Jeep Grand Cherokee 2018

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2018

In the near future, automotive fans of impressive SUVs will be able to enjoy another, long-awaited model of the overall car. We are talking about Jeep Grand Cherokee 2018 model year - an improved vehicle with American registration. To understand, such a published novelty can compete with potential rivals of the international sales market, a review of the vehicle characteristics in all its main parameters should be conducted.


The appearance of the novelty is largely reminded of its previous version. The main modernization will affect the front part of the body: it will be a bit graceful grille of the radiator and optics. No less interesting alterations can be noted on the vehicle bumper, where a more massive air collector will appear.

Basic Grand Cherokee setting of next year will please the presence of LED daytime running lights. At the same time, the shape of the headlight will remain, as before, rectangular. Fully LED optics will be offered as an additional option. More overall fog will be used at the edges of the bumper in its lower part.

According to insiders, the rear of the SUV will also change a little, but it will be minimal modernization: other exhaust system nozzles, trunk door and bumper. Changes and drawing on wheels.


In the SUV cabin, the changes will become the same insignificant. Is it worth reminding that the manufacturer's announced model in its last embodiment has already received premium design. Improve the already excellent package of all necessary elements is not easy, but the developer decided to supplement the inner space of the updated Grand Cherokee with some exceptional features. True, you will be able to learn more about them only at the premiere of the car.

The main modernization of the 2018 version touched upon all 3 rows of chairs. Engineers of the enterprise decided to make their ergonomic qualities more comfortable, supplied the seat design with auxiliary elements. No less pleasant news was the increase in the free space of the cabin, due to the expansion of the wheelbase.

It was decided to complement the interior with a new multimedia complex, with another overall screen and several small displays. Simply put, the informational convenience of the car is at the height.

Grand Cherokee 2018 Technical Card

The new Grand will be built on a new basic platform due to the high-quality modification of the old SUV. Details can be found before the official release of the car. But now you can say a few words about diesel and gasoline power unit:

  • Diesel or gasoline engines with a volume of 3.6 l, with a capacity of 290 hp;
  • gasoline motor with a capacity of 5.2 l with a capacity of 380 hp;
  • Gasoline motor with a capacity of 6.4 l with a capacity of 468 hp.

There are rumors about the release of an SUV with an advanced 6.2-liter engine, which will issue 717 drugs. If the rumors justify themselves, the same "Indian" with a powerful engine will be able to envy even the most charged BMW models.

The new line of SUV will be released with a 8-speed automatic transmission in two versions: front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

Package, sale date of sale and price Grand Cherokee 2018

Even at the beginning of this year, on official sources of the developer, it was possible to find information that the debut of the upcoming version of the SUV was scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2017. The manufacturer then decided to postpone this process for the next year due to work on the next Jeep Wrangler complex.

Speaking of the exact price of the car, no specific digits are still unknown. According to preliminary information of insiders, we are talking about the range from 34 to 70 thousand dollars. Most likely, the similar value of the novelty will be enshrined behind it and in the territory of Russian sales markets. Translated to the national currency, the basic vehicle complex will cost a buyer in 2 million rubles. A more powerful modification, of course, will acquire a more interesting price tag - from 5 to 6 million rubles. Most likely there is an SUV in its premium assembly of STR. Its price is not yet stipulated, but this is exactly more than 10 million rubles.

It remains only to add that the basic assembly of the novelty will delight its future owners to the next list of equipment:

  • fog lights;
  • leather steering wheel;
  • Cruise control;
  • adaptive climatic installation;
  • Rain sensor;
  • The electric drive of the front seats, changing their position in 8 possible directions and much more.

Among other things, the updated Cherokee will receive a whole division of various security systems in the layout, which highlights it against the background of the current assembly of the SUV.


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