Subaru XV 2018

Subaru XV 2018

Subaru XV is a compact crossover, which the Japanese company Subaru releases from 2011. It is designed based on the concept of the same name, equipped with a permanent full-wheel drive with an imaging arrangement and a capacity of 5 people.

The main advantage of this SUV should be considered high security laid down in its design. This is confirmed by the maximum rating of the "five stars", which is assigned a car based on the results of test tests conducted by the European Committee Euro NCAP.

In addition, the XV model is distinguished by original design, bright colors, high pendancy, Japanese reliability.

At this year, the Geneva Motor show was submitted by the subaru XV 2018. Despite the fact that the last restyling of the second generation of the crossover was fulfilled in 2016, this did not lead to an increase in the volume of car sales, primarily on the European carport. Given the fact that the SUV is most popular in the North American continent, the main changes in the new Subaru XV 2018 are made taking into account the characteristics of this market.

Interesting design

Subaru cars have never been distinguished by stylish and bright design. Therefore, when developing an updated Subaru XV 2018, the company paid great attention to the appearance of the crossover. It received an updated narrow headlight headlights in LED design, a new hexagonal radiator grille, a modified design of fog headlamps, a beautiful design of the front bumper.

The profile XV has become more interesting to look at the expense of the side eases stretched from high front wheeled arches to the rear shelter. The rear racks themselves due to the smoothly descending roof of the car are made quite wide, but relatively not very high.

The rear spoiler with a built-in stop signal, which is successfully combined with the end of the roof, is made in black plastic execution and well harmonizes with the same black linings on the rear wings, which smoothly switch to the bumper, as well as with a dark body kit of the entire car. Such a body kit combined with bright colors of the crossover coloring and installed 18-inch wheels on alloy disks emphasize the versatility of the car.

The changes made in appearance allowed the car to look more sporty and volume, which additionally emphasizes the branded orange color (Tangerine Orange Pearl) model. Total to the buyer will be asked for 11 color options XV.

The overall dimensions of the SUV are slightly increased, which made it possible to make it more comfortable and roomy. The length of Subaru XV was 4.65 m, which is more than 20 cm of the previous generation, the width is 1.80 m (+ 2 cm), the height is 1.67 m (+10 cm), the size of the wheelbase is 2.65 m ( +2 cm). The clearance has not changed and is 22.0 cm.

Interior Subaru XV 2018

On the official photo and descriptions submitted by the company, inside the car interior did not receive large revolutionary changes, but began to look more modern at the expense of a new form of a multifunctional steering wheel, an enlarged display for a multimedia complex, a modified dashboard on which a full-color computer display is highlighted, as well as updated Design of ventilation deflectors.

Changed the materials of the interior decoration. A soft plastic is used on the front panel, as well as on the door, improved tissue upholstery, stitched by a company orange line. The use of such materials made it possible to improve the noise insulation of the cabin and increase its comfort.

The change in the size of the crossover increased the opening angle of the door and as a result improved the conditions for landing and disembarking. In addition, the inner space has increased for the rear passengers, which also added comfort to the salon.

The front seats of the car have high-quality side support, an anatomical backrest contour, adjustable head restraints and have a large adjustment range, which allows the driver and passenger is quite comfortable during long trips.

The volume of the trunk in the standard version is 310 liters, with a folded rear seats, it increases to 1200 liters, while the seats can be folded in a 2: 1 ratio. It should also be noted that with the rear chairs in the luggage compartment it turns out a flat site.

Specifications and equipment

First of all, it is worth noting a new SGP modular platform. It was the new "trolley", according to the manufacturer, it made it possible to significantly increase the rigidity of the body of the crossover (for twist - as much as much as 70%) and its handling. As a result, the rolls in turns were almost twice. In addition, it was possible to achieve a lower center of gravity - it means that the stability of the off-road model has improved.

The dimensions of the SUV changed. It is reported that the SUBARU XV 2018 of the model range is larger and more spacious than the preceding version:

  • Only the wheeze base increased by 3 cm (up to 266, 5 cm);
  • The body length received an increase of 1.5 cm (now this indicator is 446.5 cm);
  • In the width, the car increased by 2 cm (smooth - 180 cm);
  • The height remained unchanged - all the same 161.5 cm.

As for the road lumen, it is still equal to 220 mm. Excellent indicator among Odnoklassniki. Of course, the drive is complete, and also an indifferential.

Also, the Japanese crossover acquired a X-MODE regime that helps with dried off-road conditions. In addition, the novelty was equipped with a system of help when moving on the descent. It is called Hill Descent Control.

The chassis of the new Subaru XV 2018 "swallowed" from the predecessor. That is, the car has a fully independent suspension with racks MacPherson in front and a multi-block design from behind. However, many elements and part of the hodovka were replaced with new ones. In addition, the transverse stability stabilizer is now connected to the body, which has doubled to reduce the slopes when turning.

In addition, the steering was sharper and responsive. Largely due to a decrease in the transfer ratio to 13.1 (earlier - 14.1).

What is under the hood?

At the moment, the Japanese stated only one power unit. Its indicators are as follows:

  • Volume - 2 liters
  • Fuel consumed - gasoline
  • Power - 156 liters. with. (Most likely, for Russia the engine is slightly strangled to 148-150 "horses")
  • Torque - almost 200 nm

In the role of transmissions - an updated lineartronic variator with 7 quasi-performers. By the way, this checkpoint became easier for 8 kg! At the same time, it is still equipped with manual control at the expense of stealing petals.

In addition to the 2-liter gasoline engine, they promise to install a 1.6-liter engine, which can produce only 114 liters. C., as well as a 2-liter diesel. True, such force aggregates will be available only for Europe and the United States.

Equipment and safety

The application of the new platform made it possible to improve the safety of the car. Now the body of the crossover with a frontal collision by 40% is better coping with the absorption of the kinetic energy of the strike. The number of electronic assistants has increased. So for the safety of the driver and passengers now answer:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control;
  • Automatic braking system;
  • Assistant warning about changing the strip of movement;
  • LKAS, that is, the retention system in the strip;
  • Auto detection of light depending on the road situation;
  • Head optics with the function of change and adjust the headlights when turning turns;
  • Control of "blind" zones;
  • Function for detecting obstacles when moving with reversal and MN. Dr.

Start Sales, Preliminary Prices and Possible Installations

The start of the sales of the crossover is scheduled for the summer of 2017. Therefore, the configuration and prices for Subaru XV 2018 are no longer a secret. It is known that the American car will be offered in 3 versions. This is Base, Premium and Limited. At the same time, this year, a novelty should appear in Russia.

Most likely, domestic dealers new XV will be sold in the same equipment as the second generation of crossover. Recall, it is ZD, EG and FG. The exact cost of the novelty is not called. However, specialists and insiders predict the rise in price of the crossover by 10-15%. Therefore, the initial price is likely to be about 2 million rubles.

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