Lada Largus 2018

Lada Largus 2018

Among the considerable list of updates to AvtoVAZ in 2018, the Largus model should be separately allocated. In 2015, this vehicle turned out to be in the top ten most sought-after cars in Russia. Most likely, it was this success that the wagon was the main reason for its modernization, which appeared not earlier than the future spring. Want to know exactly what a new Largus will be in 2018? Then let's talk about this car in more detail.

Basic information

Despite the fact that in the coming year, the AvtoVAZ government decided to simply fall asleep Russia with improved versions of familiar models, in the endless list of future updates, one of the main places is Lada Largus.

It turns out that all of the rumors are, perhaps soon the car will be "enlisted" to the SUV-segment.

Of course, the novelty will not be able to have anything to do with typical crossovers, and to make sure this will have to carefully examine the basic characteristics of Largus.


In the updated car layout, it is planned to use high rear springs, other racks with improved clashes and 16 inches wheels. The result - the clearance of the car will reach 175 mm. The developer itself determined a novelty as a road vehicle developed in the body of a wagon.

For better clutch with a road surface, the Rubber "Continental" is used 55/205. Her merits managed to evaluate the Renault, Nissan and Skoda models. According to many experts, the type of plastic used for the bumper is characterized by excellent strength, therefore will cope with your direct responsibilities for a long period.

This time, it came to use the active version of the security system, therefore the car got a satellite supplement GLONASS. And one more - the engine mounted under the hood corresponds to the current ecological standards of Euro-5.

additional information

Literally a few months ago, unconfirmed information appeared on the network, which the expected update of Largus will receive in the layout of the differential of increased friction and the locking of the rear differential. Representatives of the management of the enterprise immediately hurried with explanations that such a moment is impossible, since the installation of the designated nodes was not assumed at the time of the car design. In order not to upset future customers too, AvtoVAZ engineers still made a small surprise for them - installed a full drive system. At the same time, the usual version of its front wheels will no longer be used in the model line.

After all the announced improvements and access to Russian sales markets, Lada Largus will be a serious competitor for popular cars such as Skoda Superb and VW Passat. All of them belong to a single class.

On completion, it remains only to pay attention to the photo of the New Year 2018 to see some innovations with your own eyes before the official receipt of the model on sale.


AvtoVAZ company is positioning a new variation of Lada Largus 2018, as a modern road car in the body version - wagon. Given this moment, the main changes in the appearance of the updated vehicle are aimed at matching and maintain this concept. For this purpose, the following changes have been carried out in the LADA Lada Largus 2017-2018 model:

  • The front of the car received a X-shaped bumper and a radiator grille in the style of X-ray models, Vesta;
  • The head optics is made in an exhaust version;
  • Increased rear springs in the suspension;
  • Enlarged wheeled arches;
  • used wheels in the size of 16-inch;
  • The plastic dark body kit is mounted throughout the body.
  • Reduce the thickness of the side molding on the body;
  • The shape of the side mirrors is increased (the absence of mounted revolts can be attributed to the lack).

Common overall dimensions and the design of the back of the novelties did not change. It should be noted that the car has increased clearance to 17.5 cm, which is a positive factor for domestic car owners.

The changes have formed a restyled version of a more confident and solid appearance, but at the same time they retained the former high functionality.

Complete set and technical parameters

The new Lada Largus modification of 2018 will be equipped with only gasoline power units with characteristics (volume-power):

  1. V-1.60 L - 106 liters. with.:
  2. V-1.60 L - 114 liters. with.;
  3. V-1.80 L - 123 liters. with.

In transmissions with all motors there can be a five-speed manual transmission or five range robot. The maximum speed in the configuration with the strongest engine can reach 180 km / h.

In the equipping of a new Largus, the following equipment and functions are provided:

  • Anti-lock brake mechanism (ABS);
  • on-board computer;
  • electronic brake force distribution system (EBD);
  • adjustable steering column;
  • airbags for driver and front passenger;
  • Electric windows of front and rear doors;
  • Rear parking assistant;
  • Electric heating front seats;
  • Electrical heating side mirrors;
  • audio system.

Eight different colors will be available for car painting. As additional accessories for the new modification of the Largus, the manufacturer offers:

  • sets of mudguards;
  • A complete set of parking assistance system;
  • radiator protection;
  • Additional overlays on body thresholds;
  • Carter protection;
  • set of front and rear liners;
  • Universal boot carpet for trunk.

Start Sales and Cost

In the basic configuration, the price of the new Largus 2018 with a capacity of 5 people approximately 490 thousand rubles. A minivan version for 7 people in element configuration will cost the buyer of 510 thousand rubles. The most maximum version will cost about 1.0 million rubles.

Lada Largus Lada Lada Lada Lada Lada Largus is scheduled for January 2018.


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