Skoda Rapid 2018-2019

Skoda Rapid 2018-2019

The plans of the Czech automaker for 2018 laid a strategy for the conquest of the Russian market in a volume of 5% or 3.5 million pcs. Auto. Our country is the third after Germany and the PRC consumer of Skoda products. Only in the first 6 months of 2017. The Russians bought for 12% of Czech cars more than in the previous year. In dealer centers, there is an increased interest in the updated Liftbekk Skoda Rapid 2018, which will be on sale very soon.

Representatives of the autoconecern consider this car very important for our country. At the Kaluga Plant "Volkswagen Group Rus" has been established by its local manufacture in a full cycle (CKD). Work in 2 shifts provides the release of up to 110 pcs. specified modification per day.

In January of this year, Rapid entered the top five sold foreign cars in the country.

Fresh exterior

The first news about the modernization of compact elevatback was announced at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, where the public was submitted to the public. The manufacturer pleased car enthusiasts with a variety of body color gamut. The choice is offered "hot" shades of the new Rapid model:

  • Deep red Tornado,
  • Orange with copper Copper Orange,
  • beige,
  • Yellow Savannah,
  • spectacular brown
  • as well as bright green.

Due to the elongation of the wheelbase, the new body acquired a silhouette of the coupe, and the line of the tornado provides overflow of the shadows and light on the side surfaces, giving the overall outline of a sporty character. A renewed drawing is provided for alloy disks.

Changes in the design touched the frontal and stern part of the car. The headlights were substantial upgraded. Now lighting provide:

  • Front bixenon lights,
  • LED elements of daytime running lights,
  • Light sensor in the form of an option.

In the literal sense, spurla in a new front bumper, which integrated fog lights in the original rectangular layout.

The last restyling was noticeably affected on the rearview mirrors. Their housing, like door handles, painted in the body palette. In addition, there are rotary pointers in the mirrors.

Lanterns of the s-form feeds received a corporate "crystalline" design. In the architecture of the new body Skoda Rapid 2018 specialists celebrate dynamic sports strokes that make the model much more attractive and more sought-after.


Those who wish can choose a special black edition design line with wide range of body colors at a price of 774600 rubles.

Improvements in the salon

It is impossible to say that the inner architecture has gained a completely new design, but the use of fresh decorative elements and technical improvements make the interior much more attractive. A very roomy, by the standards of this class, the luggage compartment and a large space that received rear passengers appear attention.

After restyling changed:

  • doors that have now updated overlays,
  • Front panel air intake deflectors: They received new outlines,
  • dashboard
  • Climatic installation control unit.

For versions with more expensive filling, both atmospheric interior lights are available. Also, the cabin of Skoda Rapid last sample is equipped with modern multimedia systems, including new audio systems and 2 USB connector for rear passengers.

Information and entertainment multifunctional Swing and AMUNDSEN complexes have monitors with a larger diagonal. The manufacturer does not yet report how the price of the car will change thanks to these innovations, but promises that the SMARTLink + filling will enable passengers using a number of services, to demonstrate on the entertainment system, data of cellular tubes, other portable devices, as well as track the necessary road parameters.

Skoda Rapid is a bestseller in Russia. In 2016, the model was separated by OK. 26 thousand copies.

Specifications Skoda Rapid 2018

A new turbocharged 3-cylinder unit 1.0 TSI has been added to the engine lineup, which has excellent efficiency - about 4.5 l / 100 km. This motor is supplied in two options 95 and 110 liters. with. who accelerate the new rapid to hundreds for 11 and 9.8 seconds, respectively. However, it is not planned to go after this engine - the supply is not planned to Russia. Also, two turbodiesels with volumes of 1.4 liters and 1.6 liters will not come to Russia and (power 90 and 116 liters. Respectively).

For Russian car enthusiasts, the set of engines will remain the same. All models front-wheel drive and prefer gasoline with octane number, ranging from 95. Gearboxes to choose from three: mechanical 5-mortar, 6-range automatic and robotic 7-speed. All engines show decent efficiency - less than 8 liters in the city and up to 5 along the highway. At the same time, the dynamics of up to 100 km - within 12 seconds, the more powerful the motor, the faster the overclocking - on the turbocharged 1,4-liter version you can reach a mark for 9 seconds.

Suspension format is typical for cars in and from class. Ahead of the MacPherson racks, half-dependent torsion beams are used for rear wheels. Front brakes - ventilated discs, rear - in the standard drum, optionally disk.


The updated model is presented in the following configurations: basic Entry, Active, Ambition and the richest style.

In the database, the car will be equipped with a standard mechanical box with five transmissions and besides:

  • adjustment at the height of the driver's seat;
  • front windows;
  • steering adjustment;
  • central locking;
  • anti-lock brake system;
  • driver's airbag;
  • stabilization system;
  • folding rear seats.

Starting from the configuration Active, the MFA on-board computer is added to the equipment list, the third headrest for the middle passenger behind, the windshield heating and the miniature rear view camera mounted above the number sign. More detailed descriptions of the packages can be found on the official Skoda website.

For an additional fee, you can purchase a wide range of options, such as a passenger airbag, an audio system with MP3, heated mirrors, air conditioning and more.

Among other optional rapid chips there are parking sensors both front and rear, fog lights with angular lighting when turning, an auxiliary system for starting uphill, invisible access.

Sales in Russia

The company's management announced the launch of pre-orders for the new Skoda Rapid 2018 in April 2017. Production starts in May, and by the end of the month or early June, the supply of cars in the salons will begin.

The price of the basic set of Entry begins from 599 thousand rubles. The richest Style filling is from 817 thousand. A number of settings are included optionally for a fee. The accurate list of equipment and prices for them will become closest to the appearance of the 2018 Rapid Skoda in the salons.

Look also video with a new car:


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