Mercedes Gle 2018

Mercedes Gle 2018

The Mercedes-Benz GLE class is a cult crossover of German production, the release of which is carried out since 1997, but, up to 2015, it has been known as M, A, subsequently, the ML class.

Very many car owners are looking forward to the appearance of a new generation model, which will become more powerful, more reliable, more comfortable and safer.


The new GLE 2018 was created on the MHA platform and slightly increased in size compared to the model of the past generation, and also ran away in weight.

The MHA abbreviation is decrypted as modular high architecture or "high architecture platform". This is an innovative solution that gives a number of advantages. The innovation will increase the efficiency of the functioning of the power unit and transmission, as well as the average consumption of fuel will decrease.

In the photo, the new Mercedes Gle 2018 has a brutal and sporty design, the volumetric arches are taken into the eyes, which add aggressiveness machine.

The car is made in the classic for an SUV style and got simpler lines. The powerful hood has expressive power ribs, which, in a coupe with short front skes, emphasize the sports appearance of Mercedes. Rear installed neat, elegant bumper.

Front optics and radiator grille are combined with each other, but it is worth considering that the headlights in the new version will be changed to others.

Details that affect safety (the same beams) are made of high strength steel. The remaining elements that do not affect it, for example, the outer covering will be made of plastic.

The body and all its details are resistant to corrosion. After assembly, they pass the process of cataphorous priming, protecting the car from the possible appearance of rust. This is the main protective coating that is resistant to the harmful effects of the environment.

The bottom of the body, which is a vulnerable place, passes additional processing, and the special protective plate of aluminum alloy is attached to it.

In addition to the standard modification, the version of the coupe will appear in the line.


To cover the cabin, more expensive and high-quality materials are used, which will give the car stylish and respectability.

The instrument panel will receive the latest multimedia system, as well as two displays with a large diagonal size. Contemporary cabin decoration will provide comfort and comfort during the trip.

The steering wheel will acquire the Touch Control system that responds to the touch of the driver's hands and controlling the information system of the machine. The navigation system will be displayed on displays, one of which can be visually separated into two parts.

According to the designers of the autoconecern, the cabin will become spacious, especially in the rear, and the passenger of any weight and growth will be able to comfortably accommodate the seat, and at the same time his legs will not touch the back of the front seat.

  • Noise insulation level. Due to natural materials, carbon elements in the cabin, special technical solutions sound insulation will improve;
  • steering wheel. It gets the Touch Control system that responds to the touch of the hand and controls the information system of the machine;
  • dashboard. Here will appear the newest multimedia system, the display with a large diagonal and high resolution. The interior photo provided by the insider demonstrates that the screen of the on-board computer can be divided into 2 parts and output independent information to each of them;
  • Rear side of the cabin. She, like the cabin as a whole, will become more spacious. For the rear row passengers there will be its own information and entertainment system. In addition, the person of any weight and growth will be able to comfortably accommodate the sofa, his legs will not touch the back of the front seat. Also, a new electronic system for adjusting the position and inclination of the chair with the memory of the position will also be available to all passengers and the driver;
  • luggage compartment. In the model Mercedes Benz Gle 2018, it is expected that it will be increased. Also, at the expense of folding chairs of the 2nd row, the spaciousness of the trunk will grow if someone wants to use the new GLE as a cargo vehicle. In addition, buyers are given the possibility of independent selection of finishing materials for the machine salon, which will not be able to affect prices for a specific model.

When creating a car, the manufacturer uses special materials, thanks to which there will be noise insulation in the cabin, and it is expected that on this parameter the new generation will exceed all previous ones.

Power units and other technical features

The new generation of GL crossover from Mercedes with an E-class filling will have the best opportunities of the SUV:

  • enlarged clearance and wheelbase,
  • special floor protection
  • Pneumatic suspension in front and rear,
  • automatic transmission box with short switching,
  • Differential of increased friction.

According to the latest information, Mercedes engineers finish the new family of 6-ticulm gasoline aggregates with turbocharging in a row layout that will replace the current V6. Also, on unverified information, an option C4-cylinder engine will be available, which functions both on diesel and gasoline.

Experts note that new variants of the hybrid engine with electrotrherapy are already created, and a completely electric motor. About the hybrid version It is known that it will be a 109-strong electric motor, which will provide 279 hp / 550 nm. Its gasoline part with the volume of 2 liters will consume approx. 3.5 liters of fuel. Their premiere will be held after entering the light of cars with traditional engines. As for the price of eco-friendly power units, the numbers are not yet voiced.

About the coming innovations in the Lux lineup while little can be said. It is known that they will appear:

  • two new 3-liter row six-cylinder engines;
  • 2.9-liter diesel for 408 hp;
  • Two powerful 2-liter gasoline engines with 4 cylinders at 231 and 272 liters. with.

All of them will be aggregated with a nine-speed automatic box. Perhaps it will be an old 4Matic system. It is also known, then the basic configurations of the SUV will equip LED optics and cruise control.

The global market prices for crossovers vary from $ 51 thousand to $ 65,550 thousand in Russia now the cost range is 3.730 million rubles. - 5.340 million rubles. It is expected that the GLE of the new generation will definitely retreat until 6 million rubles.


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Было бы интересно посмотреть данную модель Mercedes-Benz GLE в версии купе. А в-целом, отличная брутальная машина.

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