intends to offer its customers with different configurations, which differ in the following characteristics:

  • interior design;
  • the number of active and passive security systems;
  • Equipment level;
  • exterior solutions.

Total is offered five versions, each of which is designed for a different wallet. Adjust the list of the proposed equipment using options.

Despite its budget already in the basic configuration, the parcoatnik has a decent equipment without which it is difficult to imagine a modern car. In his list it includes:

  • on-board computer;
  • Parktronic;
  • branded multimedia system with Bluetooth function;
  • Airbags and much more.

The price of the Indian model of the updated Nissan terrano as standard in 2018 in terms of rubles will be about 870 thousand. For Russia, most likely the price will be somewhat higher - from 908 000 r., Since the total cost of similar cars here is more. However, when buying a car on a promotion or a special offer, you can actually save.

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