BMW X3 in 2018

BMW X3 in 2018

Not so long ago, a video appeared on the network, on which the interesting tests of the next generation of the Bavarian crossover BMW X3 are clearly seen. It is thanks to this small roller that you can get closer to get acquainted with the parameters of the marked car, even despite the protective camouflage. True, together with a novelty there is one of its main competitors - the Porsche Macan SUV. Many will immediately become a matter, why the engineers of the famous German brand needed the presence of a competing car for mandatory winter tests? The answer is obvious and one of him will follow the story itself that the new BMW X3 crossover is in 2018.

Basic information

It turns out that at the beginning of 2017, Porsche Macan can be called the best crossover in its own kind, presented in the global market. According to the creators of the famous Bavarian new items, such love of adherents of large cars will last long, because the production of the famous BMW X3, a famous BMW X3 Parking Service will appear on the serial production conveyor. It is worth recalling that the creation of a novelty will begin in the second half of this year.


Against the background of its existing predecessor, the crossover X3 will turn out to be 100 kilograms easier, although the body itself is clearly slightly higher. A similar opportunity will be real at the expense of the new Clar platform, on the basis of which the model 7 series is now produced, and the next generation X5 will appear later.

With a more detailed study of the prototype, the increased parameters of the rear doors can be noted, which indicates an extended wheelbase. All this means only the fact that the rear row passengers will have more space for convenient accommodation.

According to engineers of a well-known enterprise, the long-awaited generation of the 2018 PAR operating agent will acquire a couple of new engines: gasoline and diesel engine of 6 cylinders. Together with them there should be a rear-wheel drive SDRIVE, or the traditional all-wheel drive version of XDrive for this model.

The familiar struggle for the championship

Against the background of the same video from the network, it will be possible to designate an explicit comparison of the full drive G01 and the transmission of Porsche Mac. Therefore, it was decided to choose optimally unfavorable conditions for the testing process in order to try to create a really good novelty, which "on the teeth" overcome any difficulties.

It is clear that off-road in this case is not the best excellent indicator. In fact, the company was in front of the employees only one task: everything is possible to accomplish everything in any place of the planet, be it the track, a racing track or a runway, the third generation X3 showed itself better than competing Macan. It remains only to hope that the smoothness of the course and the management of the finished result will indeed have obvious advantages over the Porsche crossover.

Preliminary data

Unfortunately, a full overview of the novelty is not possible, since the developer itself does not yet comment on the exact staffing of the crossover. It is worth recalling that the other day the enterprise Porsche published data on the technical equipment of its Macan crossover. Under the hood of the car there is a turbocharged motor by 2.0 liters volume, due to which the price of transport will significantly reduce. Already very soon, the novelty will be available to a large number of users around the world.

It is clear that the Bavarians in the arsenal also have a "response" not worse: a whole division of four- and six-cylinder engines. This is exactly what BMW become a good rival for Porsche in the battle for the market share in the specified car segment. Since the Macan Turbo model also turns out to be on the line of competing with Mr. X3, before the Bavarians stands a very difficult task - "surpass" of their German colleagues. According to experts, a parkeller model appears very soon in the family, in everything better Macan - x3m with a twin-turbocharged M3 / M4 motor with a capacity of 500 horsepower.

As a result, it can be concluded that in 2018, a real fierce war will break out in the market of small premium crossovers. After all, with a Porsche Macan Parquet, Lexus NX, Mercedes-Benz GLC and Audi Q5 will compete. All this list of excellent cars will have to endure in the future in the fight against other newcomers from the same series, which are still at the design stage of many automotive companies.

It remains only to add that, taking into account the talent of the Bavarian specialists, all their premium crossovers are presented with good demand. So, very soon it will be interesting to observe who from the "Germans" will become the leader.


When considering the photo of the BMW X3 cabin, the screen of the information and entertaining system is immediately highlighted at the top of the central console. On this screen, the driver can find out information about the road situation that have arisen on the roads and recommended ways to include the weather forecast, connect Internet radio, social networks, as well as receive other information necessary during the trip.

The multifunctional steering wheel is made in leather version. On the steering wheel, the necessary buttons are placed to control, which allows the driver not to be distracted while moving to search for the desired controls of the car. The remaining controls that are placed on the dashboard have received amended design, including the color solution. The panel itself is made in the classic version.

The following materials were applied to the interior decoration:

  • Natural embossed skin;
  • high-quality fabric;
  • Plug-in planks made of valuable wood or aluminum with special longitudinal grinding;
  • Stainless steel overlays on the thresholds.

The use of such materials allows the salon to look modern and comply with its Lux class. To fully estimate the appearance, the design of the cabin and the technical filling of the car will help the video presentation of the updated BMW X3.

Package BMW X3 2018

The initial motor range of the new BMW X3 model range of 2018 will consist of the modifications presented in Table 1.

Table 1.

P / P. A type Volume (l) Power (l.)
one Petrol 2.00 184.
2. Petrol 2.00 245.
3. Petrol 3.00. 306.
4 Diesel 2.00 190.
five Diesel 3.00. 258.
6. Diesel 3.00. 313.

For installation in transmissions, a six-speed manual transmission and eight-band automatic transmission are provided in a pair with data with engines.

The standard version of the new X3 will include:

  • 2.0 l gasoline engine and 184 liters. with.;
  • five-speed MCPP;
  • XDrive status;
  • Front and side airbags;
  • Bixenon headlights;
  • Heating nozzles for the washer on the windshield;
  • tissue outcome of the cabin;
  • Electric heating front seats;
  • invisible engine launch;
  • climate control;
  • parking sensors;
  • Plant washers.

Equipment of the crossover in other configurations, as well as possible additional options, BMW will provide closer to the beginning of official sales. Given the current configuration of different models of this company, it can be assumed that the choice of options in the novelty will be quite wide and modern.

Start Sales

The German concern plans to start selling the crossover in Europe, including in Russia, in the fall of this year, the car will come to the American market at the beginning of next year.

The approximate price of the BMW X3 model range of 2018 under the designation G01 for domestic buyers in the basic configuration starts from 2900,000 rubles, and the cost of "charged" versions will exceed 4.000.000 rubles.

See also video with a new BMW x3 review:


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