BMW 6-Series 2018

BMW 6-Series 2018

BMW cars 6 series cars are a business class compartment. For the first time, the company has released such a model in 1976, and the third generation of this series is currently produced, the release of which began in 2010. All BMW 6 series is characterized by all-wheel drive transmission and traditionally large, for the company, the choice of power units. In addition, the advantages of cars should be attributed:

  1. Recognizable bright design.
  2. Highly comfortable salon.
  3. Overall reliability.
  4. Dynamic characteristics.
  5. Rich equipment.

BMW currently carries out the planned replacement of its model range. For 2018, the production and new BMW 6 series is scheduled. Despite the fact that the premiere of the new business car is scheduled for autumn 2017, during the Frankfurt International Auto Show, the company has already provided a large number of materials about the novelty, including the photos of the BMW 6 series of the 2018 sample.

The German automotive concern BMW continues to update its model range. Another innovation in the market should be the model BMW 6 Series 2018. The manufacturer offers three body options - a four-door wagon or coupe, as well as an elegant two-door convertible.

In the US, a presentation of the versions of the car has already been held. Now in North America there is an active advertising campaign to attract potential buyers. After all, the future premium model does not apply to the category of cars with an affordable price. The approximate value of the basic configuration of the novelty will not be less than 80 thousand dollars. Start of retail sales should be expected no earlier than the next year.

The novelty is distinguished by a chic exterior, where every little thing with a truly German scrupulousness is carefully thought out and fully meets the latest trends in modern automotive fashion, while maintaining the famous BMW style.

Some ideas are borrowed from the fifth series, but in general this is a luxurious distinctive car with a sports character, its appearance shows a dynamic and rapid temper.

Sports design

External image of the new BMW German designers traditionally worked until the smallest details, taking into account the current trends in the development of the automotive industry. In general, the created image can be characterized as a persistent sports.

The front of the car has:

  • elongated hood;
  • expanded by a two-section branded radiator grille, which, according to some data, will be equipped with active valves in order to improve the aerodynamic qualities of the car;
  • Compact practically triangular headlights with LED optics.

In the front bumper, a wide dark air intake grill is integrated, and the lines of the running lights are mounted over additional air intake holes, which are located on both edges of the bumper.

Supports a sporty look, and also increases the aerodynamic qualities of the car a domed roof, which passes to the rear of the BMW under a large bias. On the lateral form of the car draws attention to the door glazing without a traditional framework.

A wide rear window has a large tilt angle and smoothly goes into a special ledge on the luggage door, which is very similar to the spoiler of the sports car. Under it mounted rear combined lights, moving on the wings. Also, the dark insert in the rear bumper looks unusually, in which the chromed diffusers of the exhaust system are located.


Inside the cabin, everything is directed to the creation of comfort and comfort. For this purpose, only high-quality materials are applied in the finish: genuine leather, carbon fiber carbon inserts, elements of soft polished aluminum and valuable wood species. For more comfort, several variants of LED internal lighting are used.

The front seats obtained an anatomical shape and head restraints of a special design. In addition, they have a fairly lateral and lumbar support, and also have the following functions:

  • A large number of electrically regulators with the ability to memorize;
  • Electric heating;
  • ventilation;
  • Massage (only as an option).

The steering wheel received a multifunctional design, a large touchscreen display from the multimedia complex is mounted on the front console. This screen will display information about the status of car systems, the data of current technical parameters, information about the road situation and other data useful during the trip.

The new BMW 6 series of Sample 2018 has the following dimensional characteristics (Table 1):


Name characteristics (m)
Wheelbase Length Height Width
3.07 5,09 1,54. 1.90

The volume of the trunk in the standard state will be 610 liters, and when an embodiment with folded backs of the rear seats may increase to 1800 liters.


To equip a new BMW, the manufacturer offers power units with the following technical specifications (Table 2):


P / P. A type Volume (l) Power (l.)
one Petrol 2.0! 258.
2. Petrol 3.0! 340.
3. Diesel 3.0! 265.

In the configuration of transmission with all motors, an eight-speed sports scheme Steptronic will be applied.

The company will provide accurate information about the options for configuration with systems and equipment of the new generation of the BMW 6 series. Currently it is stated that the novelty is scheduled to install:

  • 6 airbags;
  • Incinual launch of the motor;
  • multifunctional outer mirrors (automatic darkening, heating, memory, folding);
  • LED optics;
  • Electric drive opening of the luggage compartment;
  • panoramic hatch;
  • satellite navigation tools;
  • a set of devices for helping the driver;
  • Cameras for a circular review;
  • security device set;
  • Pressure sensors for wheels;
  • climate control;
  • headlight washers;
  • parking sensors.

Look also video with a new car:

Technical characteristics of cars

The new German car 2018 will be available both in the rear-wheel drive, and with an intelligent full drive system. The choice will be presented to the following modifications of the car with different gasoline power units:

  • Modification 640i with a three-liter six-cylinder row turbo engine I-6 with a capacity of 347 hp and 330 pound-foot torque;
  • Modification 650i with 4,4-liter twinted motor V-8 with a capacity of 476 hp and 480 pound-foot torque;
  • Modification M6 with 4.4-liter twinted V-8 engine with two cylinders with a capacity of 600 hp and 500 pound-foot torque.

In addition, a diesel version 640D equipped with a three-liter row engine with six cylinder with a power of 333 hp should appear. Power units of all modifications, except BMW M6, will work in a pair with an eight-step automatic transmission switch. The M6 ​​model will receive a six-speed "mechanics".

BMW 6 Series 2018: Photo


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