Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2018

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2018

On September 12, the most expected event of the year was held in Frankfurt - the opening of the IAA-2017 car dealership, at which Toyota officially introduced the updated version of the popular Land Cruiser Prado SUV, the release of which is scheduled for 2018. The preceding work of Toyota engineers and designers was more than a successful and new car For sure there is nothing to surprise the potential owner. Result restyling and technical improvement Steel:

  1. Even more impressive dimensions;
  2. the cardinal transformation of the exterior;
  3. Stylish and comfortable interior;
  4. improved pavement parameters in off-road conditions;
  5. Modern security systems.

Brief information about the model

For a start a few words about the model of the SUV. It was developed in 1987, as a frame mid-sized SUV with increased permeability and, at the same time, improved comfort. Produced with 3 and 5 doors. Toyota Prado places:

  • 1 generation (until 1996). Also known as Bundera, LandCruiser II, 70 Prado.
  • 2nd generation (1996-2002). Series 90. Produced on the basis of Toyota 4Runner (Toyota Hilux Surf). In those years was the main competitor to Mitsubishi Pajero.
  • 3 generation. (2002-2009). Series 120. Also walked on the basis of Toyota 4Runner. There are models with an automatic transmission, permanent and plug-in.
  • 4 generation (C 2009 at our day). Series 150. He became a worthy continuation of the previous generation, having received increased dimensions and enhanced frame. In 2013 was the first restyling, and the second was represented by this autumn in Frankfurt.

Japanese autoconecern sells Prado 4 generation since 2009. The restyling front part, before that, was only 1 time - in 2013. It is not surprising that changes in 2018 have become long-awaited.


By comparing the updated version with the previous model, it can be noted that the unchanged remains:

  • Reliable frame design;
  • four-wheel drive;
  • An impressive ground clearance (205 mm for the 3-Double version and 215 for 5-Tidner);
  • The system of forced blocking of differentials.

At the same time, the new Land Cruiser looks even more dynamic and aggressive, in each element demonstrating its independent male character and readiness to the most serious tests. Thanks to the changes, the new Prado not only has acquired a fundamentally new style, but also received improved geometric permeability:

Entry. 31º
Congress 25º
Ramp 22º

From the cardinal changes worth noting:

  • improved form of front and rear bumpers;
  • stylish radiator grille equipped with advanced vertical sections;
  • Modern head optics;
  • new shape of the rear lamps and LED stop;
  • New lines of sending the hood and wings providing the best control of the front edge of the car during maneuvering.

In 2018, even the auto basic configuration will receive modern LED headlights.


The main innovations that the Prado salon received in 2018 is a functional and stylish three-spoke servor and an updated optimile dashboard. Also at the driver's services, a 8-inch touch monitor, through which all functions are controlled by the modern Toyota Touch 2 navigation system and multimedia equipment of the car. The airup will be able to choose between three color salon solutions:

  • stylish black;
  • black and brown;
  • Light beige.

Traditionally, all elements of the cabin will be made of high-quality materials, which fully meets the high status of this SUV and its host. Everyone who appreciates freedom of movements during long trips, the new Prado will provide even more space in the cabin and the numerous options for individual seats settings. Also please:

  • three-zone climate control;
  • ventilated front armchairs;
  • improved side support;
  • An even more spacious trunk.

See the premiere of a new car on video:

Electrical equipment of novelties

The owners of the new SUV will receive the following equipment equipment:

  • Ten airbags;
  • climate control for two zones;
  • Head optics with LED filling;
  • full electric circuit;
  • A rich set of modern security systems and assistance to the driver.

On average and expensive performance will be additionally available:

  • covered skin salon;
  • climatic installation for four zones;
  • heated front armchairs;
  • ventilation system;
  • Set of parking sensors;
  • steering wheel with multimedia filling;
  • Circular overview camera;
  • satellite navigation;
  • Electric trunk door.

Technical characteristics of the 2018 model


The developers over the improvement of the car and in technical terms were well. For Prado, the manufacturer provided two new power units - gasoline and diesel:

  1. 4.6-liter gasoline atmospheric motor capacity of 309 hp Acceleration up to 100 km / h for 8.6 seconds. Maximum speed of 195 km / h. Fuel consumption of 13.9 liters.
  2. 4.5-liter twin-turbocharged diesel engine power 249 hp Acceleration up to 100 km / h for 9.0 sec. Maximum speed of 210 km / h. Fuel consumption 8.0 liters.

Both engines will work in a tandem with a six-speed manual gearbox. According to preliminary data, a new framework SUV will be available only with a full drive. The brakes use powerful discs of the ventilated type for all four wheels.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2018: Picture of the previous update

Beginning of sales in Russia and the price of new

The official representation of the novelty took place, so you can already in the near future to expect the emergence of the long-awaited Land Cruiser Prado in Russia's car dealerships. There is no accurate information about prices for various configuration. But, judging by the declared options, it will be significantly more expensive than the previous version of the Prado SUV from Toyota. Also look at the video review of the new:


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