Suzuki Vitara 2018-2019

Suzuki Vitara 2018-2019

Suzuki Vitara was first presented in 1988 for the domestic market of Japan under the name of Escudo. In 1993, the car received the 3-door body. The second generation of the car was produced from 1998 to 2006 and very much like Russian car enthusiasts. The third generation was made until 2014. The latest version of the car was presented in 2014. The new model of Vitara 2018-2019 will see the light in the near future.


The Compact Crossover is assembled on the basis of the New SX4 car, with a lot of new items taken from the inner donor stuffing. In the appearance of the car there are modern style and ambitions. Most of the front of the novelties occupies a huge bumper. It is compactly located point fog lights and curved LED running lights.

Complex shape The front headlights smoothly go to a narrow slotted raw sheath of the radiator, which covers the solid size of the company's branded sign. Located under the lattice of the air intake in a plastic frame looks huge, but its large part is occupied by the plank for setting the license plate. The hood of the car in the front of the round shape and has a pair of firewall. To give styles on his sides, there were gills of extra air intakes.

At the photo Suzuki Vitara 2018-2019 it is seen that the novelty's profile has a distant similarity with the early models of Grand Vitara. The front racks of the car are located under an acute angle, so the air resistance at the model will be minimal. The roof of the novelty is flat and has a bias toward the back of the crossover. In a slightly bloated wheel arches of the machine, decorated with plastic, will be able to accommodate the 18th wheels. The high window line is designed to underline the off-road characteristics of the crossover.

Wide doors in their lower part have the original form of sending, passing by their ribs into the back of the car. The rear bumper is not as voluminous as the front, three reflectors are located in his apron. The rear lights are made in the form of a convex polyhedron and are divided into almost two equal parts. The rear window takes half the luggage door and is covered with a long spoiler in which the third stop signal is integrated.


Tapped updates and interior of new items. First of all, the increased quality of finishing materials is attracted, they have become much better and more pleasant to the touch. The decoration of the interior looks good, but somewhat boring. Decorative inserts are almost lacking in the finish. The instrument panel is single-level, the rounded form of the deflector and the shooting hours are located in its upper part of it in the center.

The high visor covers the analog control devices and the on-board computer screen located in the center of the dashboard. The center of the front console is located a touch screen of the multimedia system, just below it organs the controls of a two-zone climate installation. Above the volume glove box is a decorating insert, the color of which can choose a potential buyer at its discretion.

Three-speaking multimedia steering wheel has a large number of control buttons and switching petals. He will allow you to conveniently sit in the front chair to drivers of different settings. Comfortable front seats Suzuki Vitara 2018-2019 have good lateral support and a large number of position adjustments. The color of the unique upholstery of all seats can be changed at the request of the client.

There is little place in the back seat, a small car width, a beveled roof and a high central tunnel contribute to this. The threesome on the rear sofa will sit very closely. For a fee, a panoramic roof is available as an option. The volume of the luggage compartment is very small, only 380 liters, but if necessary, part of the boot can be placed on the roof of the car, where low rails are installed.


The car will be produced based on generation SX4. Therefore, it will have the following technical characteristics:

  1. Disc brakes with ventilation.
  2. Racks MacPherson on the pendant in front.
  3. Semi-dependent beam from behind with Torsion.
  4. Rack steering wheel.

It should be said that the new version will be excellent clearance, its value will be 18.5 centimeters.

Видео обзор рестайлинга Сузуки Витара

Body dimensions are as follows:

  • The length of its 417.5 cm;
  • The width is 177.5 cm;
  • The height is 161 cm;
  • The base between the wheels is 2.5 m

It can be noted that the size of the car has practically not changed. Suzuki Vitara is a sufficiently light car. The weight of the car is a little more than one ton.

The car will not differ in a large trunk, its volume is 375 liters. But when folding the back of the rear sofa, the volume can be increased to 1100 liters.

Podcast space

The manufacturer declared the following modifications of engines:

  1. Diesel engine with a volume of 1600 cm³ and strength of 120 horses, torque engine 170-180 N * m;
  2. Gasoline motor, 1.4 liter volume, 140 horses with a torque of 220 N * m, with a turbine;
  3. Gasoline engine, a volume of 1.6 liters, with a capacity of 117 hp and torque in 156 n * m. This engine was first mounted on the Russian versions of the car.

Detailed characteristics of all motors will be known later.

Видео обзор Vitara

It is assumed that the Suzuki Vitara will be installed two PPC options: 6-speed mechanics and a 6-speed automatic. Regardless of which box will be installed, overclocking until hundreds of car is gaining in 10, 2 seconds.

Like previous versions, there will be either four-wheel drive on new cars or front. In addition, there are transmissions on crossovers with a choice of different operating modes:

  1. Moving on the highway and level road.
  2. Movement on light and small off-road with blocking differential between axes.
  3. Movement over big off-road on low gear.

Start sales, price and build options

Autoconecern plans to start selling this summer. But the car will first go to America, where he is very popular and in demand.

Sales of the new version in the Russian Federation will allegedly begin in mid-2018-2019. This period is not final.

Until this time, the car will be tested on roads in different countries. Today, prices in car dealerships on the Nissan model of the richest configuration in Russia begin from a million hundred thousand rubles.

In the basic configuration of the car will be:

  • Six airbags and curtains;
  • A variety of protection systems (ABS, EBD, ESP);
  • Air conditioner;
  • Front heated seats;
  • Cruise control system;
  • Multifunctional steering wheel;
  • Multimedia system with navigator;
  • Halogen DRL.


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