Audi A7 2018

Audi A7 2018

Audi A7 2018, as journalists believes, based on the information mined by them, if it does not become better than its predecessor, then the success of the original Fastbuck model will in many ways, the full name of which is complemented by the word Sportback. As you understand, this is a sports car that allows you to feel the taste of speed in all its glory, if so can be expressed.

Brief information about the model

On innovations that should be inalienable parts preparing now in the Germans of Germans, we will talk immediately after we tell you about the development of the model.

Thus, the Audi A7, which belong to the class "Gran Tourismo", was first introduced in his homeland - in Munich, specifically - in the "Pinakotek of Modernity". It was then 2010.

The car was built on the basis of the SportBack concept, which was subsequently subsequently in the name of the serial model. The design of the car at the same time was similar to the previous creations of German Autodels and no. One of the features of "seven" was the introduction of a projection display in the vehicle capable of displaying the image directly to the windshield. Well, what are you not "charm"? Straight fiction in the real world!


Actually, for the fact and more many drivers and love A7. And what to surprise them now in the new version? Question.

So, Audi A7 2018, the new model of a well-known vehicle should attract attention a number of features. No doubt, he will retain the main advantages inherent in the "seven":

  1. spectacular appearance;
  2. excellent dynamics and thread;
  3. The most advanced technologies for safety and comfort.

The overall dimensions of the new Audi 2018 are:

Length. 4969 mm
Width (with Mirrors) 2118 mm
Height 1422 mm
Wheelbase. 2926 mm
Useful Trunk Volume 535 LITERS.
With Folded Trunk Seats 1390 Litrov
Bajnik Door Width. 1050 mm


Inside the salon, the Audi A7 version of 2018 reigns all the same luxury, which the predecessor could boast. Naturally, the Germans will only turn on to the interior of the interior:

  • skin;
  • practical high-quality plastic;
  • Stylish chrome elements.

They took care of, according to people close to the sources of the company, encouraged important information about the plans of the German Autodels, and about the steering wheel. This is the most real multiwall that allows you to change many a variety of settings without distracting from the car management process.

Of the pleasant features of the interior it is worth noting:

  1. New designs of the first row armchairs;
  2. heating not only seats, and and steering;
  3. replacement of an analog dashboard with an ultra-modern display of 12.3 inches;
  4. Informative ten-lean touch screen multimedia system;
  5. The third monitor to configure the climate system of the car.

With a closer look at the salon, it can be noted that the interior of the novelty echoes with the design of Audi A-8. Depending on the configuration of the car will be equipped with the Bang & Olufsen audio system, and the atx of one of three possible multimedia systems:

  • MMI Radio;
  • MMI Navigation;
  • MMI Navigation Plus.

Видео обзор салона и панели приборов новой Ауди А7 2018

Specifications Audi A7 2018

The following dimensions are planned for the future Audi A7:

  1. In length, this machine will reach 4.97 meters;
  2. Its height will be 1.42 meters;
  3. In width, the car will be 1.91 meters;
  4. The size of the wheelbase will be 2.91 meters;
  5. Road clearance will reach 145 millimeters.

The capacity of the future Audi A7 trunk will be quite large - 535 liters, and when lowering the back of the rear seats, the trunk volume will be more than 855 liters, which will allow, if necessary, without difficulty and unnecessary hassle, accommodate volumetric cargo in the car.

Speaking of improving the technical characteristics of the car under consideration, you can mark the upgraded MLB modular platform, the use of which will make it possible to reduce the weight of the machine for as much as 100 kilograms, and also reduce fuel consumption.

It is also worth noting a whole line of power units, which will be equipped with a machine to increase its power. Thus, in Europe, according to the plan, Audi A7 will be presented with five different engines: two gasoline and three diesel, and in Russia with one diesel and three gasoline.

A small number of diesel engines imported to Russia is explained by low purchasing power and high duty for the concern itself.

Basic equipment of this car can boast:

  • rear view chamber;
  • two-seasonal climate control;
  • cruise control;
  • massage chairs;
  • on an on-board computer;
  • rain sensor;
  • ABS;
  • electrically adjusted heated mirrors;
  • Parking sensor from behind and in front.

Additional investments will allow a lot of options to acquire various options, for example, a pneumatic suspension, an adaptive lighting system and much more.

Beginning of sales in Russia and the price of new

The price of the new five-door fastback Audi A7 Sportback on the German market will be about 67,800 euros. The first supplies of new items in the car dealers of Europe are expected in February 2018. When the model appears in Russia's car dealerships and what will be its price in the domestic market while it is difficult to say.

Obviously one thing - the new Audi will be able to adequately compete with novelties of Mersedes, Porsche, BMW and Bentley class. Premium.


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