One of the most famous for the whole world of American manufacturers of vehicles is the legendary company Ford. For many years of history of its existence, a lot of good new products came down from the conveyor of the marked enterprise. This time it was time to submit an updated version of the EcoSport's usual crossover.

Basic information

For the first time, the public was becoming closer to the marked vehicle at the Motor Show in Los Angeles in 2016. Then the developer presented the prototype of the coming car to look at the reaction of future consumers of his "creativity." So how is he, a new crossover Ford Ecosport 2018-2019 release? It's time to get acquainted with the innovation closer.

Against the background of its preceding generation, the car received substantial changes in the external "appearance" and internal filling. The developer also decided to make a parcutter a bit larger.

Overview Exterior

The external appearance of the EcoSport body has changed almost completely, which can be seen in the photo. Now it will become more solid and restrained that only improve its characteristics. The front part of the body was decided to fully convert to be similar to other representatives of the legendary family - KUGA and EDGE models. As a result, the crossover appeared headlight headlamps in another design, the design of which is equipped with daylight LED running lights. Everything else, changed its shape and grille of the radiator. Fog lights in this part of the body are also slightly modernized.

The silhouette of the external design itself remains as proportional, as before, for which it was necessary to play with the forms of each individual item. From the side of the total pattern of solidity add alloy wheels decorated with a unique pattern. The size of this detail will completely fill the complex of the car.


In the back of the new design, small changes are also provided. For example, it was decided to upgrade the shape of the overall lights, the bumper and the doors of the luggage compartment. The last, by the way, is now capable of opening not as usual (up), and to the side. This allows you to get more easy access to the marked branch. By the way, the spare wheel, previously placed on the trunk lid, is now packed inside it.

Interior Salon

For many, the interior design plays a fairly important role, so it should be immediately worth saying that the new Ford EcoSport 2018-2019 in this regard differs significantly from its predecessors. What decided to surprise designers?

  • Wide display of a modern multimedia device.
  • Multifunctional steering wheel.
  • Informative instrument panel with on-board computer.
  • In the sizes of the car it has become much larger as. Consequently, spacious for the passengers themselves.
  • A spacious luggage compartment, the sizes of which are also increasing several times due to the backs of the seats of the second row, if they are folded.
  • High quality decoration of the material of the cabin.
  • Rich palette of color solutions.

In all descriptions, the model really deserves a high marks and praise of designers and engineers who tried to do everything to make passengers and driver, including those who felt comfortably and comfortably, even when moving on long distance. In this case, everything you need have a driver at hand.

Ford EcoSport

According to the manufacturer, the next version of the famous ruler, presented at the past motor show, is intended for the North American utilization market. The crossover will be available in 4 modifications: S, SE, SES and Titanium. An excellent news is the possibility of painting the body of a vehicle in 10 different options.

The most "saturated" assembly of EcoSport is Titanium. The set of the marked option is used:

  • leather interior;
  • Premium multimedia complex with 10 speakers, the ability to synchronize with gadgets on iOS or Android and high sound quality;
  • A large number of diverse electronic assistants and security systems.

There is also the ability to install a special application to a personal smartphone of the buyer, with which it will be possible to view the main information about the car: the odometer readings, the level of fuel and oil, as well as a lot of other.

Specifications of crossover

For the novelty of the crossover in 2018-2019, 4 diverse modifications are characterized, for each of which are characterized by its own characteristics, as well as the diversion of various body shades.

  1. The basic version - S, whose characteristics is the presence of a three-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine with a volume of 1.0 l, with a power of equal to 125 hp
  2. A richer equipment is represented by an atmospheric 2-l motor with a capacity of 162 hp driven by all 4 wheels.
  3. Maximum equipment - Titanium - has a leather interior trim, a modern entertainment system with Internet access capabilities, climate control a variety of electronic assistants and security systems.
  4. All modifications are characterized by an automatic 6-range gearbox.

It is worth noting that for each country, manufacturers and engineers designed their car model, with certain characteristics. For example, for India, a model of a car with a gasoline engine is prepared, the volume of which is 1.0 or 1.5 liters, as well as a diesel version with a 1.5 l engine whose speed can reach 100 km. Moreover, all these models are equipped with a 5-step manual box and 6-range robotic transmissions.

As for the issue of sales of a new Ford EcoSport in Russia, the deadlines are slightly shifted in relation to example with North America, where the novelty will appear much earlier. And there is very pleasant news, since the assembly of this version of the car for Russian motorists will be adjusted directly in Naberezhnye Chelny. On the issue concerning the cost of this model, there is no accurate and officially confirmed information, but it can be immediately possible to say that the model will not be cheap.


According to the Insiders of the American brand, the first EcoSport will be on sale not earlier than the middle of 2018-2019. At the same time, in Russia and most European countries, the start of sales is scheduled a little later. Indian enterprise facilities will be engaged in the production of the car.

It should be noted that before the similar Ford model was not sold in the United States, because the developer is now a thorough bet on the buyers of this territory. Soon, the North American markets will begin a real struggle between the represented vehicle, and the current favorites: Honda, Toyota, Nisan. The Russian assembly of the crossover will be manufactured at the plant in Naberezhnye Chelny, while the production itself will begin not earlier than the summer of 2017.

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