Hyundai Sonata 2018-2019

Hyundai Sonata 2018-2019

Sonata The front-wheel drive four-door model, which is manufactured by Hyundai Motor since 1985. This passenger car refers to the class E that according to the European classification means a business class. Sonata has only one body option - sedan. Currently, the seventh generation of this model has already been available for buyers, the release of which started in 2014.

Like all representatives of the business class, Sonata cars differ:

  1. Comfortable interior.
  2. Powerful power units of various modifications.
  3. Smooth and confident work of the suspension.
  4. High security.
  5. Large set of options.

In Russia, the seventh generation of SONATA cars was not sold. Instead, in our market there is a model I40. This model is not in demand not only in the domestic car market, but also has low sales in other countries. Therefore, Hyundai Motors made a decision to refuse the production of this model near the near future and replace it with the new generation of Hyundai Sonata model range 2018-2019.


At the beginning of this year, Hyundai published official snapshots on its website, which reveal the appearance of the upcoming novelties. In addition, a number of technical parameters of the new car became available for information provided by the manufacturer.

The design of the new car corresponds to the existing concept of the company, which is aimed at creating an appearance for all its cars with sports and active features. This concept is associated with the possibility of attracting buyers of a young category, which, above all, appreciate in cars a sporty look.

Such a sporty species forms the design of the front headlights on the new car Sonata and made in an enlarged version of the radiator grille made in chromed finish. In addition, this image is supported by the front fog lanterns installed on the large front bumper, which are located as close as possible, which will increase, according to developers, their effectiveness when working in fog and poor visibility.

On the side of the individual image of the car give a changed more stringent body features, original aerodynamic molds of mirrors with mounted LED rotor repeatants and individual alloy wheels of the wheels.

Rearly looks very interesting LED block headlights, separated by chrome insert and smoothly set on the side rear wings of the car.

In general, all changes made in the new body of the car give him a sports orientation, which specially worked and made designers of Hyundai Motors for the Sonata model of 2018.

On the modernized feed, stylish two-level dimensions with LED stuffing are banging. The new luggage compartment door no longer has the site to set the license plate. She moved to the renewed rear bumper, from which a large trapezium of the exhaust system is aggressively.

In neat wheel arches, you can install seventeen or eighteen thousandths of the alloy type. New shades for painting body will also be available.

Despite the fairly deep redesign exterior, the overall dimensions of the novelties remained the same. In length, the car reaches 485.5 cm, in width - 186.5 cm, in height - 147.5 cm. The distance between the axes is equal to 280.5 cm, and the road clearance is 14.5 cm.

Salon design and equipment

Inside the cabin, the five-door restyling sonata did not have so drastically changed its appearance as outside. The manufacturer promises a better and expensive interior decoration.

Among the innovations can be noted a convenient three-spoke steering wheel with a multifunctional filling, modified ventilation system deflectors, a base for recharging mobile phones, an additional USB connector at the bottom of the center console, as well as a modern multimedia complex with seven or eight-fashioned full-color touchscreen display and mobile synchronization via Android AUTO interfaces and Apple CarPlay.

Also, depending on the configuration, the following equipment will be available:

  • Climatic installation into two zones;
  • the possibility of heating, ventilation and electrically regulating front armchairs;
  • System of heating steering and seats of the second row;
  • seven airbags with knee protection at a driver's seat;
  • improved intellectual cruise control;
  • Emergency emergency reduction system with a possible front collision with a function of determining transverse pedestrian traffic ahead of the car;

  • road marking system with automatic retention function of the selected strip of movement;
  • monitoring "blind" zones hidden from rearview mirrors;
  • Parking assistant;
  • Rear viewing camcorder or circular video view system.

And this is not the entire list of innovations. The new Hyundai model will have many other multimedia capabilities, modern security and assistance systems to the driver. Details will be known closer to the autumn release.

Complete set and technical parameters

At the first stage of the release of Hyundai Sonata, the new generation will be equipped with three variants of power units, these are two 2.0 liters of 150 and 168 liters. with., as well as a stronger engine in 195 forces and 2.4 liters. In transmissions in a pair with all engines, a six-speed manual transmission can be installed, an eighty-band automatic transmission.

The size of the car was:

  • Length - 4.82 m;
  • Height - 1.48 m;
  • Width - 1.47 m,
  • Wheel base - 2.79 m,
  • clearance - 0.14 m.

According to the company designers, such parameters together using the anterior independent suspension and rear multi-dimensional will allow you to give a car good handling, resistance when moving, add comfort and safety for passengers in the cabin.

Hyundai cars have always differed rich equipment. The following functions have not exceeded and the following functions are provided:

  • invincible access;
  • A large number of airbags, including the knee for the driver and the side for the rear passengers;
  • Camera for rearview;
  • assistant parking;
  • LED rotation repeaters in side mirrors;
  • The darkening inner mirror for the rear view;
  • instrument panel with monochrome display;
  • trip computer;
  • Light and rain sensors;
  • Electric heating and folding side mirrors;
  • Electric heating front seats in 3 versions;
  • Dual-zone climate control.

Beginning of sales in Russia and the price

For the domestic market, the car will be performed in two versions of the "Comfort" and a more saturated option "Express". The final complete set of both version, as well as additional options for Russian conditions, the company will provide closer to the start of sales, which are appointed to the beginning of the fall of this year.

It is planned that the price of a new sonata in a minimum configuration will be 1,400,000 rubles, the most equipped versions will cost from 2200,000 rubles.


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