Toyota Corolla 2018

Toyota Corolla 2018

The most massive Japanese CD car recently celebrated the 50th anniversary. Toyota Corolla 2018 is already 12 generation (not counting restyings). Thanks to once developed concept: "Each new generation of the model must comply with current customer requests, the car has always remained at the peak of popularity. Competitors only tried to approach the level of selling bestseller - Corolla doubled on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records.

The Russian market has favorably accepted this model, every new generation causes a surge in sales level, and in the secondary market, the cost is not much declining with the age of cars.

Rethinkable appearance

 После классического профиля 80-х – 90-х годов, начиная с 9 поколения, Тойота Королла изменила традиционные пропорции. Седан выглядел сбитым крепышом, очертания салона доминировали над капотом и багажником. Поработав над 12 поколением, художникам удалось вернуть приземистую стремительность модели 90-х годов. Пропорции фактически не изменились: при внимательном рассмотрении очевидно, что используются аналогичные кузовные панели. Однако несколько дополнительных линий боковых выштамповок, а также новые бамперы, визуально вытянули кузов. Легкосплавные диски нового дизайна 15 или 16 дюймов.

The facade was completely transformed - the radiator grille is actually no, the zev of the air intake on the bumper dominates. The form of the front part is built on spent strokes from previous generations Lexus. It was enough to remove vertical faces at the corners of the bumper, and do not know the car.

The narrow strip of the falseradiator gently goes into rapidly diagonal headlights of the headlight. Traditionally, the elements of the lattice find a continuation in the optics housing. Only in the new generation it looks not so intrusive. Lower strips of daytime running lights along with small headlight lenses give the "look" seriousness, if not aggressiveness. Middle and far light using LED technologies.

The emblem of the brand does not fit into the width of the radiator lattice, and forms a traditional step-down in the bumper. Only in contrast to the playful "nose" model 2000, this element looks neat and strictly.

The feed has changed little, just the lanterns became somewhat already and added sharp faces (again, hello from Lexus). Of course, LEDs are used with verified brightness balance.

What's inside?

Of course, the main trump card model remained unchanged: inside the new Toyota Corolla 2018 still looks much spacious than outside. As the trunk volume does not suffer, only body linkers know. Especially affecting the height of the ceiling (I remember a visually squat exterior). At the same time, the car does not sin with thin door panels (many manufacturers that increase the width of the cabin). All passengers are really convenient, you can travel for long distances.

With each new generation, Corollas, artists of Toyota Corporation get rid of the tradition of doing practical, but boring interiors. Version 2018 is no exception. Massive, but the elegant instrument panel has Luxury features. At the same time, without protruding outside the frame of the class - this is not a top model of the brand. Finishing artificial leather with trendy stitching, harmoniously gets around with a smooth central shield covered with glossy varnish.

Multimedia system as it is integrated into a common plane. 7 inches screen and fully sensory control tolerate the owner to a higher class of cars, while the price of Toyota Corolla 2018 remains at the same level, changes no more than 10%.

The driver will delight the central color display between round scales of analog devices. It looks like a smartphone screen, has a size of 4.2 inches and is located vertically. Before your eyes, all basic information about the current state of the car systems.

Traditionally for the model, in the cabin many comfortable niches. For example, a recess for the phone in the center of the dashboard easily accommodates a smartphone with a 5.5 inch display. In addition to the smartphone in addition to the mentioned), it is easy to fit a half-liter water bottle.

Toyota Corolla 2018 Technical Specifications

For the Russian market, sales are the models only with gasoline engines. Motor power Miscellaneous: 99 liters. C, 122 liters. C and 140 hp The engine of the new car works on gasoline having an octane number 95.

Basic equipment will have a manual transmission. The equipment will be more expensive with an automatic transmission. The most expensive version will include and automat in one car.

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Fuel consumption of a new model with a stepless gearbox is much lower than that of mechanical.

Fully upgraded dried control and car suspension. Manufacturers specifically for Russian roads have provided more durable springs and increased clearance.

Complete set Toyota Corolla

The configuration of the new car includes:

  1. Automatic parking machine;
  2. Sensors reacting to light and rain;
  3. Access to the car without a key;
  4. Electrochromic glass in rearview mirrors;
  5. Starting the engine from the button;
  6. Heated steering wheel;
  7. Navigation system;
  8. Heated seats;
  9. Rear View Camera;
  10. Airbags (located even on the sides);
  11. System of stability;
  12. Traction control;
  13. ABS;
  14. Electronic brake gain distribution.

Heated seats in the basic configuration is provided only at the front seats, and heated all seats in more expensive complete sets. In expensive equipment, the computer is equipped with Bluetooth, USB input, audio outputs.

Basic equipment has conventional headlights equipped with halogen bulbs. In a simple configuration, the dashboard is more modest. The steering wheel has a lot less buttons with features, air conditioning and a simple multimedia screen screen.

In the maximum configuration, there has between the seats of the first row sliding armrest, a two-zone climate - control, heat glass heating, seats, made of leather and tissue, fog lights.

Reviews and advantages of the new Toyota Corolla (Toyota Corolla) 2018

The new model has high quality assembly. The car is comfortable and convenient for long distiversity trips. Has a spacious luggage compartment.

The car is perfect in management, has a good visibility, rich equipment, excellent regular optics. The car presents a large line of modern engines. Manufacturers have significantly improved noise and sound insulation.

Date of sale in Russia. Price

In Russia, sales of a new car have already begun. The cost of a new model from 948 thousand rubles. More expensive equipment cost from 1 150,000 rubles.

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