Chevrolet Traverse 2018

Chevrolet Traverse 2018

At the Detroit Motor Show, which ended at the end of January 2017, a full-size crossover Chevrolet Traverse 2018 was presented. This is the second SUV account of the company, between which there was still an update called LTZ. What is interesting, among all available innovations, the first thing that rushes into the eye is to increase the size. Was it a car for the benefit? Let's deal with together.

Chevrolet Traverse 2018

The model traverse model of 2018 will be able to become the property of the American already in 2017, but its appearance in Russia should expect no earlier than the 18th. Perhaps a decrease in the size of the luggage compartment and happened, but it is minimal, so it is unlikely that they scare the ordinary consumer. In addition, if your vehicle supports Apple CarPlay and Android AUTO, and in addition to this has an outstanding return.

It can be seen that engineers from Detroit spent a lot of time, days and nights a long time thinking about how this or that innovation would bring the finished result to perfection. As a result of all this, a worthy reception of the novelties on the home for her Motor Show.

Brief information about the model

Let's still quickly run on the history of the model. The first generation of traverse was presented in Chicago in 2008. Together with this, another 5 years before Detroit the concept of the concept-car "chopped" the eyes of those present at the view. But, as they say, from that time gasoline has flowed a lot.

Today, Traverse is produced in versions with 7- and 8-seater salon. It still traces the features of TrailBlazer and Uplander. The car managed to find part of its popularity even in a pair of rating serials.


Perhaps the appearance of a car in the TV shows for someone is not an indicator, after all, you can order an advertisement anyone who has money. In this case, just take a look at Chevrolet Traverse 2018 in the photo. Now tell me: Isn't it photogenic? This full-size crossover, in addition to such a quality, also a powerful "beast", but about his merit data a little later.

The appearance of Chevrolet Traverse 2018 turned out to be recognizable, that is, if you are accustomed to the appearance of the first generation, then the second will easily learn. On the other hand, as we have already said, it has increased. Updated car, by the way, with its huge sizes "Delivered" Tahoe, and this is another "dimensional" frame SUV.

Square for the design of the model, to which the drivers are so accustomed, have been preserved. Did no designers and former simplicity. Form conciseness gives the appearance of the vehicle completeness. And even though he is a majestic, at the same time it is modern. Remarkable LED headlights, a huge area of ​​glazing, especially on the back side, a chromed falseradiator grille. Each exterior detail is thought out to the smallest detail, and this is not an empty sound.

Interior Chevrolet Traverse 2018

If the lengths of the length and the wheelbase rose, it means that the free space inside the cabin has become greater. To be honest, the reserves of the place in the perimeter of the location of the third row of seats is abound. If we consider this fact, now there is now a decrease in the trunk on some 30 liters of volume does not seem to the disaster.

In addition, in addition to increasing the free space in the cabin, it is worth noting a whole pack of advantages, if you can put it in this way, which will become indispensable to the passenger's imperceptible assistants. Passenger places will be slightly more comfortable and acquired by advanced regulators, which will make a trip to long distances at times more pleasant, and the DVD entertainment system is completely screamed.

The driver for the same money receives the information and entertainment system of MyLink. The proposed multimedia and the screen with a diagonal of 8 inches allow you to access the desired settings at any time. A circular review cameras will also be at the driver's hand. It remains only to leave the quality of the trip to the conscience of electronic assistants, while watching whether they do everything right.

Navigation, music, video, variety of body color, leather insanity of the cabin, 6 airbags, passive cruise control, etc. - all this about the traverse. It seems to be simply impossible not to love him for these of its qualities.

Technical Features Traverse 2018

Some of the latest technical features, built-in or additional, is a surrounding chamber, a firewall prevention system with automatic braking function.

In addition, there is a Teen Driver mode, which allows owners to set the parameters of the maximum speed and volume of the radio.

The original 20-inch aluminum wheels will perform the role of a kind of asphalt ricksha. They will have to move a huge road "beast", among the technical characteristics of which you can identify already 300 with more horsepower power. For such happiness, by the way, you will have to pay extra. Basic equipment involves only 250 horsepower. But these 250 already equal to the dimensionless happiness of the driver and passengers located in the cabin.

Price and date of the start of sales

If you take into account all these updates, in the new Chevrolet Traverse 2018 there are many advantages. Three roomy seats, stylish design, modern technologies and two powerful engines. The car will go on sale at about the late 2017.

The cost of the basic configuration will allegedly begin with $ 30,000.

Check video with new Chevrolet Traverse:


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