Volkswagen Cross Touran 2018

Volkswagen Cross Touran 2018

The auto show in Shanghai, held in April 2017, presented a new Grand Car Volkswagen Cross Touran, which combines a minivan and an SUV right away. Chinese car enthusiasts have already been able to appreciate the novelty. As for admission to the Russian market, the car will be available to the general public no earlier than 2018. At the moment, the approximate car price is 22 thousand dollars.

Appearance Volkswagen Turan Cross 2018

The preceding model Volkswagen Cross Touran 2018 is much different. A little modified the body, its dimensions and design. On the perimeter of the entire car you can immediately notice the dark plastic body kit, which gives the car off-road and massive view.

Immediately it is worth noting that plastic is not painted and has a strong contrast against the background of the body. Under the front bumper is a long air intake with a chromed coating. On the sides of him are fog lights.

Above is a narrow chrome radiator grille. It smoothly goes into front lights that have a rather large size and an interesting form.

It is impossible not to mention the roofs on the roof, they look elegant and add a car solidity.

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The front racks have a strong slope, and the rear is almost vertical, which provides an excellent review driver. Also a good review promotes a large rear window.

Minivan received off-road characteristics due to extended wheeled arches with special linings, as well as seventeen disks. It is possible to use large-term rubber.

Interior Salon Volkswagen Cross Turan 2018

To the end, information about the design of the salon is not yet revealed. It is known that there will be two options available: with five and seven seats. Minivan will also have cup holders, pockets, various places for things.

Initially, the new car Foltswagen Cross was considered family, so everything is sharpened here to transport with the convenience of many things. The entire salon will have high-quality trim in several options.

The first and second row will be equipped with airbags. There are three pillows: in front and three rear.

On the central console there will be a large touch screen of the multimedia system, as well as the climate control unit control and cruise control.

Overall dimensions Volkswagen Cross Touran

The new model has the following overall dimensions (compared to the previous model):

  • Length - 453.7 cm (+1 cm);
  • width - 183.4 cm (+0.5 cm);
  • height - 168.2 cm (+2.3 cm);
  • Wheel base - 279.1 cm.

Interior Design of Minivan 2018 Model Year

Unlike the declassified appearance, there is very little information about the cabin. It is expected that the car will receive an updated inner design. The choice can be purchased as a five-seater and seven-seater layout layout.

Since minivans are always positioned as family cars, it assumes the presence of convenient cup holders, various pockets for small things, fasteners under liter water bottles on the doors and a large number of other places where it could be stored. The back of the passenger's chair in the front row can be folded, thereby increasing the space in the cabin or to build a small comfortable table.

Electrical equipment of novelties

  • Electronic Stability Program is a system of dynamic stabilization of an electronic car;
  • Anti-Lock Braking System - a system that at the electronic level prevents the loss of control over the controllability of the car due to the possible blocking of the wheels during braking;
  • Antriebs Schlupf Regelung - a system that prevents the protrusion of the leading wheels during a sharp acceleration;
  • Anti-tooth system;
  • Cruise control;
  • climate control;

  • six airbags for the first and second row;
  • Advanced multimedia system with sensory display and acoustics for four dynamics;
  • Fog lights.


The new model Volkswagen Cross Touran 2018, although it is a crossover version of the minivan with a challenge challenged for SUVs, is still performed on the front-wheel drive platform.

The all-wheel drive version according to preliminary data is not provided. But at the same time the machine will be equipped with an electronic type differential blocking system, which will automatically redistribute traction between the driving wheels.

Under the hood, the novelty can stand a gasoline turbo engine capacity of 1.4 liters with a capacity of 150 horsepower or a 1.8-liter gasoline turbocharged motor with a capacity of 180 horsepower. For the European configuration, the manufacturer also provided turbodiesel power units with a capacity of 1.6 liters with a capacity of 115 horses and two liters with a capacity of 150 horsepower.

Judging by the previous generation of the model, then the appearance of the gas version of the engine is possible. For example, the current generation of Volkswagen Cross Touran can be ordered with a gas engine of 105 to 170 horsepower. In the mixed mode of movement, such an aggregate consumes only about 4.8 kilograms of fuel.

At the same time, additional gas containers are conveniently located under the bottom of the car. Therefore, practically does not occupy useful inner space.

Other New Volkswagen, presented at the Shanghai Auto Show

The Volkswagen Phideon PHEV model is a hybrid version of a popular premium sedan. From the traditional model, the novelty is distinguished by the serious achievements of the German car manufacturer in the energy sector. It is noteworthy that this is the first hybrid model made in China.

Under the hood there is a two-liter four-cylinder turbo engine, as well as an electric motor. The car consumes a hundred kilometers through a distance of only 2.3 liters of gasoline and can drive without an additional refueling of 850 kilometers. To fully charge the left battery, you need two hours.

Another new Volkswagen, shown in the Chinese Automobile Show this year, is called i.d. Cross. As you can guess from the name, this crossover is completely at an electric run, while still presented as a conceptual model. He continues a series of German concepts, in which Hatchback I.D. has already been included. And Electrovan I.d. Buzz.

The machine is equipped with two electric motors with the total thickness of three hundred horsepower. The basis is the special Electromobile MEB platform. It is also known that the car will be equipped with an advanced autopilot system of its own development of a German brand.

Volkswagen Crosstouran 2018: Picture of the previous update

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