Nissan Micra 2018

Nissan Micra 2018

The MICRA model is a subcompact transfiner five-seater passenger car. The production of this small-grade class, Nissan proceeded in 1982. Currently, a fourth-generation model is produced in the Khetchback body, which went on sale in 2010. Restyling was held in 2014, while the changes affected mainly the appearance of the front of the car. In the domestic car market, the fourth generation version is not officially sold.

Nissan Micra is characterized by the following advantages:

  1. Efficiency.
  2. Compactness.
  3. Reliability.
  4. Controllability.
  5. Spacious salon (for its class).

The car uses stable demand, especially in Europe, which is among the top five best-selling cars of its class, so Nissan spent the premiere of the new fifth generation of MICRA MICRA Samples in the Paris Motor Show at the end of last year.


In the external image of the new Nissan Micra 2018, the similarity with the SWAY concept was very clearly seen, presented by Nissan in 2015 at the Geneva Motor Show.

The new MICRA small agent has a branded radiator lattice with a chromed V-shaped chevron located on it. The head optics is smoothly attached to the lattice itself, in the corners of which running lights are located. The front bumper with dynamic elements is quite large for cars of this class gives the car.

On the side of the dynamic image of the car support the dome-shaped roof, the wheeled arches, made in the round form and the wave-like steaming flowing from the front wings to the rear. Reaffirm the image of the door handles of the rear doors, mounted in the windows and aerodynamic outer mirrors having a combined coloring.

In the back, there is an array bumper in conjunction with a compact door of the luggage compartment and a wide spoiler with stop signals. Rear lights have a boomeranga shape and smoothly go with the stern on the wings.


On the photo interior of Nissan Micra 2018, it is clear that the multifunctional steering wheel received a new form, slightly dropped from the bottom, and an enlarged color monitor of a personal computer is installed on the dashboard. The tachometer and speedometer have a round indication scale and a shooter. At the top of the central console there are climate deflectors, just below the multimedia complex screen is mounted, under which the buttons and control keys of various car systems are conveniently located.

The finish is made of high-quality fabric materials and soft plastic at the same time for buyers at the application of the manufacturer it is possible to choose finishing materials and color decorations.

The main feature of the cabin was the increase in comfort due to an increase in the overall dimensions of the new car generation. Now dimensions are:

  • Length - 3.99 m (increased by 21.5 cm compared with the previous modification);
  • width - 1.74 m (+ 7.7 cm);
  • Height - 1.45 m (- 7.0 cm);
  • Wheel base - 2.53 m (+ 7.5 cm);
  • clearance - 0.15 m.

The increase in the dimensions, the wheelbase and the modified layout of the cabin added the space for the feet of passengers in the first and in the second row. Especially improved comfort from the rear row passengers. The volume of the trunk increased to 300 l, and when folding the rear armchairs (3/2), it is possible to obtain a volume of 1005 liters.

Elements of the updated exterior Nissan Micra

Front Micra 2018 decorates the original grille in M-Motion style with the addition of V-shaped chevron in chrome coating. The front convex headlights are made in the form of a boomeranga and are complemented by LED lights.

Piciously looks sideways from the edges of the facial bumper. Point fog lights. Flafones of head optics, narrowly turning to the fake, are supplemented with corners of the running lights with LED splashes.

An impressive front bumper with an air intake gives the model additional aerodynamics. In the profile, the car looks graceful and dynamically. The dome-shaped roof of the body, as if "soaring" with a stand behind, as an additional harmony with ribs of rigidity of a wave-like shape.

Despite the massiveness of the rear bumper, the feed part of the car Nissan Micra 2018 looks quite pretty. There is a wide spoiler with a strip of stop signals, with a visor on the door to open the trunk. Expressive overall lights in the form of boomerangs give the MICRA model impressive appearance, especially in the on state.

According to the design plan of the dislarding palette of the Nissan Micra, the Nissan Micra is represented by ten samples, and the nomenclature of the wheels of the wheels from alloy materials has a rich assortment. All this allows you to choose your customers your individual and unique instance of the model.

Specifications and price of updated Nissan Micra 5 generation

In the process of designing and creating a fifth generation hatchback, the developers took as a basis the global platform CMF-in with a simplified architecture of suspension (MacPherson's front racks, rear torsion beam).

According to the developers, the implementation of the model will be implemented only with the front actuator.

Under the hood of the updated model, Nissan Mikra will be one of three options for gasoline or diesel engines:

  • diesel 1.5 liters, with a capacity of 90 hp;
  • petrol three-cylinder, atmospheric 1.0 liters, with a capacity of 73 hp;
  • petrol three-cylinder, turbocharged 0.9 liters, with a capacity of 90 hp;

Each of the power units has the ability to work in a pair with a 5-speed mechanical gearbox. The car will have only the front leading axis, or what time is the model of the speech model does not go. In addition to the classic chassis version, Active Ride Control suspension is available with the damping controller and the locking of the longitudinal roll.

In addition, in optional access, the Active Trace Control system (collapse of turns) with automatic selection of wheelcharge with complex turns. These options are borrowed from X-Trailee and Kashka.

The production of the updated Nissan Micra 2018 will be at the Renault-Nissan plant, located at the outskirts of Paris - Flee.

The start of sales is scheduled in March 2018 at a price of 1050 euros.

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