PEUGEOT 308 2018-2019

PEUGEOT 308 2018-2019

PEUGEOT 308 small class car The French company began to release in 2007. Since 2013, the production of second generation of this small car was established. Peugeot 308 is distinguished by the following positive qualities:

  • economical power units;
  • spacious trunk;
  • spacious and comfortable salon (for its C-class);
  • good handling;
  • High clearance.

Also, to the advantages of the car should be classified a large selection of bodyworks, it is a hatchback (three and five-door), sedan, wagon, coupe. In addition, the company offers at once six models of engines and five transmission options.

Salt traders use certain stable demand, which confirms the fact that the assembly of the car is established immediately on the six production sites of Peugeot, including in France, China, Russia, Argentina and Indonesia. Therefore, making a decision on restyling and began production of the new modification of the Peugeot 308 of the Sample 2018-2019 looks like a company quite reasonable. It should be noted that the modernization will affect all vehicle modifications of this line.


The initial design of Peugeot 308 immediately became very recognizable on bold solutions that used company designers. Noticeably stand out:

  • narrow front optics;
  • finished chrome grille radiator;
  • Soft forms of the lower air intake, mounted in front bumper.

A sufficiently sloping hood is characterized by powerful longitudinal ribs.

Changes in the external image only added stylish and aspiration to the car. Among the innovations performed, it is necessary to note the enlarged grille with the increased and obtained lightly intermittent painting with horizontal planks. Running lights were transferred to the front optics, and the front bumper received a more powerful central air intake. Changed the configuration of the bumper side sections, in which rectangular fog lights are inserted. On the side of the body surface and doors got a wave-like postpotion, the front racks became thinner, and the rear on the contrary became more powerful.

The design part of the feed part of the car varies depending on the type of body, but among the general features you can select a curly rear bumper, the unusual shape of the rear combined lamps, moving on the wings. Changed changes added to the stylish image of Peugeot 308 also rapidness.

Body Features and Exterior Auto

In the photo of the novelties, you can observe many small changes in the body compared to the last generation of the machine, but the best decisions are taken from the older generations.

Among the innovations can be noted the upgraded front bumper with large air ducts and air intakes of the original design on the sides, modern fog lights, as well as stylish head optics with LED filling and integrated LED ribbons of daytime running lights.

Full LED lighting will be available in expensive configurations, and the basic version will receive halogen headlights.

In addition, a renewed lattice of the trapezoidal radiator with a chrome decor and a large logo of the manufacturer's company can be highlighted. The elegant hood has become longer and got a spectacular relief. He also lost the nameplate, which moved below. In expensive GT versions, the forefront has become more sporty and aggressive.

The gas tank hatch has changed its traditional round shape on rectangular. A new bumper and overall lights appeared on the stern, equipped with three-dimensional graphics and LED elements. In neat wheel arches, you can set discs with a diameter of 16 to 19 inches with the original pattern.

Salon design and equipment Peugeot 308

Visually in the renovated five-door salon also did not occur serious changes, but as for electrical equipment, there was a serious work and modernization.

The car implemented the latest i-CockPit technology, which is harmonious and effectively combines the advanced multimedia complex with Mirror Screen, TomTom satellite navigator, voice control and Apple CarPlay mobile synchronization system and Android Auto.

The smartphone screen can be duplicated on a large automotive multimedia touch sensory display, and the navigation system has a three-dimensional mode and tracking function of road traffic saturation in OnLine mode. True, the equipment of the car promised by the instrument's virtual panel is not expected. But it must necessarily appear in the nearest update.

Among other things, it is necessary to note the intelligent cruise control, which for configuration with the mechanical gearbox can reduce the speed at the destination paragraph to 30 km / h, and in the tandem with automatic gearbox to complete the car. Also, the new Peugeot model 2018-2019 has a convenient climatic installation and can:

  • monitor road marking and automatically hold the selected traffic strip;
  • Emergency braking in the threat of a headshop collision;
  • "Monitor" blind zones;
  • control the driver's condition;
  • Automatically switch the far and melee and so on.

The French manufacturer equipped the novelty with a rich set of modern electronic systems of passive and active safety, as well as various assistants and assistants. Top package of car will have a glass overview roof.


Peugeot has planned that at the initial stage of production, the updated version of the 308 models will receive already proven power units for the configuration. These are engines with the following technical characteristics:

  • petrol, V-1.2 l, power - 110.0 liters. with.;
  • petrol, V-1.2 l, power - 130.0 l. with.;
  • petrol, V-1.6 l, power - 205.0 liters. with.;
  • gasoline, V-1.6 l, power - 270.0 liters. with.;
  • Diesel V-2.0 l, power - 205.0 liters. with.

In the transmission there is an installation of 5 or 6 step MCPP, as well as 6 ranges.

Peugeot 308 will be completed with a rather large number of modern functions to which include:

  • monitoring compliance with respect;
  • blind zone tracking system;
  • Circular review cameras;
  • control over the driver's condition;
  • Assistant on parking.

In addition, for basic vehicle equipment available:

  • front airbags;
  • Power windows of all glasses;
  • ABS;
  • Electrical control for lateral mirrors;
  • halogen optics;
  • on-board computer;
  • air conditioner;
  • audio complex;
  • Fabric finish.

Total company provided the following configuration options:

  1. Access (the most budget).
  2. Active.
  3. Allure.
  4. GT Line (the largest).

Price and Start Sales

Currently, Peugeot has already opened the adoption of preliminary orders for new cars for European buyers. The price for Peugeot 308 sample 2018-2019 in the element configuration is 20.5 thousand Euro.

In Russia, it is planned to start sales at the beginning of 2018, while the approximate value in the minimum configuration of Access will be 1 million 400 thousand rubles, the richest GT Line equipment will cost from 1 million 800 thousand rubles.

Look also video with a new car:


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