Range Rover Velar 2018

Range Rover Velar 2018

The British company Land Rover, specializing in the production of high-pass vehicles, replenished the news of the model range of 2017-2018 by an absolutely new car. This is a medium-sized crossover Range Rover Velar model range of 2018, which was officially represented at the Geneva Motor Show in the spring of this year.

The appearance and presentation of this crossover on the car dealership was sufficiently unexpected. The company managed to the first presentation of the car to hide information on the start of the serial release of this SUV.

The novelty should take place in the production line between Evoque and Sport models.


The design of the car is made in accordance with the branded Land Rover style. For the new Range Rover Velar 2018, it is characterized by an increased bias of the windshield and rear window of the car body, the inclined line of the roof of the body, deviating dark racks, large convex arches for wheels, aerodynamic black side mirrors with built-in repeaters.

Individual front appearance, especially this is noticeable in the official photo Renge Rover Vellar Sample 2018, form:

  1. Original radiator grille with narrow LED headlights, which are equipped with a running lights. It also placed the company emblem.
  2. Massive bumper with side holes for air intake with transverse inserts.

The back of the crossover has a large bumper, LED lights, chrome lining for exhaust pipes, a spoiler with a built-in stop signal, a stylish lining with a company name.

Other features include the design of door handles. They are made in retractable performance and are equipped with LED backlight.

This design has formed not only the individual image of the car, but also allowed to obtain a very low windshield coefficient of only 0.32 cx.


The Salon of the New Renge Rover Voller model range of 2018 is very organically decorated, but it will reach a high level of comfort and technical equipment. For decoration, high-quality materials are used: premium fabric, genuine leather, polished aluminum.

In the interior of the cabin, there are almost completely no buttons, knobs, switches, levers and other familiar controls. In a new crossover, system management is performed using touch panels.

The multifunctional steering wheel is equipped with special switches to control audio and cruise control. Two displays are located on the dashboard. A large 13-inch, which is located behind a multifunctional steering wheel replaces the dashboard. Another 10-inch is designed to control the multimedia system, while it is able to change the angle of inclination.

The driver's seat and front passenger seats have a convenient anatomical shape, special head restraints, side and lumbar support, in addition, in their designs there are: heating, massage, ventilation, electrically regulating positions. The rear seats are less comfortable, but also have an anatomical form and the heating function is provided for them. They can also develop in a ratio of 40-20-40.

LED elements and ten different color shades are provided for lighting the cabin.

In the usual seat location, the trunk volume is 560 liters. With a folded second row, the volume reaches 1735 liters, with the formation of a smooth loading site.

Sizes of the future model of the Vlar crossover from Land Rover

All the expected and beloved SUV will delight its fans with impressionable dimensions:

  • 4 meters long 80 centimeters;
  • about two meters wide - 1.93 m.;
  • 167 centimeters high;
  • longitudinal distance between the axes of the front and rear wheels in 287 centimeters;
  • The distance from the car to the ground is 21 centimeters.

What will be Range Rover 2018 according to technical specifications

According to manufacturers inside the car, both gasoline and diesel motors will be operated. The following engine options are possible:

  • gasoline four-cylinder volume two liters developing power up to 250 hp;
  • Gasoline six-cylinder three liter capacity of 380 liters. with.;
  • Diesel turbocharged two-liter motor in four cylinder in 180 liters. with power;
  • Diesel four-liter with double turbocharging and two liters. The power of it is 240 liters. with.;
  • Diesel turbine, consisting of six cylinders, three liter volume and a maximum power of 300 liters. with.

In a pair with all listed aggregates, the advantage will be left behind an eight-step automatic transmission.

Equipment Rover Velar according to the latest time trends

The package of modern services includes all the most necessary for the convenience of the driver and comfort of passengers:

  • Motor button start;
  • adjustment of the opening of the trunk doors at the expense of the electric drive;
  • Multifunctional steering wheel with a variety of switching and heated;
  • four-zone climate control;
  • programmable adjustment of the heating of the car interior;
  • system that helps on parking;
  • Installing the rear review cameras and many other functions from the manufacturer that can be found when buying or ordering a car.

Diversity in the security system

The new model of the SUV provides a complete security package. By purchasing a car, the client can choose a complete set of services provided by the Company. This is especially true of life security when traveling.

Airbags can be prevented by the risk of damage not only the driver, but also all passengers. They can be installed on the sides of the seats, near the windows, as well as at the level of the drivers' knees.

At what price and when you can buy a new crossover model 2018

Such a medium-sized SUV has a great demand from our compatriots and after the information on the first presentation of the updated Range Rove, many motorists wondered where and when it can be purchased into personal use.

According to the assumptions of responsible persons of Land Rover, the first copies of the crossover will appear in their homeland in England in the summer of 2017, and for Russian consumers the car will come down from the conveyor closer to the fourth quarter of 2018.

The cost will range from four million rubles in the BASE configuration, up to seven and a half million rubles with the coolest First Edition set.

Look also video with a new car:


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