Hyundai Santa Fe 2018

Hyundai Santa Fe 2018

The Russian car market does not need to know how beautiful the car is considered the famous model of Hyundai - SANTA FE SUV. True, domestic buyers got used to the famous car without even suspecting that the rest of the world buys the same model under the name Santa Fe Sport. Despite similar nuances, the Russians still love the Korean parClotagenik, and happily expect his next finalized version. It is worth recalling that it was Santa Fe that became the first SUV, assembled by Hyundai Motors experts. Since 2013, the enterprise designers have constantly engaged in the improvement of the technical parameters of their shake, and now, finally, it is time to get acquainted with him personally.

At the moment, you should only disassemble what exactly the novelty of Hyundai Santa Fe 2018 differs from its last modification. To do this, have a brief overview of a practically ready for the sale of a crossover.


This time, the developer wanted to see the model of more overall, beloved by the whole world. As a result, not only the parameters of the body are finalized, but also the appearance of its main elements. Due to the use of a whole arsenal of aluminum parts, Santa Fe weight became easier by 50 kg. The design of the Skeleton itself turned out to be more durable, which should have a positive effect on the security of the SUV. According to insiders, the front part of the body is able to withstand a collision at a speed of 64 km / h with a fixed object. It is very important that with such accidents, individual parts of the body will not be able to penetrate the salon, due to the strengthening of the entire structure.

Steel a little impressive body parameters:

  • Length - 4.7 m;
  • width - 1.9 m;
  • Height - 1.7 m;
  • clearance - 0.19 m;
  • Wheel base - 2.7 m.

The exterior of the car has become more expressive and memorable due to the use of a large number of firewalls. The elements of the radiator grille became dimensively, and therefore the structure of the 6-square is now perceived predatory. Immediately behind the car emblem, a camcorder is installed, as in the rear body. Thanks to them, Santa Fa makes the horizon for the driver much better.

All optics on the 2018 vehicle is now larger, and DRL and turn repeaters acquired by LED elements. It did not cost this time without updating fog lights.

The wheeled discs of the chrome sample are available in the amount of 17 inches, although for a fee you can "rebuild" the car into a more impressive 19 "size".


It may immediately seem that the Ergonomics of the Santa FE salon remained unchanged, but this is far from that. For example, a decorative line appeared, finishing materials themselves improved, and in more expensive modifications to create some elements, leather and wood is used.

Since the body parameters have become more, the settings of the cabin increased. Now the cabin holds 5 people. Amenities are identical for rear and front passengers. The volume of the luggage compartment has become spacious - 1680 liters of cubic.

An interesting feature of the mid-size crossover 2018 is the ability to change the power of the power steering. A similar nuance is ideal for ladies who often have to make much more effort in the driving process.

Armchairs acquired multi-level adjustment and lateral support, and can also memorize the settings used. As a result, the passenger will only need to press the desired button to enjoy a comfortable trip.

The Santa FE 2018 model will take another one, a very interesting feature - an alternative to the usual tint. Now for greater privacy or in order to protect against direct sunlight, it is enough to use retractable curtains. To do this, use a special button on the armrest of the side door.

Electronic "Stuffing"

To improve the safety of the flagship and at the same time make it more comfortable during the period, the brand designers decided to establish various electronic helpers on the novelty. Most of them will not be able to become part of the basic assembly, but their installation is easy to order when making a purchase.

The last squeak of automotive moda is the installation on the dashboard of a special button that runs the engine. Climate and cruise control functions, as well as some navigation and the operation of the multimedia system are duplicated on the steering wheel, the center console and the dashboard.

In the layout of the car, you can find a 5-inch touchscreen display, which improves the overview when parking and indispensable for configuring multimedia functions. In addition, the "filling" of Santa Fe consists of the following elements:

  • on-board computer;
  • digital HD radio and CD;
  • Assistant for Long Light Management;
  • headlights, highlighting turns;
  • adaptive climate control with air ionization function;
  • stabilization systems;
  • illuminator of brakes distributing brake force;
  • Ride mode under the slide or during the descent.

In the base assembly of the car there is a mirror for determining blind zones, a circular review system and an assistant for movement on its lane.


Well, now it remains to get acquainted with the most important systems and mechanisms, due to which it will be safe to judge whether this innovation of the car is good, or everything remains in the same, unchanged level. It should be immediately noted that many experts are the slopes to the opinion that the driving qualities and technical characteristics of Hyundai Santa Fe cause only positive emotions. How is it shown?

  • First, the gasoline engine of 2.4 l, with a capacity of 175 hp The car accelerates to 100 km in 11 seconds, while the fuel consumption is 7-11 liters, the maximum speed is 190 km.
  • Secondly, the engine volume 2.2 l and a capacity of 197 hp, the fuel consumption is 5-8 liters, acceleration is carried out in 10 seconds. The maximum accelerated speed is 190 km.
  • Third, mechanical and automatic 6-speed gearbox.
  • Fourth, the updated line of the engine of class V6 with a volume of 3.3 l, with a capacity of 290 hp and a maximum torque of 340 nm.
  • Fifth, the front-wheel drive will be peculiar to standard complete sets, and more modern will receive the full drive option.

After reviewing all the features of the new Hyundai Santa Fe 2018, many people have a completely logical question - how much such new it will cost. Immediately it is worth saying that the final cost, first of all, will be folded and depend on the configuration, so already official representatives called and voiced the following numbers. The basic version will cost 1,685,000 rubles, comfort - 1,779,000 rubles, Dynamic - 1,875,000, High-Tech - 1,950,000, seven-text model - 2 150,000 rubles.


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