Ford Explorer 2018-2019

Ford Explorer 2018-2019

Explorer can be translated from English as a researcher. Ford Explorer is a full-size crossover and manufactured by the American company since 1990 instead of the Bronco model. Initially, the crossover was produced in three- and five-door execution. From 1 to 4 generation, the car occupied a place in the class of medium-sized SUVs. For its history, the model has undergone several significant changes and restyings. Sports modification of the crossover is recognized as the best average SUV worth more than 50 thousand dollars. The latest development of this model is the new Ford Explorer 2018-2019.


In the appearance of the car, it is difficult to determine whether a novelty is intended for drivers of what age. The exterior of the car combines both classic features and drive elements. The front part accounts for more than a third of the length of the car. A huge grille of the radiator with three chrome rows occupies most of the front. Not a small front bumper smoothly goes into headlights made in the form of a slightly rootable flag. Powerful air intakes and rounded fog lights harmoniously fit into the appearance of the car.

The doors of the car have bulges at the bottom and in the area of ​​the door handles. These elements give the giant even more volumetric appearance. Rear view mirrors are made in a sporty style, but they would have looked better on a sports motorcycle. Powerful roof rails will allow you to carry additional cargo. Deep wheeled arches designed for 21 test wheels, harmoniously fit into the face of the car. Huge doors will allow without special problems to stay in the cabin passengers of any completeness.

The back of the car looks more modern, the novelty does not have monumentality inherent in the front of the car. Rear lights smoothly go to the body of the body. Rear bumper, despite its volume, looks harmonious, together the door, behind which is hidden by a large luggage path. The door opens very easily, and the smooth floor with decomposed seats will not create problems when loading luggage. According to the assurances of the body surface, the body has been optimized to obtain better aerodynamics.


The expected sports style in the cabin is not observed, but individual elements inherent in sports cars in the interior of the car are present. This is manifested in inscriptions on the floor of the car and in a small glove box, more inherent in sports, than SUVs. The car's salon is quite spacious and in it with convenience all passengers even at extra places of the third row. The dashboard display is slightly covered with a visor from all sides.

The special location of the control devices allows you to quickly find the required parameter. You can manage all the functions of the car with a multimedia steering wheel, convenient in circulation. In this case, the entire control unit is represented by a huge touchscreen display and a small number of additional buttons.

Easy to the driver and front passenger will allow the driver with an electric drive with plenty of adjustments and memory. The seats of the presented American in the measure of elastic and comfortable enough. The steering wheel is adjustable in departure and height. To the car's chip include adjustable pedal node. Ford Explorer manufacturers have provided the opportunity to convenient placeholders with different sizes of legs. Therefore, there should be no problems with the location in the cabin at the cabin.

The disadvantage of the seats should be recognized a smooth platform devoid of any support elements. The multimedia system causes a twofold sense. A large information from the world of entertainment is displayed on the screen, and flash drives or SD card can be additionally connected to the system. But all spoils the multimedia device an uncomfortable and remote location of the system controls. When working with it, the driver must be distracted from the road situation.

What under the hood?

Ford Explorer specifications remained at height. The car in Russia will be equipped with the following types of gasoline power plants:

  • 2,3-liter DVS V4 EcoBoost with a capacity of 280 liters. with.;
  • 3.5-liter DVS V6 ECOBOOST Power in 365 "Horses";
  • S, 5-liter atmospheric dvs, capable of issuing 290 liters. with.

The prototype, published in 2016, had similar motors, so in technical terms on the SUV changed nothing. Still every power unit works in a pair with a 6-speed automaton. Mechanical transmission on new models is not provided. On version with a 2.3-liter motor, only front-wheel drive is installed, while the 4WD connection option is provided for the remaining modifications. The most productive V6 motor is combined with a full drive.

The Council for the future owners of the model Extraher: those cars that will be released in 2018 will differ in high fuel consumption. For example, on a gasoline "six", the consumption of fuel in a mixed cycle reaches 13.5 liters per 100 km of way. At the "Four", this figure is less than 12.1 liters for each hundred traveled. Therefore, if you want less frequently to refuel, then buy a junior motor from the front-wheel drive. In its high speed, it is similar to more powerful analogues, and the flow rate does not hit the pocket. Minus V4 Only one: before Russian off-road front-wheel drive is powerless.

Cost of car

Let's touch the issue of configuration and price. According to representatives of the manufacturer's company, the cost of the updated SUV will not differ much from previous versions. Perhaps, on the wave of excitement around the model in the first few months, the price will increase slightly, but over time, approximately such numbers should be expected:

The price of an additional complete set of SUV Ford Explorer 2018-2019, called "Platinum", will be from 3.8 million rubles. For 400 thousand rubles Supplements The owner has the right to count on the perforated nirvana skin, exclusive inserts from ash and aluminum, two-section hatch, 20-inch two-color discs. Motor in this configuration is a turbated "six", equipped with a complete drive.

In Russia, the start of sales of the updated version of the car is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018. In America and Europe, the start of the implementation of the SUV will take place a few months earlier. In general, the novelty does not contain revolutionary technical solutions, but only supplemented with innovative security systems and help the driver while driving. Of course, the SUV will find its consumer, as Explorer has long been a brand for which it is not ashamed.

Watch the video with a new car:


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