Mitsubishi Outlander 2018

Mitsubishi Outlander 2018

Mitsubishi's car concern tries as often as possible to please their buyers with new items. The Japanese firm existing from the 19th century, by 2018 plans to release a new crossover with a unique design and technical characteristics, while the Mitsubishi car quality corresponding to all high quality standards.

A bit of history

For the first time, this car appeared in 2000 in North America, and called the Eitrek model. The purpose of creating Muzbisi was to enjoy the ride. That is, get the most easy control and comfort of the cabin. The last update of Mitsubishi Outlander falls for 2011, the presentation of which was held in Geneva. Now the main thing in the crossover is not the most fast ride, but the comfort of the cabin in a reliable motor vehicle.

At the moment, the newest modification falls for 2015. Full-wheel drive car operating on gasoline. This model was presented in 2014 in New York. It differs from the current version of 2011 by the new front bumper and the radiator grille, as well as the LED adherence and facing the fifth door. The basic version is equipped with an engine (2.0 l) with a capacity of 146 hp Additionally, the crossover is equipped with an anti-lock brake system and electronic distribution of brake efforts.

After the last update, everyone is looking forward to the new version 2018 (end 2017) of the year.

External appearance novelties

Mitsubishi Outlander 2018 will be represented by a wide range of customers with significant external changes, as well as the electronic system of the car. The new modification has already been presented in a new body in New York.

The car is made as safe as possible for passengers, and externally similar to the "dynamic shield" (this idea of ​​Mitsubishi borrowed from Montero).

Front of the crossover is now located a whole design with LED backlighting and overall headlights. The central figure is a X-shaped radiator grille with a large number of chrome elements. And also there is an impressive air intake, with a closing overlay. The colors of the handles, the upper luggage compartment and the front wings is the same as the body itself. The size of the cast discs in the novelty reached 18 dm.

On the side of the car decorate the mirrors with repeaters of turns. The rear racks have become already, and the wheel arches, on the contrary, increased. Outside of doors pass elegant chrome lining.

The main difference from the predecessors in the 2018 model is the LED backlighting of the rear headlights. As well as the relief door of the luggage compartment with inserts. An impressive rear window provides an additional representativeness to appearance, while providing a good review driver.

The dimensions of the Mitsubishi Outlander 2018 have become a little more. Now the length is 4693mm, the width is 1811mm, the height is 1689 mm. The size of the lumen between the road and the bottom is 215 mm, and this is 11 mm more than the predecessors.

Updates in Salon

The interior of the car became richer. This can be judged by photographs presented on the site. The front and rear seats have improved using high-quality tissue upholstery, as well as equipped with a multimedia system.

In the basic configuration of the crossover you will find:

  • climate control;
  • remote key;
  • Cruise control;
  • Leather wheel steering with electric power;
  • Electropacket;
  • Bluetooth and USB;
  • Audio system for 140 W with an output by 6 speakers;
  • multi-mode CAT;
  • heated mirrors;
  • touch screen navigation system;
  • Worked security system.

The insulation of the cabin increased. The internal finish of the doors was also improved to achieve maximum comfort while traveling. At the same time, the driver's seat is adjustable, and the second row folds as needed. In the cabin added LED backlighting running lights.

With each subsequent package, more and more improvements are planned. So, in the maximum version of the rear view mirror will have special. Brushes with non-freezing coating.

Specifications Mitsubishi Outlander 2018

Under the hood Mitsubishi Outlander 2018 no changes. As before, the basic version will be completed with the engine with a volume of 2 l and with a capacity of 146 liters. with. Then follows the motors with a volume of 2.4 and 3 l with a capacity of 167 and 230 liters. with. respectively.

Again there are two-way sensations. On the one hand, these force aggregates are already well acquainted and unpleasant surprises will not be presented. On the other hand, I would like to see at least a hint on some kind of evolution. No, we offer the same product, in another wrapper.

The base 2 liter version accelerates to 100 km / h in 11.7 seconds - it is very, very medium. Approximately the nearest competitors of Nissan X-Trail and Toyota Rav4 are accelerated, but they don't need to prove anything, while Outlander 2018 should not beat in an eyebrow, but in the eye.

Another burning question, which is just to get an answer, concerns the setup of the gearbox. In the previous model, the tandem boxes and the engine worked far from the best.

New Mitsubishi Outlander 2018 has a good transmission with 2.4 or 4.0-cylinder engine. The release of three modifications, whose technical characteristics are presented in the table:

Version Motor Volume Transmission Torque Power (hp) Approximate value (r.)
Basic Petrol 2.0 4 cylinders 196. 147. 1,389,000
Improved Petrol 2.4. 4 cylinders 222. 167. 1 839 990.
Top Petrol 3.0 V-shaped six 292. 230. 2 159 990.

Start of sales in Russia

In Russia, the new model Mitsubishi Outlander will appear in early 2018, some sources voiced the end of 2017. The exact date of the output is not yet. The estimated value of the basic configuration is voiced in 1,300,000 rubles. And Hyundai Santa Fe and Nisan Beetle can be competitors for this SUV.

In any case, security, maneuverability, ease of management, as well as the attractive external and inner view of the new crossover model from the Mitsubishi automotive concern will be appreciated.

Video with new Mitsubishi Outlander:


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