Honda Civic Type R 2018-2019

Honda Civic Type R 2018-2019

Honda Civic Type R is a sports version of the popular Honda Civic car. Attempts by the company to submit a sports version were launched in the 91st year of the last century. The official representation of the sports model Civic Type R took place in 1997. The model was collected at the Japanese factory of the company and was intended only for the domestic market. The atmospheric engine of the first generation of the model of 1.6 liters developed the capacity of 185 horsepower. The second generation of the sports version saw the light in 2001, the third in 2007. Currently, fans expect an appearance on sale Honda Civic Type R 2018-2019 model year.


The aggressive and dynamic view of the serial version of the Civic Type R presented at the Geneva Motor Show reminds the predator is preparing to jump. The special dynamism of the appearance create monumental bumpers with huge air intake wells. Narrow, with complex filling the front headlights of the novelties closely adjacent to the grille.

The largest mesh of the rawfish is decorated in the middle of the logo of the Japanese manufacturer. The lower air intake of the car broken with plastic lip is almost a mirror image of the radiator grille. Round fog lights are located in huge wells next to vertical air intakes. A huge curly hood, with a wide air intake, is cropped in front by the framing of the radiator grille.

Located under the acute angle of the narrow front racks Honda Civic 2018-2019, go into a rounded roof of the novelties and end with a low-end feed of the novelty. A large side glazing area improves the driver's review. The door of the car with a high window line is decorated with two climbing ribs raising to the feed of the novelty. The top edge passes in the center of the door handles located in different planes. Vertical gills are located near a slightly swollen wheel arches, in which 20-inch wheels on low-profile rubber fit.

The thresholds of the novelties are closed with special plastic lining. The lower part of the rear door is covered with a powerful spoiler, which limits visibility to the driver, but this is more than compensated by large rear-view mirrors with integrated rotation indicators in them. LED lights of an unusual shape are separated by the luggage door into two unequal parts, most of which are located on the rear wing of the novelties. Three pipes of the exhaust system, located strictly in the center of the rear bumper, look unusually.


The first thing that rushes into the cabin in the new Honda Civic Type R 2018-2019 is a huge amount of scarlet inserts, which distinguishes it from the usual version of the Japanese car. The front panel has a complex shape with brightly stamps of deflectors. A small visor covers the three deep wells of the instrument panel, on which, contrary to modern fashion, the main indicators are located separately. The instrument illumination is carried out with bright red. Located in the middle of the front console, the multimedia installation will allow you to easily select the desired program using a large touchscreen display. Below the color monitor, the climate settings and regulators are settled.

Anatomical chairs - buckets, broken with red inserts, with integrated head restraints have a great position of adjustments and memory for two positions. At the presented photos, a multimedia steering wheel with red inserts and a large number of buttons and regulators is visible.

The gearbox lever is located on the center console, the motion mode switch and the point of turning on the parking brake. The small armrest of the car has in front of the recess for the cooled coad and the complementary compartment. In the rear seat, only two passengers will feel freely, the third will have to come to put up with the rear-sofa and irregular rear sofa.


The compact car Honda Civic 2018-2018 release has three types of body. In the sedans set six levels of configuration:

  • Lx
  • Ex,
  • Ex-t,
  • Ex-L,
  • Touring
  • Si.

There are still specialized configurations with sports themes that are installed on the Hatchback body:

  • Sport,
  • Sport Touring,
  • Type R.

In the body coupe Civic there is only one set of LX-P.

In the basic standard configuration in the body sedan, Civic has a lot of necessary systems. In LX install:

  • 2.0 engine,
  • Six-speed mechanics,
  • Sixteen seed steel discs
  • LEDs on the headlights,
  • Rear seat folding mechanism for rear seats,
  • Automatic climate control,
  • Driving seat height regulator,
  • five-dimm screen,
  • rear chamber
  • USB,
  • audio system with four speakers,
  • Bluetooth.

The four-cylinder engine, which enters LX, issues:

  • 158 horses,
  • 188 nm.

If you do not like the mechanics, the stepless automatic can be ordered to this block of cylinders.

Almost every year of 2018-2019, you can install the Honda Sensing security package. It includes:

  • Adaptive cruise control,
  • Stripe control system,
  • Emergency braking
  • Warning of the frontal collision.

For the body of the Hatchback LX give a turbocharged unit. Engine 1.5 generates:

  • 174 horses,
  • 227 nm.

In the body coupe one grade LX-P. There is:

  • Standard 2.0 engine,
  • Machine with CVT technology, Luke,
  • Ignition without a key
  • Remote engine start.

Тест-драйв Honda Civic

Sales and price in Russia

Sales of a new sports car started in England at the end of the summer of 2017, in continental Europe, the novelty is expected by the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019. The voiced price of Honda Civic Type R in the basic configuration will be 32 thousand English pounds or almost 39 thousand euros, which corresponds to 2.7 million rubles. It is worth upset of the manufacturer's fans, sales in Russia of the 5th generation Honda Civic Type R are not yet expected.

Look also video with a new car:


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