Volkswagen Jetta 2018

Volkswagen Jetta 2018

Volkswagen never stops in the desire of improving, development and introduction of new technologies in cars. Volkswagen Jetta is a new convenient five-seater car in a sedan body, which by 2018 has undergone several cardinal changes.

9 major changes in Volkswagen Jetta 2018 release

  1. The insanity of the cabin is made of high-quality fabric;
  2. Manufacturers have established control of fatigue for the driver;
  3. A display appeared with a large number of functions;
  4. The car has an adjustment of the height of the driver's seat;
  5. The machine is equipped with a complete electric car;
  6. In the novelty, the car was introduced heated nozzles of the washer and heated side mirrors;
  7. Manufacturers have provided two front airbags;
  8. The car is released with 15-inch cast discs;
  9. In the control system, an index of the degree of wear of the pad appeared.

Updates in the interior of Jetta 2018

In 2018, the interior of the car was performed from high-quality material and rigid durable plastic, which became more pleasant to the touch and stopped creaking. All this complement the inserts made of chromium and aluminum. The backlight is made of LED elements.

After changing the color palette of the applied materials for finishing in the cabin, it became much more comfortable. Convenient head restraints appeared for a more comfortable and comfortable ride. In the central armrest, you can change the length and height of its location. And also a significant number of desired and convenient settings in the car appeared.

Conveniently settled control buttons, keys and switches in edging made of chromium. The control keys appeared on the steering wheel for more convenient use during riding. The steering wheel slightly bevelled at the bottom of the rim.

The location of the devices on the dashboard has become more correct and convenient. The wells of the dial are made at a low angle, which makes it possible to maximize the testimony during the ride.

The central console fell under the alteration. She began to look stylish, majestically and modern. Upstairs there are two narrow deflector, and in the middle it is conveniently located a seven-chimpeant touch screen with a navigation system. Climate control is located below, below the touch screen.

For faster and correct heating of the cabin, manufacturers have changed the location of the heating elements. The cargo compartment remained the same - 510 l, which corresponds to the class C.

Exterior of the new body Volkswagen Jetta 2018

The new version of the car has significantly added in their dimensions, which allows the manufacturers to compete with Skoda Octavia machine. An increase in the size of the car made it possible to increase the space between the two rows of seats.

Now passengers can be located with special comfort and convenience to be located on the seats of the rear row. The design of the updated Volkswagen 2018 was released modern and solid, which is usually present at the business class machines.

Innovations touched upon the car. The manufacturers have increased the air duct, added a relief bumper with overlays, which are made of chromium, updated the radiator grille. Head optics are made of LED elements.

The front headlights have found a quadrangular shape. The changes were affected and fog lights. They became point, less size and look more accurately.

Manufacturers have improved the aerodynamics of the machine by changing the windows of the angle of inclination, the roof was changed to the dome-shaped form, the car's racks narrowed. This made it possible to increase windows and doors and make the side of the side view more elongated.

The body began to process the anti-corrosion composition. Most of the bottoms completely covered with a plastic casing, which has high strength.

In the rear, slightly protruding, the bumper fit well signals and block headlights of an unusual form. A massive trunk creates a presentability effect, high costs. Special pride of manufacturers are occupied by the splaspling rear lights of the searchlight type.

The novelty of the updated car was the slope of the roof, which emphasizes the chic appearance of the car.

The opening button of the luggage compartment is successfully hidden below the large nameplate of the company.

Especially for Russian roads increased clearance, which is 160 mm.

Видео обзор обновленной версии Jetta

Engine and PPP parameters

The technical characteristics of the Jetta model range of 2018 as a whole will remain at the level of the previous, sixth generation. It should be noted here that this is not a sports car and not an SUV, it is an urban car for a family, comfortable, comfortable, with a minimum level of fuel consumption, low-sensitive to poor-quality gasoline (an optional option). Expecting from him with super power facilities should not - this is not his purpose.

In the line of engines there will be only 4 different motors - 3 gasoline and 1 diesel. At the same time in Russia in 2018, diesel will not appear - this two-liter motor with a capacity of 150 hp It is intended for Europe only.


The Russian market will receive cars with gasoline engines of the following types:

  1. Basic - volume 1.6, power 85 hp
  2. Turbated - volume 1.4 per 124 hp
  3. With double turbocharged - volume 1.4, power 150 hp

At the same time, each type of engine will be included only with its own gearbox. Machines with a basic motor are equipped with a standard five-speed mechanic, a six-speed automatic is designed for a turbocharged engine with a capacity of 124 horses, and only with a powerful 150-strong motor (both gasoline and diesel) will be a seven-step automatic transmission.

Start of sale and cost

In total, the car will be made in 4 main equipment:

The cost of the minimum "concept" will preliminarily be 800 thousand rubles. But at the same time, the price for the new Volkswagen Jetta 2018 release in the maximum configuration manufacturer promises to establish about 1 million 255 thousand. rubles. For this money, the buyer will receive a car with:

  • split system;
  • the function of dimming the rear view mirror;
  • function detection of blind zones;
  • hydrocarbon headlights;
  • electric side mirrors;
  • rear view chamber;
  • Glass heat transferors.

The release date is not yet accurately announced, but it is assumed that in Russia the novelty will appear in the second half of 2018. It is also known that the era-GLONASS navigation system will be installed on the machines that are exported to our country.


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